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  1. Not the video game you think it's the best, necessarily, because while I can think of games that are way better games as far as story, graphics, and gameplay than my personal favorites, they are still my favorites.

    Now, my favorite game for just the whole overall experience I had playing it will probably be FF7 (groans heard all around) Yes, yes I know but it is - I wasn't allowed video games growing up, and had run out of books one hot summer day and my husband says to me: "Hey, there's this idiot in SF who's selling FF7 for forty bucks, you aren't going to work today." And so we drove hours into the bay to pick up a replacement for a game a friend had borrowed and lost and I had only seen little clips of (and wasn't too impressed with).
    Cue lazy summer afternoons discovering with wide eyes that video games were not, in fact, the Devil; that I could engage in so many more parts of my brain that JUST reading while I moved along a story. And it was totally my kind of story- but we all know the story, so I don't have to explain that.

    Now, rapidly scaling my list of favorites is Zelda, The Ocarina of Time. I never forgot sneaking over to my friends houses to watch the play bits of it when I was young- too afraid lightning would strike me if I tried playing myself, and then years later, playing a little in high school and sucking so badly I gave up. But feeling nostalgic, my Mr. bought me this game the other day, and I'm really enjoying it. I like the puzzles. The annoying "go there, do this, good. Now go back and undo everything you just did so you can do something else. Repeat." And I like the battles (after Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, I an IN LOVE with Target Lock. There is no Target Lock in Monster Hunter- it may very well be one of the BEST games ever made, but it is insanely difficult.) And just dozing on the couch listening to the music while I play- it's soothing.


    Share your favorite games and what made them your favorite games. If anyone posts something like OMG L!!KE FFX 4evAh!!!!111 (and that's all- and you aren't obviously joking) I'm hacking the server, tracking you down, and doing very bad things to your computer. You don't know that I can't.
  2. Hey everyone, you may have caught wind of a contest Iwaku is running called Worldbuilding and Role Playing Game Master Challenge. It's my hope we can submit an RP that is related to the Murder Series at the very least for exposure reasons.

    Now, I've been told the MG series is not viable for submission due to the contest being focused on long-term roleplays, which the main MGs are obviously intended to be shorter. However, there also seems to be a condition about shorter RPs being allowed as long as they are part of a larger, directly-related setting. What this means to me is that we could submit the series as a whole if we were to make a strong case for each MG to be part of a consistent world, albeit one vast and multiverse-based.

    While I'm more confident that providing a single long-term RP will result in an actual chance, trying to submit the series as a whole is probably a better representation of what we do around here. In any case, I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on how we should do this to make it a community effort. I personally will be doing the actual submission, however.

    We have one RP setting in mind for submission, which is a sandbox/casual RP we've been planning called "Ragnarok." Huge thanks to @Ringmaster @Minerva @Krieg @Verite for a lot of the work that has gone into this idea so far.
    Ragnarok (open)


      To be a graduate of the Torch, is to do so in the knowledge that in doing so you become another ember. A spark that sets aflame all dark things and brings light where light itself may be weak or nonexistent. Nowhere is that more evident then the battlefield known as the Ashen Front.

      Lately, in the sector of space that acts as a pipeline to planet of Ash, the Order has descended and turned it into a grueling war of attrition. Facing off against their forces, mercenaries and monsters, lie the Coalition and their allies.

      Commander-in-chief Gaius from the major city capital of Charon commands the forces of the Coalition, protecting its native race from the brutality of the Order. As the sight of a former Murder Game, a majority twisted into a ruined and ghastly land by a cursed energy known as malevolence. Upon the frontlines, Sword, Wand and Forge agents are sent in droves to turn back the tide of nightmares.

      In the chasms of the world, the Cloak sends out sorties to discover and map out the underground, sealing up boltholes and fighting alongside their comrades in skirmishes beneath the surface of the earth.

      Whether you fight alongside your comrades at the front, protect the civilians who flock for protection on the dangerous road or seek answers in the dark, you are needed here desperately.

      Welcome to Outpost 98-A6, AKA "Ragnarok".

      You are one of many embers.

