Favourite Abridged Shows

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  1. I feel like there was a thread about this recently <.< >.>

    BUT OH WELL HERE WE GO (again?)

    I don't know very many people who have watched STA, but holy crap the abridged episodes are amazing.

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  2. TFS DBZ Abridged
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  3. Dont know if this counts as abridged due to the voices being custom, if not then DBZ Abridged
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  5. Naruto Abridged by MasakoX. Quite possibly comedy gold :D
  6. Where's Michael Mcdoesn'texist?
  7. Fate/cero. Its gold.
  8. SAO abridged by SWEntertainment.

    Mirai Nikki abridged posted by yunoinabox is also good.
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  9. abridged!kirito is such a douche! i lOVE it!
  10. anything by the Alumni Cast of TFS, honestly(Lanipator's work, Antfish's work, Taka's work, you get the idea) those are just golden.

    Personal favourites? None Piece, and the first half of the big Akira Abridged project that was never finished.

    One of the greatest moments of comedy, all time.
  12. TFS for the motherf*#$%@#ing win!!!
  13. SAO Abridged is turning out to be far better then expected. ITs a improvement to a dissepointing show imo :D
  14. So I watched that the other day when you notified me of its existence.

    "Actually, I'm married."

    "HAPPILY married!"

    "Mm hmm nrhm..."