Favourite Bowie songs

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  1. let's take a thread to remember our favourite tracks. Here's some of mine

    Rebel Rebel

    Ziggy Stardust



    Life on Mars

    Dance Magic Dance

    Under Pressure (with Queen)

    How about you guys?
  2. Space Oddity all the way
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  3. At the moment its this one. It's the final track from his final album. I think it as his way of saying goodbye as he knew his time was limited. Really pay attention to the lyrics:

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  4. My favorite from Mr. Bowie:

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  5. This song and Lazarus are totally messages about his death coming. It hits me so fucking hard man
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  6. Bring me the disco king.
  7. Although the album is very new, it's already going through a transition. I think with further listens we'll only find even more hidden clues. It's actually quite a mournful record, but it's one i'll keep forever and hand down. Blackstar is to Bowie was Tempest was to Shakespeare.
  8. Just look at the man's array of songs and albums, though. He was constantly changing and adapting, refusing to just stick with the familiar by challenging himself to do something new, something different.

    As for favourites? Tough one, that's for sure, but there's one that's always stood out for me. Powerful, orchestral, pretty fucking iconic too.

    Cheers for the music, you mad bastard.
  9. Moonage Daydream, the Man Who Sold the World, Rebel Rebel, and all of the album Low.

    I'd also say that I don't generally listen to just a song or two off "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust"
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  10. I love all of his songs from the film Labyrinth
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  11. Starman and Ziggy stardust. Great jams.
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  12. There's a staaaaarmaaaaaan waiting in the sky~
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