      Time to light the flame.



      The Ashen Front consists of five key locations. The first is Charon, the capital city where the bulk of our forces are concentrated. Considering the instability, it is a heavy task to keep order. Such tasks around the city include trying to prevent panic, keep the peace, rout outside threats, and root out acts of sabotage. There is a bar within the city that acts as a source of entertainment for soldiers in their downtime.Outside the city, across a battle-scarred plain, lies the front lines, where the agents spend their days before rotating out with squads, the wounded are brought in and treated and the fighting force is sent.

      From there, they head to the battlefield which is essentially a meat grinder against the forces. Defense of the city is high priority, while others seek to uncover ways to turn the fight to Coalition advantage. Which brings us to the Underground. Old subway lines, caverns and the like patrolled, blocked off and explored- As intelligence shows that something underground is being sought by the Order. If so, we have to find it first.

      The final area is the No-Mans-Land. The cursed earth that their fell magics has produced, creating a dark territory that claims more of our scouts the more we send them out. All drones and mechanical devices short out and frankly, we're at a heavy disadvantage within. Only the bravest... Or most stupid dare volunteer to explore, but whatever information is brought back has always proven to be crucial.

      Native nations outside Charon have either become despair-ridden mutants or have resorted to living underground. They possess a strong independence movement brought on by the Coalition bringing them into the fold, thus, into the war. That is not to say all of them would resent outsiders, but a large amount of them would turn into political extremism and devout preservation of their people, culture, and societies.




      The planet of Ash's capital city. Around thirteen point eighty million souls live here, with more constantly coming in by any means they can. Here, the city is used as the Command Center for the Coalition forces, as well as once a means of evacuation via portals-- At least, until it was proven the enemy could use them as well. Since then, the Coalition has opted to use more traditional means via shuttles until they can locate the breach and stop it up. Four gates, located on the points of the compass are the only ways known to enter the city besides flight.

      Notable locales are the following within Charon:

      The Command Center
      The nerve center of the stationed forces. Here, the overall strategy to save the world is made and the Commander-in-Chief and his staff are situated.

      The Ragnarok Garrison
      Since Charon has been declared under martial law, the Coalition keeps back a task force within its walls. Their objective is to keep the peace and protect the city, from internal forces, riots and enemy spies that may slip through. Its a full-time and thankless job, but an important one.

      The Supply Drop
      Scattered throughout the city, these are meant to help distribute supplies for the civilians in an orderly fashion. More often then not, its a full time job to prevent riots over canned food. Thankfully, the city hasn't gotten that dire but fear tends to fill the air like a noxious cloud, threatening the spread of malevolence.

      The Cog-and-Sword
      Some citizens have thrown in their full support to the Coalition forces! Such as the Cog-and-Sword. A friendly bar run by the sultriest bartender you'll ever meet. Great for downtime. Just don't cause a scene.

      The Undercity
      Charon is a hive city, and its roots run deep. Down below, lies an entire city in the dark- Run by those who keep the machines working. Its a dark existence, but crucial for all it is. What lies beneath, in that labyrinth of metal and shadow though its anyone's guess.

      The United Nations Volunteer Hospital
      An entire district of the city dedicated to the wounded and sick civilians, run by the United Nations. Consisting of a mix of Coalition Mind agents, local medical infrastructure and the U.N. people themselves, its primary focus are the civilian population and anyone else who needs them. Led by Dr. Maera.

      The Upper City


      This is where those who bear influence and money in the city reside, along with their offices. The rich lie blissfully ignorant of the masses around them, barely affected by the Coalition and UN's takeover of the city's infrastructure.

      Of note here is the GOC PSYCHE Division Office, which holds no official power. The GOC is just here to support Strike Team Phoenix, their Anti-Cult Strike Team. The PSYCHE Division office just has a representative who investigates reports of possible Order Activity, and then deploys the Strike Team when necessary.

      Medical Director Doctor Aline Maera's lab is also in this section of town. She and several other Dragoon Scientists work there in order to provide enough medicine for those in the Volunteer Hospital. It's designed after the Elysium Corporation from her world.

