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  1. What's your favourite smiley/emoji in Iwaku's selection?

    I like these guys: :dance:

    They're so cute!
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  2. :deadhorse:

    lookit dem flies haha
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  3. I have a few

    :cookie: :rainbow: :ferret: :chinchilla:
  4. :flail::mycookie::poke::sunglasses::writing::easterhorror:
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  5. :smirk::bitelip::cheeky:

    I like the first two because they're kinda creepy, the third because I frequently have need of a cheeky smirk to accompany my snark or sarcasm.

    Although this secret one is my #1 favorite of all time, because Diana added it due to a dumb observation and joking demand I made. :D

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  6. NO PORN ALLOWED ON IWAKU! But a skullfucking emoji is totally fine :D
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  7. Diana is a rebel, obviously. She flouts the rules whenever she wants, all for the sake of her great love of skullfucking. Truly she is an inspiration to us all.

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  8. Every time I see that I think of... actually no I'm not going to say it.
  9. Apparently I need to start looking at this whole "Emoji" list. I am way out of touch and didn't notice the madness.

    OMG TRIFORCE: :triforce:
    IWaku, you have never failed me... and you have proved more awesome. *Happy in Fandom-land*
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  10. I HATE EMOJIS. >:[

    And yet... this collection was important. YOU GUYS ARE SPOILED.

    :devilfire: <-- I actually made that one myself. o___o

    :deadhorse: <-- this one is a classic fav. 8D
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  11. Question.

    Why the hell are people calling them Emojis now when for a goddamn eternity they were universally known as emoticons?
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  12. The recent racial emoji update I imagine?
    It has the term emoji in people's heads.
  13. Cause you're old! Get your head in the game! :fryingpan:
  14. It's because Apple started including a new set of smiley things into their mobile device operating system back in 2011 and called them emojis because they were based on the Japanese icon set of the same name, then Android followed suit because they saw it was popular. Now most of the phones for both systems apparently have emoji icon things and refer to them as such.

    So it's because phones are calling them emoji and most people are crazy attached to their phones, so they call all emoticon things emoji and it's catching on and spreading. It'll probably be the dominant term for emoticons by 2020, by my guesstimate.
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  15. I have standards, thank you very much. :[ Say no to the bandwagon, kids!

    I figured it was something like this and it's more depressing than I could have imagined.
  16. :parrot2:

    Because at some point in your iwaku lifetime, you are going to need to use a parrot. The dead horse is pretty amazing, too.

    I also preferred it when they were called emoticons, or just emotes. But trying to make smiley faces in messages more racially is fine in my book; insightful, even. 10/10
  17. :football::waluigi:
    You think I'm going to share my favorite smiley?

    ((Must have sticky keys on or something. Didn't mean to have that many. oh well.))
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