Favorite traits?

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  1. What do you like to see in your made-up flora? Maybe vibrant colors? Maybe something that's 'normal' but has a twist to it? Maybe you don't like made-up plants? Whatever, just tell me about your favorite plant bits!
  2. BIG PETALS. <3
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  3. I like big pet(als) and I cannot lie! ;D

    sorry not sorry
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  4. Magic

    And gorgeous, oversized flowers with vibrant colours!

    So, Avatar. I like Avatar in my flora lol
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  5. Nice, Minibit. =D Colors are awesome. =u= Magic, too!

    I like a bit of the deadly in mine. 8D
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  6. I.... had never thought of it D=
    Uuuuh, the more exuberant and dangerous the better, I guess?
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