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  1. I have a feeling this has already been hashed out, but sue me. Who are your favorite villains and why? They can be from any media. My top five list would be:

    Dexter Morgan, Dexter: You know he's the bad guy, but you gotta love him. Except at the end.
    Clyde Shelton, Law Abiding Citizen: You root for him, but you feel bad for doing so. He's the real villain in the movie, but he really makes you think about how bad the American justice system really is.
    Heath Ledger's Joker, The Dark Knight. This one is self explanitory, this is the best portrayal of a villain I've seen. Nobody else even comes close.
    Vaas, Far Cry 3. He's truely crazy, and you can't not love him, even as you know you have to kill him.
    Handsome Jack, Borderlands 2. He's everything a villain shouldn't be, and that's why I love him. He's one of those characters who genuinely thinks they're the hero, and he is kinda right, if you think about it. He is trying to bring law and order to a lawless planet... By killing everyone and making a boatload of cash.
  2. Mr Morden from Babylon 5 Hahaha, nobody will actually know who that is, so I'll have to go with something else.

    Commodus from Gladiator. The actor did a fantastic job portraying an unhinged, incestuous piece of shit Roman Emperor. Not historically accurate really, but a damn good popcorn action movie.

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  3. I have immense appreciation for villains whose stories and motivations are explored and hashed out.

    Movies tend not to accomplish this as successfully because there is often too much development to cram into the space of 2 or 3 hours. In films, the first example I can think of off the top of my head is General Hummel from The Rock (with Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery). The movie makes it very clear that he genuinely believes he's trying to accomplish something good, and the viewers can kind of sympathize in the sense that you can see some sort of honor in his cause, and even maybe see why he's been driven to desperate measures.

    THAT type of villain is the most powerful to me, because they're so much more than just the bad guy that the good guy needs to defeat just because.

    Like, (and I'm not going to make this a debate, but I just want to point it out) take the Galactic Empire in Star Wars for example. Throughout all the movies it is painted as this terrible, wicked organization. But if you take it apart and/or explore the EU even a little bit, it becomes very apparent that despite the Empire being driven by bad intentions, it actually accomplished a lot of good. It gave people jobs, livelihoods, order, and a sense of structure.

    That's not communicated clearly enough in the films.

    So, I honestly believe that it's hard to make (what I consider to be) a good villain in films. TV series, however, are a whole other story. Cersei Lannister is fucking amazing.
  4. [​IMG]

    Kogorr from Heroman. Embodies Dangerously Genre Savvy pretty well. He doesn't play by the rules, and in fact uses tropes to his advantage. My favorite part was when he had a single one of his "chest eyes" left open to attack. Looks like a big weak spot ala Akrid from Lost Planet. The hero goes and punches it square on after discussing with the other protagonists.

    "That must be his weak point!"

    Cue long high-quality action scene leading up to his chest-eye getting punched. Kogorr screams in pain then just drops the act.

    "That's not my weak point." Then he stabs the dude with extreme prejudice.
  5. **Spoiler Warnings**

    The Joker was just a master performance.
    Not a single moment that wasn't highly entertaining.

    Though for close seconds.

    Gilgamesh is just all around fun, and a giant ass hole to everyone.
    Yet still has some sense of honour and respect.
    Plus it was nice to actually see a Villain win at the end of a show for once.

    Then Light?
    I fucking loved his mind games going back and fourth with L.
    And it's not everyday you see a villain whose main focus is destroying other villains (though this is also true with the Joker).
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  6. Fucking Maleficent

    She turns into a motherfucking dragon

    she performed a massive babykilling cause she didn't get invited to a christening

    and she didn't even like the kid, she just felt snubbed.

    She doesn't send her minions scampering or just insult them when they fuck up, she murders them in flames

    The only minion that survives her wrath is a raven just as sinister as her and even he gets scared for his life when she gets pissed

    She's evil just because she fucking worships evil

    Every other villain had fucking tame aspirations next to her. She literally just wanted to watch the world burn, because it would be evil.