      The Outer City


      The crime-filled cesspool of Charon. Anything can be bought here: Supplies stolen right off of a UN resupply? Yup, they're here. Want a potent new drug that will be addicting and run you into debt? Yes, that's here. Need your roommate killed? That's definitely something you can get here. However, these things all come at a significant price.

      A small sect of the Order reside here, meeting in the bar known as Moonlight. However, they currently don't have a way to contact any of the Order forces outside of the city, and with regular patrols into the Outer City increasing, they're losing.

      The Battlefield

      The Old City


      The old city is a former city a few miles outside of Charon. A hot battle zone, the old city is known for having many places where Order members hide out. An expansive storm drain and subway system stretch beneath the city, giving them lots of places to hide. The Order currently has a dig project to break through into Charon from the underground tunnels.

      The Airfield
      The airfield is always loud. Planes come in and out, soldiers loading and unloading from them, and cargo being counted and ready to send to supply drops. The old terminal is used as processing for those coming in and out. This is used as a base by the UN's Logistics Division, which brings in relief and aid to those who need it. It's a reapply base for the Coalition and UN troops within the city, as well as providing some necessary aid to the affected citizens.

      No-Man's Land

      The Cathedral


      Whoever this cathedral originally belonged to is unknown. The once sacred church has been perverted and corrupted by the Order members that reside within. The grand structure now stands crumbling, surrounded by dense fog. No one knows what lies inside of the Cathedral, as no one has gotten close enough to it, but whatever it is spells trouble.


      Bad Reception
      It's faint, but there. A radio signal calling for help somewhere out in No-Man's Land. A team is being gathered to track its origin. Whether it's actually a group of people who somehow survived, or an Order trap to take out the Coalition's troops is unknown. However, it's important to investigate this signal as it remains as a beacon of hope for No-Man's-Land.

      Moonlit Night
      Several murders have occurred in the Lower City. Not all that uncommon. However, these murders have been more ritualistic. The Halo of the Sun was painted in the victim's blood nearby, and several symbols were carved into the body itself. The murders have grown increasing in frequency, which is getting people worried about an inevitable Order attack from within. The citizens of the Outer City are growing more and more paranoid by the day, and are ready to take matters into their own hands. Evidence points to patrons of a bar named Moonlight. Perhaps that would be the best place to start...

    • Ash
      Ash was once a major supply planet to the Coalition, and although it had a very small population, the planet was crucial for natural resources, mostly minerals and lumber. Not only that, but the near frozen planet served as a morale boast, showing the strength of the Coalition to send their members to such a planet and have them not only survive, but thrive.

      By the time the planet had been invaded and made the site of a Murder Game, the soldiers there were adjusted to very stylistic warfare. Like the British in Isandlwana, the Coalition's troops were trained in a very regimented type of tactics due to limited supplies and the general strategy employed against the Crossed, which was virtually modern firelines. Then, as we all know, the dynamic nature of warfare had changed.

      The planet was evacuated as it was virtually glassed by the Demon's forces. What survivors remained turned into despair-ridden mutants or fled underground, though Charon was the least impacted in the damages. Native populations outside Charon would be reduced to something akin to Greek city-states, independent fully from the Coalition and often pursuing their own paths, whether that be militaristic, religious, mercantilism, or what have you.

      A group with the power to travel to different parts of the multiverse and who seek to eliminate threats to the multiverse as a whole. Their members enter Murder Games of their own free will in order to sabotage them, while also fighting in areas rife with instability.

      The participants of one of the earliest recorded Murder Games were imbued with an excess of the Arch Demon's demonic energy months over time. This energy, called Despair Energy (or Malevolence), was generated when the excess of negative emotions exhibited by the Murder Game's participants was cultivated by the Arch Demon, fueling his life and powers. Malevolence takes many default forms across the universe, though it is tied mostly to dark and chaotic energies. High concentrations of malevolence are seen as a threat to the multiverse, and thus purging this energy is a goal of groups such as the Coalition.

