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  1. It's been, what? Six minutes (give or take a few days) since our last music thread?

    Let's fix that shit.

    What's your favorite song intros, or ones you think are particularly amazing? The topic came to mind after I was listening to the radio and the DJ was like "OH MAN, THIS SONG HAS THE MOST AMAZING INTRO EVER! IT GETS YOU SO PUMPED."

    It was Figure it Out by Royal Blood, which is one of those songs I can't change the radio fast enough if it comes on. I didn't realize chugga chugga palm muting without much in the way of instrumentation got some people going, but to each their own.

    But what do you guys like? I figure this might be a bit easier than listening to an entire song, so post the video and how long the intro lasts for for people's consideration.

    Up until about 1:27.
  2. The Intros to Lux Aeterna, Garador's Flight, and Gymnopedie no. 1.

  3. So yeah, I guess this whole song could be considered an intro, but yeah. This is one of my favorite guitar solos of all time, by the way.
  4. This is the one that first came to mind. I might be able to find ones I like more if I took a bunch of time to trawl through my music collection, but nahhhh. The intro goes up through about 1 minute in.


  5. Half this thing is an intro, but man.
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  6. It's always going to be Knights of Cydonia by Muse. Actually the entire track is fucking fantastic, but the intro is the only one I can listen to again and again and never get tired of. I swear, best intro to any track I've ever heard in my short, miserable life.

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  7. To be fair, the "intros" to these songs take up like half the song (or more). Maybe that's why I think they're epic, because they build up the excitement.

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  8. Super massive black hole by Muse is awesome as well.
  9. A L L A B O O O O A A A A A R R R R D D ! !

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  10. [​IMG]
  11. Oh! Forgot this one

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