    "It's like she's worried she's going to disappoint Satan"
    - The Nostalgia Critic

    Aptly said, sir.

    Fucking Maleficent.
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  7. Personally I think this Maleficent is the true evil!

    Just look at how she destroyed the original Disney movie completely! EVIL!

    Light from Death note is one of my favorites. Good intentions turning worse and eventually crazy. [​IMG]

    One of my newer favorites is Johan from Monster. He's just so freaking calm all the time no matter what he does, be it shooting people in the head, manipulating people or whatever, his expression never change. I'm only 30 episodes in and I'm just screaming for him to get more screen time o_o
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  9. Loveable faggots.

    • Ninetails from Okami. I mean just it's design makes me wanna cry. And it's so arrogant that it's satisfying when you kill the damn thing. The plot twist that was in its arc was actually pretty surprising during my first playthrough and suddenly a lot of things made sense. But yeah, love it.


    • Kazama Chikage the second misunderstood bae of Hakuoki. Everybody hates him but in reality he's just a lonely demon man who wants a wife and a hundred kids.
    • Shami and Nekojara from Doraemon: Wan Nyan Spacetime Odyssey which by the way is the cutest movie I have seen in a long, long time. Nekojara is like this big mafia boss asshole but his motives does make sense even though it's really twisted. And Shami is just too adorable to be a villain, she redeems herself though hue.
    • N from Pokemans. He's a sweetie and Ghetsis is a poo.
    • Does Lelouch from Code Geass count? He's more of an anti-hero, but in the eyes of a lot he was a villain. That intellect and maniacal laughter is just too good for me.
    • Soo-won from Akatsuki no Yona. Not much to know about him yet, despite being a villain he still wants to protect the main girl and he's got some secret ass motives.
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  10. Meet Duke Panterei of Tales of Vesperia.

    He has always been one of my favorite characters, as he was not necessarily a villain who was a villain for personal goals.

    Really, its a brilliant game and brilliant story.

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  11. You may want to spoiler some of that!!
  12. Everybody has had since 2007 to play this masterpiece!

    I tried to spoiler it and it just deleted the text.

    +jumps off a bridge.+
  13. Yami Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh is my all time favorite, followed by Ulquiorra from Bleach.
    I also like Victor Zsasz and Scarecrow from Batman.

    Other (lesser known) villains I like are:
    Jackal from the Chakra comic by ARVEN92 on DA Comic Pages by ARVEN92 on DeviantArt
    Daimon from Lovable comic by Sami06 on DA Douji by Sami06 on DeviantArt (I can't say he is actually a villain, but he is the main antagonist right now)

    And there are probably more I can't think of right now.
  14. I've always loved the villains from old James Bond films.

  15. No Blofeld?
  16. A certain man from the First Law books.
    Inquisitor Glokta from the same series
    Honorous Jorg Ancrath from the Broken Empire Trilogy
    Heath Ledger's Joker
    Technically, Jan or whatever his name was from The Folly of the World.
    Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now
    Colonel Hans Landa from Inglorious Basterds
    That one Viet Cong leader from Fury Max, when Fury goes to Vietnam.
  17. Claude Frollo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. He's easily the worst villain in Disney history. Let’s do a quick checklist of all the crimes he commited in the movie…racial profiling, institutional racism, second-degree murder, kidnapping, child abuse, sexual harassment, arson, blackmail, attempted first-degree murder by burning at the stake, breaking and entering, and attempted first-degree murder again – TWICE! So yeah, this guy is pretty nasty. Add on top of that that he is justifying all of his horrible actions with his religion and that he is a complete and total pervert, and you’ve easily got one of the worst villains ever. I love to hate this guy, and I could seriously listen to Hellfire a million friggin’ times because Tony Jay (RIP) does such a good job making Frollo absolutely despicable.