      Murder Games
      At the height of his power, the Arch Demon scoured the multiverse in search of sustenance to maintain his great power. He eventually discovered that the strongest source of power was the fear brought on by the pain and anguish of sentient beings. Tied to his own universe, the Arch Demon was forced to spread his influence across the multiverse in order to manipulate and control others into orchestrating events that would come to be known as Murder Games.

      The Arch Demon
      Requiring drastic measures to prevent himself from being eaten away by his own source of power, the Arch Demon began to scour the multiverse to find suitable sustenance to allow himself to maintain his strength.
      Discovering the strongest source of power being the fear brought on by the pain and anguish of sentient beings, the Arch Demon began to orchestrate situations in which many strong souls were brought together and forced to participate in events that would soon be dubbed Murder Games.

      The Order
      A doomsday cult operating within certain vile pockets of the multiverse. Through the use of his power and having access to multiple time periods of any given universe, the Arch Demon came as a vision upon high ranking members of The Order in its early days and managed to insert himself as one of the religion's revered beings. The group's insignia, known as the Halo of the Sun, became synonymous for the Arch Demon. Despite his death, The Order still follow his ideals and work to spread an energy known as Malevolence across the multiverse.

      The Torch
      The Torch, a Coalition based located on the main continent of an obscure world, is the first place new recruits visit in order to get a feel for the organization as well as train and decide which branch of the Coalition they feel most suited to, these including the Sword, the Forge, the Mind, the Cloak, and the Wand. Even non-magical folk for example can join the Wand, acting as either special forces, scouts or research assistants. Its all a matter of organization and, considering the role they find themselves in, it's something they can't afford to ignore.

    So, a few things. You guys can either vouch for a different idea you may have instead of Ragnarok, or help add to the world-building of Ragnarok. If you would rather we focus solely on the MG stuff, give your ideas on that and we can discuss them!
  3. OMG L!!KE FFX 4evAh!!!!111
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  4. The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.
    jsut because any fps in chernobyl is awesome, russian fps in chernobyl is even better.
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  5. I'm going to probably go awry from most people's expectations and say that the best game I've ever played is a side-scrolling shooter on the SNES called Parodius. Think Gradius, only everything is a parody of some aspect of Japanese culture or video gaming in general. While still a challenging game, it also is downright hilarious, especially if you get a lot of the jokes that come at you in rapid-fire succession.
  6. Chrono Trigger. An awesome SNES RPG about time travel. The music, the graphic style, the story, the fast paced gameplay compared to other RPGs, the characters and the replay value are all top notch to put it simply. It's one of the few games I always want to replay. And with all those multiple endings, it's worth it.

    That is definitely my number one. It's a shame Chrono Cross just really dropped the ball and served as to give fans of CT the middle finger with it's plot, I really don't believe all the BS that happened to most of the original cast. I really wish CT would get a REAL sequel. Oh well, maybe one day....
  7. FFVII, FFX, no need to fill in one these.

    Suikoden V: So many characters(108), cool story.
    Suikoden Tierkreis: German title, cool story, great graphics, first game finished on my DSi. Easy game..which too me, ain't always a bad thing.

    Some Mortal Kombat game: I don't know which it was, but pretty similiar to those that were on the arcades. There was blood, there was gore, there was MK. Best fighting-series ever.

    CM/FM-series: It only gets better and better.
  8. Darkness I wag french toast at you threateningly.

    I dunno, King Weavel, I kinda liked Chrono Cross. I'll admit it wasn't great but it was sO FreAKiNg cOlORfUl. I never play it but I can't bring myself to pass it on either. :P Did anyone else get stuck because you needed an attack to beat a boss, but to level up to having that attack you had to beat this boss or am I just especially good at backing myself into those kinds of corners?
  9. Modern General
    Name: lee Martin
    Nicknames/Alias: Ulysses
    Age: 20
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: bisexual
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Modern Personality
    Personality traits:stubborn, intelligent, creative, tactiful and why
    Personality strengths: a smart individual with a talent for surprising people
    Personality weaknesses: a complete introvert so has a hard time opening up to others
    Likes: books, games, moonlight and a minor like for drinking
    Dislikes: spiders, racism and prejudices
    Hobbies: crafts, reading fantasy novels and random sketching
    Quirks: has a habit of biting his right finger when stressed


