Favorite Type of Writing

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What type of writing do you enjoy reading most?

  1. Poem

  2. Short story

  3. Full length book

  4. Song

  5. Essay

  6. Article

  7. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm so tired and probably could've titled this better and made better poll options oops

    Hello! I'm just curious what type of things you on Iwaku like to read, as in the way things are written rather than genre ^^ I personally am a fan of poems and articles for nearly everything because of the way they're handled and witten, but short stories can be a lot of fun too for certain things.

    But I must ask, what types of writing do you tend to enjoy most? Does it perhaps depend on genre, or what's trying to be portrayed?
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  2. I used to rather like poetry until it became something painful in school. Ugh. I like novels. I like writing novels. I like reading them and living them and all that stuff. Short stories are okay, but they're too ... short.
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  3. What do you define as a 'full length book'?
  4. I like to pretend one day I'll write a novel.
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  5. I enjoy reading articles, novels, and short stories most. I enjoy writing pretty much anything, although I tend to go on "poetry binges" rather than enjoying it all the time. I have to be in the right mood for them. Thinking about it, I probably enjoy writing essays more than stories - I'm overly opinionated, what can I say.
  6. I like reading words.

    Otherwise it can be anything from a single picture to a massive novel. I like writing the same way I like food.

    All of the kinds.
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  7. Full length books and articles.

    If I'm in the mood for some kind of fiction, I'll go for novels. Usually not just your standard sized novel either, because my favored genre (Fantasy) tends toward huge books. Poetry just doesn't interest me because it's not worth digging through the heaps of vapid garbage to find stuff with real quality and meaning, and short stories are just too damned short to tide me over for long.

    If I'm in the mood or some kind of non-fiction, I'll go for articles. I prefer factual presentations of information over opinionated presentations, so articles > essays for me most of the time.

    Oh, as for songs, I rarely ever bother to look up lyrics. There are songs I've listened to literally hundreds of times in the past year that I remain so unfamiliar with, lyrically speaking, that I'd be hard pressed to quote anything but parts of the chorus. What is being said is less important to me than how the overall thing sounds, so I don't often pay attention to the lyrics.
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  8. Poems are my shit, yo.
  9. Poems, yo!

    But yeah.
    Short stories, full length books, and articles are strong contenders too.
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  11. When it comes to what I enjoy reading the most, I'd say full length books and short stories at a shared first place, with probably articles coming in at second place. There's just something so relaxing about sitting down with a good book. While I like keeping up with the news, and articles are almost always an interesting read, there's just too much shit going on in the world for me to really enjoy it that much. Okay, that was directed at news articles, there are many other types of articles that are a whole lot more fun to read, but I guess it's enough to put it in a second place.

    Poems are nice, but I kind of like them few and far between. Songs are nice to listen to, but I don't read lyrics unless there' something I don't understand, or if I'm trying to learn it by heart and I read essays all day for school, so they're easy to get sick of.

    As for what I like writing the most... Well, I mostly write essays due to school, with the occasional RP post. While one is for work and the other is for leisure, I quite like them both.
  12. I am the soul of a writer...I enjoy turning my words into epic stories or short novels for those of mortal eyes to enjoy. There are times I prefer to sink and sneak them into this world as poems though and on rare occasions as a song. Haiku's are wonderful creatures as well.
  13. i love novels

    mostly i read articles these days
  14. When I came into this thread, I expected it to be about our writing. Not reading genres :T

    But usually poems, short stories, novels and plays.
  15. The only option is every option.
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  16. I write fiction, mostly. Everything else fails to finish. Probably due to my short attention span.

    Oh, but not poems. I fucking hate poems. Fuck you, poetry.
  17. I like most genres and story lengths. Poems can be fun as well, especially if I’m looking for a challenge. Though, I love solving puzzles and looking at cryptic codes, so that isn't surprising. My taste in writing boils down to an author’s sentence structure. Rhetoric use is also great. I love when authors explain things by using common or particular associations.

    @ C92cool: Is the character on your avatar from a show? I feel like I’ve seen him before.
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