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  1. What are your favourite book genres? Do you like to fly to distant galaxies with a good sci-fi? Get a chill down your spine with a horror novel? Or do you like to feel warm and fuzzy with a romance book?

    Personally, I'm all about sardonic humour in novels, like anything by C(K?)arl Hiassen, who wrote the book Bad Monkey, which contained a lot of sarcasm and raunchy humour. However, I love a good high fantasy series and dystopia is also a big selling point for me!

    So Iwaku, tell me. What are you favourite genres of literature?
  2. I've always liked cyberpunk and grand science fiction. William Gibson and Isaac Asimov jump to mind.
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  3. Have you read the Metamorphosis by Kafka? It's kinda like philosophical science fiction. =D
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  4. Wat lol. Where's the science fiction?

    I'm a big Kafka fan tho, although Metamorphosis, as good as it is, is pretty low on my list.
  5. Is it not? I thought it was XD
  6. Well, there's no 'definitive' definition, but science fiction is typically associated with... well, scientific and technological stuff.

    Genre-labelling is the most annoying shit ever tho — so many pretentious and overblown feuds in the literature world over it (mofos we all love books, just hug and let it be over.)
  7. Sci-fi for sure. Fantasy next. War stories after that. Everything else is ancillary of my personal favorites.

    Forever War favorite, right beside Ender'so Game and Starship Troopers.
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  8. Science fiction. The Foundation series, Dune, anything by Ray Bradbury. Fantasy is a very close second, but I'm more particular about anything in that genre. A lot of it turns out to be bland Tolkien clones.

    On that note, I also like Tolkien and Terry Pratchett. Discworld was huge in my childhood.
  9. I have a quite vivid imagination, so I absolutely love high fantasy settings. I love mysteries, but... I tend to spoil myself, or read the book is one or two sittings lol.

    Lately I've been mostly reading romantic dystopian series haha I'm so trashy.

    I love anything witch-related, especially American stuff.
  10. Fantasy of course. Any time I enter a store to buy a book or go to a library, or even checking original online stories, that's the section I gravitate towards.

    After that comes Horror, suspense and mystery. And the occasional sci-fi that was pretending to be fantasy.
  11. Space Opera, for when your Science Fiction isn't EPIC enough.
  12. Horror! I can't live without my horror novels. Stephen King is the man, so is Clive Barker. Dean Koontz has a few good ones as well.

    I hate that horror has turned into wave after wave of zombie apocalypse stories though.
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  13. I agree. And to be honest, zombies don't really scare me at all anymore.
  14. I have Weaveworld by Clive Barker! 8D
  15. Recently I started getting into books with sports and lots of angst in them. o_o (it's not really a genre.... or is it?)

    Other than that, my usual favorites would have to be cyberpunk (Sprawl trilogy), sci-fi (the Supernaturalist), fantasy (LOTR, ASoIaF), dystopian fiction (1984, George Orwell) and romance. I used to read a lot of Murakami. The pacing never really grew on me, but Dance, Dance, Dance (my first Murakami book) will always have a special place in my heart. ^^
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