    Modern Appearance:
    Body type: average
    Hygiene: clean
    Skin tone: slight undertones of tan
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 200 pounds
    Hair style/color: black short and spiky drawn over his right eye
    Eye color: green with the right eye having a broken iris
    Cloth style: baggy and comfortable
    Notable features: a scar from his right eye over his nose and down his chin in a single diagonal slash

    Modern Abilities
    Skills: great tactician, fast thinking and a decent ability for smithing from his father
    Physical strengths: great eyesight and reflexes
    Physical weaknesses: physically weak most physical attack will cause alot of damage

    Modern History
    History: grew up in a rural Scottish town far away from the big cities where things such as re-enactments were commonplace as he learnt from his father the art of creating all types of medieval weaponry, as he grew up his hobby shifting from creating replica medical armour to creating fantasy inspired items. At the age of 14 he was attacked by a madman leaving him with a fear of people and a large scar across his face leaving him to slowly retreat from everyone never speaking more than a few words when necessary, on his 18th birthday he was fast tracked into a second year university course after his father created an application for psychology under his name and to everyone's shock he had been accepted but never attended classes preferring to stay in his student housing and partake in his hobbies.
    Relationships: N/A


    Norindul General
    Name: Elias Drakon
    Nicknames/Alias: Drake
    Age: 20
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: bisexual
    Species: Nephalem (angel)
    Role: The Scholar

    Norindul Personality
    Changed personality traits: altruistic
    Changed personality strengths: hard to anger
    Changed personality weaknesses: hates people staring at his eye
    Charged likes: N/A
    Changed dislikes: N/A
    New hobbies: crafting actual gear, alchemy and enchanting
    New quirks: a habit of covering his left eye whenever his hair is blown away from it

    Norindul Abilities:
    Skills: exceptional craftsman and trap maker
    Physical strengths: speedy reflexes and attacks
    Physical weaknesses: has no physical ability in defence as such a strong blow will incapacitate him.
    Magical abilities: conjuration and abjuration.
    Magical strengths: able to create and control multiple summoned creatures as well as strong wards to defend himself and his party
    Magical weaknesses: requires constant casting as such he's usually stuck in one place whilst his magic is being used.

    Norindul Race
    Racial skills: a deeper mana pool than most people without training.
    Racial strengths: deals extra damage against demons
    Racial weaknesses: susceptible to poisons and curses, cannot use any dark magic without physical repercussions.
    Other key features: a golden left eye from the angel blood

    Norindul Inventory
    Weapons: a stave with a blade at the bottom, a short sword
    Cloths/armor: plate armour underneath his robes with his left arm having a stronger metal instead of a shield
    Accessories: a sliver necklace and a ring on his left hand
    Trinkets: a small pouch with miscellaneous ores
    Other equipment: a tome with all his known spells and a mixture of antidotes
    Currency: N/A

    Norindul History
    Important events: N/A

  10. FFVI, SNES version.

    Good will always win, because Good uses exploits.

    It had a great storyline and fun gameplay, especially once I got to the World Of Ruin. Final team consisted of Celes, who dual-wielded legendary swords, blocked everything, had HP regen, haste, shell, shield, and spells...

    Terra, who spammed nukes...

    Gogo, who knew almost every spell...

    and Setzer, who threw dice at people.

    3d6=godslayer's choice.
  11. My favorite game that I would say was the best throught my life till this time would be The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.
  12. I meant mostly with the fate of the original characters in the plot and extreme lack of character development(thanks to way too many characters, everyone and their mother joined you in that game,literally in the case of Macha) in terms of what's bad. :P
  13. If you do I wish to join this time ^^
  14. As I've always felt an extremely strong connection to the world around me, it always seemed natural that the worship of nature itself should become an integral piece of my religion. The forest has been my chapel, the rhythm of the land my holy book. I am not Wiccan, although I was once. However, I only ever felt compelled to do the esbat rituals (I am a Cancer, so I've always felt an especially strong connection to the Moon and lunar deities), and I was lousy in most other regards. I felt like a Christian who forgets to go to church every Sunday or has never read a chapter of the Bible. So, I moved away from attempting to label the rituals I used to commune with nature in the ways that I saw fit.

