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  1. Despite being a scaredy cat, I am a big fan of horror, even if I have to have the lights on, blanket around me and will most probably have the volume on low and hit the pause button in a split second.

    I haven't played too many horror games, though I have watched people play them in IRL (like Doom 3) as well as watched react videos and LPs (Outlast, Outlast Whistleblower, etc).

    Out of what I've played, my favourite horror games have to be the Chzo Mythos Series. It's a four games series, three of which are point and click, one being text based for the most part. One does not need super awesome graphics to get scared.

    Spoilers in the video, obviously ^_^

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  2. Amnesia.

    It has a solid grasp of not seeing and not fighting your fears in order to let your mind do most of the work.
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  3. I've heard of this game for a while but never got along to actually watching it! Hm, if you've played/watched Outlast, how would it compare on the scary scale?
  4. I never played Outlast. :/
    Being honest I don't play much horror games cause it's not much of my thing.

    That being said, it's usually because jump scares are cheap which bores me.
    Meanwhile Amnesia does so well otherwise I'm too scared to keep playing it. XD
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  5. Jump scares scare the heck out of me XD

    Hm, I wouldn't mind a psychological horror to be honest.
  6. Then you could play the game...

    But in truth, the biggest horror will always be your inner self! o_o

  7. I'll probably watch it to be honest, since I can't play anything atm :3
  8. It's not really the same thing if you're not in it yourself. :/
  9. Yeah, usually the case. That's what my friend told me about Undertale, so I played it both pacifist ways before looking up no mercy path. Probably once I get a proper PC :3
  10. Go, go be the Master Race! >:3
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  11. Silent Hill 2 and The Room, Alien: Isolation, Resident Evil 3, Clock Tower: The First Fear, Alan Wake.

    the first two are my absolute favourite for creating a mythos that's surprisingly well thought out and for being psychological in it's symbolism. They are depressing as fuck, do NOT play Silent Hill 2 or Room for your typical jumpscares and such. Alien: Isolation for me plays perfectly the whole "You are being stalked, this creature is fuckin smart, good fuckin look" and seriously it's possibly the scariest game in the modern era.
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  12. The Silent Hill games have always been my favorite. I have to be in the right mood to play them.
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  13. I heard that about Silent Hill, which is why I am not sure whether to go near them lol.

    I did watch the movie... was it anything close to the game?
  14. They kind of dropped the ball with the movies. They have some similar concepts but the movies are no where near as close to the games like they should have been.
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  15. @Abnormalize - Okeedokee :) Well, I think I'm going to check it out then!
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  16. Amnesia: The Dark Descent was the first game to legitimately terrify me at one part down in a dungeon where I had to search for a key while a monster patrolled. I actually had to stop playing and go lay down for a bit; that was a new feeling for me. The sound design, the insanity system where you start to see monsters that aren't real and force you to not look right at the monster was genius and that music that plays when the monsters find you and give chase is absolutely horrible in the best sense of that word. The fact the game forces you to run and hide because you're defenseless and doesn't give you means to fight back make this a stellar horror game.

    The other really big one is Alien: Isolation, which other than being an absolutely beautiful game with a lovingly crafted art direction that stayed true to the movies has the distinction of being the only horror game where the monster AI tries to psyche you out so you run and reveal yourself, it learns from your tricks, and it actively checks your hiding spots while using the same vents you do (plus only ones you can reach) to move around. The little hacking mini games don't stop time, and the few save points take a few seconds to work, so you're very exposed to danger and discovery the whole time. The only thing I didn't like about the game, which I still haven't beat but fully intend to, is if the alien sees you, you're done and don't have a hope of escaping. The fear you get from running is no longer there because it takes you out of the game when you realize there's dick all you can do most of the time to save yourself. The one thing that is great is this is a game that gives you a gun, dares you to use it, and you never do because it means you just rang the fucking dinner bell.
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  17. When I'm playing a scary game, I turn into a huge idjit to make myself feel better-- dicking around with physics, the environment, anything that can distract me from being scared shitless. That being said, games like Amnesia and Alien: Isolation make me flip my shit. Mostly because of the utter lack of defensive options I have. Games like Cry of Fear and the famed Action-RPG-Comedy Dead Space aren't scary at all, because you can shoot satan in the face.

    That being said, scary games have the best comedic value.
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  18. I don't play video games often, but I enjoyed watching my boyfriend play the FEAR series. He doesn't usually like horror, so that is the scariest I will ever get to watch unless I decide to go watch some on youtube.
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  19. Couldn't agree more about Dead Space. I just played it pretending Isaac was just treating this as another day in the office and just totally unsurprised by the horrible things coming to kill him.

    That game makes you super powerful in no time at all.
  20. I admit that I did get scared by a jumpscare in Dead Space 2, simply out of the fact that shops had been cemented in my mind as safe places and I had put my controller down, but that goddamn stomp button.

    If every horror game had a stomp button, regaining composure would be as easy as repeatedly tapping a button for half an hour.
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