Favourite Films?

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  1. So as an avid film watcher and also a newbie to the site, I was wondering about everyone's favourite;

    • Disney films
    • Animated films
    • Film of 2013
    • Series of films
    • Musical film (live action, not animated films like Disney)

    I absolutely love watching films and I must admit sometimes I put films on when I should be doing all of my college work... whoops aha :3

    Here are my favourites!
    • My favourite Disney film is either Frozen or Mulan
    • My favourite animated film is either Frozen, My Neighbour Totoro or From Up On Poppy Hill
    • My favourite film of this year is definitely Frozen aha :3
    • My favourite series of films is Saw
    • My favourite musical is either Chicago or Sweeney Todd

    Anyone got the same favourites as me?!

    -Chloe ♥
  2. Ooh, these are some hard choices.

    • For Disney, I'd probably have to say the Lion King, but Atlantis is pretty high up there. I fucking love Atlantis.
    • Overall animated, Rankin-Bass did their version of The Hobbit back in 1977, and it still stands as an absolutely awesome movie. It has that hand-drawn look that suits the subject matter perfectly, with a much better soundtrack than the more recent version imho. The next movies were also good, but R-B did The Hobbit best as far as I'm concerned.
    • For 2013, Thor: the Dark World because sexy Loki. But Warm Bodies was also up there, for the best retelling of Romeo & Juliet ever. And Insidious 2 was pretty damn scary. But overall, Thor 2 just had a better plot, better acting, and was much more enjoyable than anything else I saw.
    • As far as series go... hmm... probably the Avengers (Marvel Cinematic Universe), if that counts. They're pretty damn awesome, and no titles really fall through, which is incredibly rare in series... especially ones that are this long.
    • I'll probably agree with you on Sweeney Todd, largely because I hate musicals.

    And there wasn't really a category for this, but I feel like I need to include Cloud Atlas & V for Vendetta. Maybe as far as life-changing movies go? Both of those really changed my perspectives on various issues, and have probably have greater effects on me than all the others I've mentioned combined.
  3. • Disney film - Well my favorite Disney productions are actually my favorite animated productions...
    • Animated films - Hercules and Mulan
    • Film of 2013 - Absolutely, unequivocally, unarguably, certainly, definitely, for sure... The Great Gatsby
    • Series of films - The Lord of the Rings (to include The Hobbit and possibly its sequels)
    • Musical film (live action, not animated films like Disney) - I'd have to go with the classic Sound of Music on this one. I'm not much of a musical fan, but if I had to pick, I'd go old school.

    Like Sabine, there are some absolute favorites of mine that don't fit in the above categories: the latest Atlas Shrugged (both Part I and II), and Gattaca (1997).
  4. I LOVE MOVIES. 8D I am huge movie collector/watcher. ...But uh, not to the point of knowing actors, directors, or quoting lines from movies or trivia. >>;;; I just really enjoy watching movies.


    Disney films: Sleeping Beauty, Lion King, Princess and the Frog, Rapunzel... um... Lets just say there's not a Disney Animated flick I DON'T like. I own all of them.

    Animated film: Spirit STallion of the Cimmeron

    Film of 2013: I haven't seen any. ;_; If I have, I am unaware they were made this year. >>; I dun tend to see movies until they are out on DVD or Netflix.

    Series of films: Indiana Jones! The Original Star Wars! Harry Potter!

    Musical film: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, High School Musical, White Christmas, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Moulin Rouge
  5. • Favourite Disney Film - Wreck - It Ralph. So much love for this lovely little story, using a world of gaming! I admit, when I first heard about the movie, I was very cynical about how Disney was going to approach the game-world, but they created a fun and engaging scene.

    • Animated films - The Land Before Time. Oh my gosh, this movie. A wonderful story, beautiful animation, and just all around loveliness. This isn't just my favourite animated film. This IS my favourite film.

    • Film of 2013 - Star Trek: Into Darkness. Because its the only movie I've seen that came out this year ^^;; I liked it. Thought the villain was better in this one (though, you know, Cumberbatch. Can't fail.)

    • Series of films - The Lord of the Rings trilogy (as I haven't seen the new Hobbit) Does this need explaining? The movies are awesome. They bring a scale and visual weight to an already outstanding story.

    • Musical film - Does "Cats" count? I mean… its all done on one stage, as if it were put on in a real theatre. Well, it is, but with no audience. I don't know, it made it to DVD. I think it counts. If not than most likely "Little Shop of Horrors".
  6. Disney Film:
    Tangled or Mulan. otherwise I normally hate the rest
    Animated films:

    Balto 1 and 3
    All the Madagascars
    Monsters University
    Land Before Time
    All Dogs go to Heaven
    Wolverine and the X-Men
    Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmeron
    Secret of Nimph

    Film of 2013:

    Les Misearbles

    Series of films:

    Harry Potter
    Star Trek (OLD. New stuff can suck it)

    Musical film (live action, not animated films like Disney):

    Happy Feet one and Two
    Les Mis