    Witchcraft, however, is an older, primal practice that still bears a heavy thread in the tapestry of my spirituality. It is a distinction that is repeated often, but I feel it is an important one nonetheless: not all who walk the path of a witch are Wiccan, and those who are Wiccan do not, necessarily, practice witchcraft (although many do).

    The deity that I have felt most drawn towards, throughout most of my life, is Hekate. She is somewhat of an anomaly among the Greek gods, since she was originally a Titan who defected from her family during Gigantomachy. Although she isn't prophetic, she is associated with prescience, with an emphasis being placed on the threads that tie together the past and present; how those same threads will construct the matrix of the future. As a result, she foresaw the eventual outcome of the battle. I believe this is one of the aspects of her blessings that I was most drawn to, as I am currently in a period of massive change in my life. I needed--and continue to need--the ability to navigate these changes while being mindful of how my actions, past and present, will construct my future.
  15. "Alena drinks. She doesn't think I know but it's her habit everything she leaves the gates." Kunari frown. "If not from her, she'll go elsewhere anyway. I wish Alena would behave more."
  16. "But where did you get it from?"
  17. Favorite?

    It'd be a toss up between

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

    - Rich freeroam enviroment. Clear Sky brought in factions and the ability to upgrade weapons and armor.



    - Free roam, be anybody do anything... buckload of quests... best part? Mods that keep you playing for months on end.
  18. :D I am a video game fanatic! I'm terrible at FPS though.

    My favorite series is Sonic... But the new ones, since Sonic Adventure 2, have been terrible, so I'm always hesitant on saying so. Plus then I always get accused of being a furry.

    My favorite Sonic game is Sonic CD, which apparently everyone hated, but it was definitely one of the harder Sonic games to beat because you could get a perfect ending, a good ending, and a bad ending... most people just got the good ending-- the perfect ending requires a whole lot more finesse. It was hard, is what I'm saying. Feel free to disagree. I agree that Sonic 2 was awesome (except for you, TAILS) and Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles were AMAZING, but that doesn't stop me from loving Sonic CD.

    My favorite RPG is Golden Sun, and I can't really explain why... When I first played it I was just... kind of... floored. I do like Chrono Trigger as well, but something about Golden Sun makes me want to play it again and again and for Chrono Trigger I really just want to get all the endings, and I can do that by giving the game to my brother and telling him I want to see such-and-such ending in such-and-such time.

    Of newer games made of new and games, I am a fan of No More Heroes. It's action. I feel like it's supposed to be like Katamari-- a game made to poke fun at gamers. I don't know if that's what it is, but... I think it's hilarious. I like saving SO MUCH in that game. I also like the kitty and most of the side missions. And the gym. I LOVE THE GYM.

    I like racing games too (but I don't own many) and the last one I played was like Gran Tourismo insert_number_here. And you know.... Mario Kart. I just like to go fast. And crash into things. and watch explosions.

    I also like Super Smash Brothers. My favorite to date is still Melee. Brawl is cool but all the weapons are super over-powered and the smash ball is annoying when Fox, Falco, or Wulf are on the field (and plain stupid when you're DK), but I do like the characters in Brawl. I liked Roy (I LOVED ROY) and Young Link (I LOVED HIM TOO) and Pichu (ALSO HIM) and they dropped all three of them and put in goddamn Olimar and R.O.B.


    Okay... I'm done. xD
  19. I guess I'll have to go with the Half-Life series. There's never been a video game, for me at least, that has created such an incredible storyline and narrative quite so successfully. It's well-paced, brilliantly written, you actually give a shit about the characters, and the graphics were impressive enough in Half-Life 2 that they still look okay even today (which, given how graphics technology is constantly improving, is an impressive feat).

    Also, the Mass Effect series. Best damn Bioware series since KotOR.
  20. Grumpy... did you hear about the group that is trying to do a conversion of the first game to the source engine?