Favourite Boss Battles of All Time.

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  1. So what's your favourite Boss Battle of all time? or do you have multiple? Just list them here and give a short or detailed explanation of why. I want know because I'm a huge fan of an epic battle with a big bad or a giant monster that the game throws at you to test what you've learned up to that point.

    I can appreciate a really great battle, and I'm sure most others do too, so post them here!

    Mine are listed below. I also have a lot more, and often they change so much, but these are my current ones.

    Anubis Battle - Zone of the Enders 2: The Second Runner

    A favourite of mine since I played this game at its initial release. So some spoilers for the first game are part of why I love it so much, but all you need to know is that he's unbeatable in the first game. Here is when you truly face, with Jehuty on par with Anubis. You gain a similar ability to it, and now you must face before you land on the Aumaan Fortress. Its a tough battle, your Orbital Frame is heavily damaged, and you are limited in your sub-weapons. The emotions are high as you face against the Mad man, Colonel Nohman. it's pretty much the first time I truly appreciated a good boss battle and its still one of my favourites now.

    Final Battle with Grigori - Dragon's Dogma

    I loved this battle, and I love Dragon's Dogma. One of the better RPGs I've played in recent years, and this battle for me is really epic. it's in three stages, starting off with you running away from him to get to an advantage point so you can find a way to bring him down. And then it just gets better from their. Dragon's Dogma nailed the "Big Monster" battles amazingly, and it's why Dragon's Dogma is in my recommend list. Plus, it helps to have a kick ass theme too :p.

    I'll add more when it's not too late xD.
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  2. My favorite boss battle of all time would have to be Lavos from Chrono Trigger. I'd never felt so happy after I finally managed to beat all three stages with my team of Crono, Ayla and Rob. That was a great day in gaming for me.
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  3. I have a few

    Armored Core 5 - Exusia

    While I didn't enjoy the game, I found the last boss to be the best part. It was pretty challenging, and strangely moody.

    Kingdom Hearts 2 - Groundshaker

    Seriously, Kingdom Hearts 2 is easily one of the best games ever. Haven't played it in years due to my PS2 breaking, and the fact that I gave it away - but I can remember that this is one of my favorite fights. So large and epic.
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  5. Fighting Jhen Mohran. Final Showdown. Dragonships down to Critical Health. Jhen rises up for the crush!


    This shit plays as that bitch goes down.

  6. The Grind Wheel
    ...say what?

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  7. [​IMG]
    @Gwazi Magnum The entire Mass Effect OST was fuckin' amazing.
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  8. Bulletstorm felt like such an underrated game. But of course the MP was broken as fuck. But the single player was pretty solid and has decent replay value.
    Oh. STRIDER!
  9. Definitely fighting the final boss of Okami. Yami. The music, the setting... everything makes it so memorable. x u x

  10. Never mind that the bosses of Dark Souls 2 were all amazing in their own way, the Burnt Ivory King definitely have me what I wanted as a final DLC piece; a culminating battle of hellish intensity. The atmosphere, the sounds, the music upon entering the Old Chaos... and the King's entrance... Ohhhhh my god his entrance. Probably one of the most badass scenes I've ever witnessed in a fantasy game.

    It's you versus 4 other unbending, relentless mechs. Good luck.
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  11. High Speed Tetris
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  12. Devil May Cry 3: Your first battle with Vergil

    Pretty much every fight with him is awesome, but the first fight just has something going for it that the others don't have, I think.
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  14. Planescape: Torment
    The Transcendent One

    The only boss battle that can be won by talking.

    And D&Ders said Charisma was a dump stat.....

  15. I Wanna Be The Guy
    The Guy


    Just yeah.
  16. The actual cave story ending.

  17. Final Fantasy 7
    Sephiroth vs. Cloud

    Not much of a fight as its scripted.

    But oh, was it satisfying to kill him.
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  19. Oh, you bastard.

    *Goes and buys and downloads from Gog*
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  20. OK, so, spoilers for MH4's story. Well, not that there's much of one, but still.

    If I remember correctly, this is the Gore Magala that you thought you'd put down earlier in the game. It was a force to be reckoned with when it hadn't become an Elder Dragon, but now, it's ready for round two.
    And this time, it's not just some beast. It's intelligent. It sizes you up beforehand. it tries to intimidate you. It tries to catch you before you're ready. It remembers you, and it wants your head.

    Then there's the actual fight.

    The Shagaru Magala does not relent. When I first fought this guy, there wasn't a second where I wasn't doing anything in the fight. There's no running, your hiding spot won't last for very long, and the Frenzy forces you to get stuck in and attack. He's not as challenging in a group, especially if you play the Bowgun how I do, but it's still an exhilarating fight if you're on your own.
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