Favourite Book Genre?

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  1. There is such a wide variety of genres when it comes to books, I thought I'd like to hear about some of your favourites, and some books you've read from that genre! Personally, I read fantasy, such as anything by the publishing company Orbit. :D
  2. I like horror.

    But fantasy is nice too.
  3. Fantasy, particularly that which is epic in scale. Game of Thrones, Sanderson's books, LotR, that sort of thing. But I also read a fair amount of sci-fi (I'm working my way through Asimov's work during lulls) and make a point of reading a lot of "classics" regardless of genre.
  4. Military/ political thrillers, science fiction, historical fiction, and whatever happens to catch my eye.

    I also love graphic novels, I just don't know if that counts.
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  5. Fantasy or supernatural, preferably romances. Really bad romances... I have a problem, and I acknowledges that, but I won't stop! I'M GONNA KEEP READING ALL THE BAD SUPERNATURAL TEEN ROMANCE BOOKS UNTIL I DIIIIIEEEE!!! No idea why since all I'm doing is to face palm myself while yelling at the main character that she's stupid as hell for liking him and he's equally stupid for liking her, and they don't shouldn't get together even though I want them to be together, even though I really don't cause I know it's bad aaand I've lost my train of thought ):

    Bad romances are funny cause I like criticizing the main characters. It's the best thing ever :D

    Though I like reading good books without romance too. Lately it has mainly been books about apprentices or assistants o.O Septimus Heap which is about a magicians apprentice, the Darren Shan series which is about a vampire's assistant, The last apprentice which is about... Well, an apprentice. And the Bartimaeus trilogy, which once again is a wizard.. I think.

    So I mainly read apprentices/assistant books about 12 year old boys, or bad teen romances with vampires, supernatural creatures, or just with an awesome fantasy setting. I wonder what that says about my psyche xD
  6. Apocalyptic, easily.
  7. High Fantasy
  8. Erotica. There. I've said it.
  9. I read so much that I can't pick. Sometimes I'm in the mood for paranormal (romantic or otherwise), sometimes I'm in the mood for Historical fiction, it really all depends on what I'm in the mood for. At the moment it'd be a mix between sci fi and dystopian novels.
  10. Horror! I worship Stephen King. He has scared the crap out of me since I was 11. =D I thought eventually I'd stop getting scared by his books, but the first chapter in Dr. Sleep kept me awake for a week.
  11. My favorite genre is Fantasy, and I read all sorts. However, like Halo said, I tend to prefer epic scale series. A Song of Ice and Fire, The Malazan Book of the Fallen, and The Wheel of Time are all among my favorites.
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