Favourite April Fools 2015

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  1. There was some newspaper here in Sweden that said that all the animals had escaped from a zoo (kolmården) during a blackout xD I thought that was the funniest today. Too bad they were bad with the pictures. The pictures gave it away so badly as it was summer pictures -_-'
  2. Probably this one:

    Although the Iwaku one was also great due to the associated outpouring of angst from people who didn't immediately get that it was a joke.
  3. Is it weird that my first thought was "I wonder why he doesn't have a shirt on when he's trying to take a picture of his penis." I mean, it's not like his abs will be in the pic anyways xD
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  4. The Iwaku one. People are so icredibly gullible and entitled. The rage over a obviusly fake thing is like music to my jaded soul.
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  5. I know that youtube link from years of practice.

    As for my favorite, type-moon this year made a twitter for a bunch of characters from F/SN and Fate/Extra.

    They also made a site where they made a bunch of parody idol groups using characters as well.
  6. My kids trying to tell me as soon as they got off the bus that they get to go to school tomorrow in their PJ's and that they get to sleep in class since their teachers know it's their last day of school. I thought it was pretty funny that they worked it out on the bus on their way home.
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  7. The world of Warcraft patch notes were pretty awesome for anyone who plays wow.
  8. I liked me dying my brother blue but you social media pests may not appreciate that all too much ;D
  9. The admin of a facebook group I'm in changed the group into a boy band fan club.
    And he made a poll days prior, where the majority of answers were yes and then altered the poll to ask if we wanted more boybands.

    Though I was expecting something like this.
    He alters the group like this every april fools.
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  10. I'm still in disbelief of that.
    Didn't know Reznor had a sense of humor.
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  11. The WoW one was cute. I really wish they would change the Undead/Forsaken to Walkers. I'd make a hordie quick.
  12. If you type anything in YouTube search, it auto completes to say Darude - Sandstorm.
  13. Iwaku's and I'm not sure if it was the actually joke or the extreme reactions to it that got to me. I did enjoy my friends reaction though when they thought I was joking about proposing to my girlfriend.
  14. The Iwaku one, and I Rick Rolled 3 of my friends. It was good. Especially since 2 tried to punch me in the nuts, and the other slapped me.
  15. I know, right? xD Caught me off guard.
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