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Any favorite places you like to stop off by while on a road-trip? Perhaps for food, to rest or maybe just because the place is interesting.

Definitely gotta say the Cabazon Dinosaurs in California while en route to Palm Springs. Why? Well they're giant freaking dinosaur statue/structures for one! One of which you can enter for a gift shop. Secondly, because they had lotsa cool dinosaur stuff so as a kid I liked going there. Some restaurants and stuff around there too... But yeah, like going there. Haven't been there in a while but the place has a lot of nostalgia value for me since I've stopped by there like at least fourteen or so times, mostly as a kid.

For more practical reasons, Barstow is also a favorite. Because it had a lot of restaurants to choose from and it's in a good place seeing as it's like half way to Nevada(or Los Angles if you're going the other way.) It's a perfect place to refuel your car as well. I always stop there for these reasons.
I have lots of places I like to stop while traveling. One in particular, also In California, is the San Simeon area. Its beautiful, near the ocean and near the Hearst castle, awesome stuff. Button willow is another place I like to stop when traveling through southern California. Its a small town, mostly catering to truckers it seems, but as King said about Barstow, Its a good place to eat and fuel up.

ALSO If you happen to be driving through California and see a black Bear Diner, STOP! Cause its awesome food and HUGE portions for a decent price. Interesting fact..The first Black Bear diner was opened in MT.Shasta California, a place I visit often, Also another good place to stop if traveling through Northern Cali.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hearst_Castle <Hearst castle>
Everytime we're walking around downtown I have to stop and peek in EVERY knick knack shop that's open. All the little junk shops, gift shops, etc. There's always soooo many pretty and spiffy things in there and it's always different!