    Hades from Hercules. Man oh man is this guy hilarious! He's like that one sarcastic friend with a short temper that can be the life (or death) of the party. And the best thing about him is.....HE CAN'T DIE! Also the fact that he's actually hotter when he's calm is pretty surprising. Hades may be dangerous but it's balanced out with comedy as well so it's easy to tell when he's serious and when he's being a cruel jokester.


    Wah Sing Ku from Lethal Weapon 4 (my favorite film of all time). Although he doesn't really have much of a backstory (or personality for that matter), his badass fighting skills and coldness more than makes up for it! Plus he's portrayed by the ever so handsome Jet Li (this was his first debut not only in America but as a villain) so that is another plus in itself!


    Frieza from Dragon Ball Z. What can I say about him that hasn't been said? He's pretty much the main reason why everything in the series is happening! He wiped out most of the Saiyan race, he made Vegeta the person that he is and even made him shed tears (which I don't blame him for), and even survived a Spirit Bomb which was something Kid Buu couldn't even do! So yeah he's pretty damn despicable story-wise. I can see why he's so popular!


    Freddy Krueger from Nightmare On Elm Street. I shouldn't have to explain why he's the best horror film villain ever! He's practically invincible (in the dream world anyways), he can't be escaped unless you deprive yourself of sleep (which won't work), his weapon and methods of killing are very creative and they're very psychological since the dreams are always related towards the victims somehow. His one-liners are fucking awesome and his backstory is quite fucked-up but that's what makes it so good!


    Xemnas from the Kingdom Hearts series. The leader of Organization XIII, the nobody of Terra-Xehanort, and a rather hot guy at that! He's truly emotionless and doesn't even remember what it's like to have feelings (poor baby!). He has an air of authority and can be quite exaggerating and melodramatic which makes hearing his voice all the sweeter. His boss battle in KH2 is easily one of the best in gaming history for many reasons (like having Riku by your side with his fine ass!)


    Alex Forrest from Fatal Attraction. The woman that scared the living shit out of every man in America and changed pop culture as we know it. Portrayed by the very talented Glenn Close, this bitch is CRAZY. Being tossed aside after a adulterous, weekend romp with Dan, Alex doesn't want to let it go and begins to stalk him, things becoming worse after she says that she's pregnant. Alex even boils the family pet and takes the daughter out for a ride! Talk about bold! The bathroom fight was pretty damn intense and she scared the hell out of me when she jumped out of the water! The alternate ending was alright but I can see why it was scrapped in favor of the ending that we have now. Hopefully she teaches people a lesson about infidelity!


    Damn that was a lot of villains! O_O
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  18. The Seneschal from Dragon's Dogma. He didn't send a dragon to kill you. He sent Grigori to train you and see if you were worthy.

    Hnnngh all that games dialogue.
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  19. Villains you say.

    Say hello to Purple Man from Marvel. He started off as a goofy Daredevil villain. He isn't a telepath, but his game is mindcontrol. His powers don't simply make you obey him, he can make you like or hate things. He can control your very emotions. And does he want world domination? No. Does he work with goofy bad guy organizations? No. He is far to petty and depraved for big schemes. He is a obssesive, rapey, manipulative who only goes after people of simple and weak stature. He uses his power to get whatever he wants, and fucks with people for the hell of it. There isn't a redeeming bone in his body, he is the perfect villain. There is nothing to consider cool about him, he isn't some missunderstood or tragic badass. He is a monster, and a very believable one at that.

    I rather fight Dr.Doom or Loki then get into this guys way.
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  20. My favorite villain will probably have to be Jack of Blades from fable


    I'm not even sure why I like him as a villain so much. I guess it's because he's evil with no strings attached, but he's also no nonsense. Generally I dislike manipulative villains who manipulated an entire heroes life, but I think this guy does it right. Probably because it was done very believably. (I think so anyway)
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