Favourite Friends character?

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Who do you like best from Friends?

  1. Monica

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  2. Ross

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  3. Rachel

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  4. Joey

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  5. Phoebe

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  6. Chandler

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  1. Who do you like best?

    I personally gauge who I like best on who I'd most like to be buds with in real life. So for me

    Phoebe - fun, but superstitious and high-energy for a cynic like me
    Rachel - zip in common, I'd get a bit frustrated with her superfemme personality, too
    Monica - holy shit competitive. I'd feel pressured and I'm way too sloppy to get along with her, she'd just be annoying to me.
    Ross - I'd spend the entire day making fun of him if we hung out. nancy boy.
    Joey - exhausting stupidity and a touch of chauvinism. Doesn't work with me :(
    Chandler - I - I like chandler best, but I'd have to hang out with like a wall between us so I didn't accidentally make out with him and break Scotty's heart O_O
  2. Chandler makes me cringe the least. lol
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  3. If your answer isn't Chandler then you're wrong and possibly delusional.
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  4. Voted Chandler, but I also like Phoebe. I like her independence and quirkiness ^^
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  5. I see too much Chandler. So I picked Joey. Who is also Chandler.

  6. My fave is Phoebe O__O I actually love a good weirdo. It's why I keep coming back to this place.
  7. Would Chandler carry your baby for you?

    You know who to vote.
  8. I prefer the rarely-seen character of Chanandler Bong.
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  10. I love stupid guys. Definitely Joey!
  11. Phoebe is the only decent human being out of the lot of them.
  12. I agree that Phoebe is a good person, but request your reasoning that Chandler is not.
  13. I haven't watched the show for eons, but even Chandler seemed kind of like an asshole. I can't cite anything in specific because it's been so long, but he's definitely number 2 out of the list.
  14. My favourite friends are all you guys, what characters you all are. Why aren't you on the poll?

    unrelated, never seen the show so, uh, bye
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