Favourite Avatar: The Last Airbender episode

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  1. get your korra shit outta here, I'm bitter :(

    What's your favourite episode from Avatar: the Last Airbender?

  2. And if you couldn't tell who my favorite character is...

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  3. Season 2 Episode 21, Loved it
  4. Season two had eighteen episodes O.O
  5. oops meant to put twenty and no there are twenty episodes not eighteen
  6. At first I was like - Moves hand up and down simultaneously - but now I like you more than I like me...only for the day of course XD

    As for me, I would say either the one with the first blood bender EVER or the one when Sokka and Zuko went to go break out Sokka's dad and Suki from that volcano fire nation prison. Of course that was composed of two episodes so I would choose pt.2 of the break in but both were almost equally great. It's just that one has an ending and the other leaves you with an awesome cliffhanger XD
  7. Sokka and Zuko break in and out of prison. That was awesome.

    I also really liked the one with the giant owl and library.
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  8. Wait? Episodes? I thought avatar was a 22 hours movie. THE WHOLE THING IS AWESOME!!
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  9. I'll say the first episode, because it kickstarted an awesome series!

    All the episodes were great, though I wasn't a fan of the fortune teller one. I found myself yelling alongside Sokka the entire time.
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  10. Great Divide! Best Divide!

  11. The best episode?
  12. The one that comes to mind is The Beach, but if I were to put more thought into it then it'd probably be different. But I liked how they digged deeper into the antagonists and I felt I could relate more to some.
  13. Either the one where Katara does the blood-bending, or the swamp people and the big ol' tree. Those things got deep.

    Or all of Book Three. Hnnnnnnng much yes.

  14. This fucking scene.
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  15. Tales of Ba Sing Se was probably my favorite.

    This story was my favorite (if you watch it, sorry for quality and the fact that it's mirrored. It was the vest one I could find.)
  16. "Can your science explain why it rains?"

    "YES! YES IT CAN!!"
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