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Favourite Colours? (or Favorite Colors ;))

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Greenie, May 10, 2016.

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  1. I'm not sure if a thread on this topic has been made before, but I couldn't spot one, so here we are :D

    What are you favourite colours?

    I personally love all the colours of the rainbow, but when forced to pick, I choose black and hot pink :D (which are the colours I'm coincidentally wearing today).
  2. Your name is a filthy lie!

    Green and blue are pury coo'.
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  3. My name has a funny story behind it lol ^_^ But to be honest, I feel like a Greenie haha. Green fits me as a colour better than black or pink :P
  4. On items, devices and clothes? Black. :3
    As text? Pink
    As a Username? Orange that glows with the Sun.
    Hair and Eye Colour? Blue.
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  5. Red for lots of things, black for most of the rest.
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  6. I actually really like electric colours. But my favorites have to be electric blue, lime green, and bright gold :3

    And then I like more toned down, earthy/stoney colours.

    And then pastels are great <3

    I like a lot of colours.. Just apparently not especially true colours ._. ... Especially vibrant reds. Dunno why.
  7. No, @Greenie take back that rainbow. I have grown a strong dislike for that rating due to the typical way it is applied on this forum >: ( its right up there with the hug one.

    @Diana i understand why negative ratings were removed... But really... Its just been taken to the point of using other ones sarcastically or against their purpose to do the same thing.
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  8. Erm well alright o.o Didn't mean any offense of course.
  9. *Notes not to share his skittles*
  10. I know. Just don't like it, anymore. I can't remember the last time I got one for anything other than someone making a "you're special" or "so gay" response, ya know?
  11. Ah, well I'll be sure to remember then :)

    For my part, when I give a rating, I usually only give them when I mean them. I've actually never given negative ratings. If I don't like something, I just stay quiet.

    I just thought the rainbow rating was appropriate for your post ^_^ Since it was about a lot of colours and what not. Anyway, I'm digressing now. Heh.
  12. It's a tie between Green and bluuueeee!

    I have a soft spot for purple, too, but like, a more blue-y purple. I don't like ones with too much red in them
  13. I use the rainbow rating as a way of saying "This sounds fun!" or "This is wild!"
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  14. Green and blue is lovely ^_^ *stares at avatar and signature* They're really soothing to the eyes in my opinion.
  15. Purple has been my favourite colour since I was small, but I also have a soft spot for aquatic blues and deep greens.
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  16. Green is fancy. But I'm looking down at my shirt and idk what colour isn't on it.
  17. That's me on most days haha. Alhough today there isn't a spec of green on me. Yet.
  18. Really partial to blue hair. The brighter the better. On myself at least.

    Otherwise, I'm down with most any colour~ Except yellow. I haaaate yellow so much.

    Used to hate on pink a lot, but you know what? Pink is pretty great when it's not overpowering. Splashes of pink here and there is lovely.
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  19. Red.
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  20. White. For a really long time, most of my clothes were white-- sadly, I couldn't justify the exorbitant bleach bill I'd rack up every month keeping things clean. But... White. Definately white.

    Gold and red together are also pretty great, as evidenced by yours truly.
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