Favorite School Subject?

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  1. Mine would have to be English, Science or History.
  2. Science! Until I hit math leaked into it, But biology and theoretical physics and astronomy. There is just sooo much to think about and do in science.

    Beside that ART!!! :D
  3. I have to say English or Math. But it depends on the teacher really. With a good teacher I LOVE math even if I'm horrible at it, and with a good English teacher I looove english even more. Although sometimes I hate it because of the teacher. And I luv me some physics!
  4. When I was in high school, I loved English class.

    My favorite college courses are usually life science (like zoology, biology, etc.) or computer science. Just, science. I even enjoyed my scientific nutrition course. x__x
  5. It's been a while since I was in school, but I always loved Geography. It just covered so many different areas all at once.

    Of course, RainJay makes the most important point; a good (or bad) teacher can make all the difference.
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  6. Oh my., and you think that is summer time and these Teenagers still think about school!^^''

    When I was in my school days I used to like English classes, French classes, Philosophy.

    Uh.. Interesting days xD
  7. Does summer vacation count? =D If not, I'd have to say Literature or Art.
  8. English and literature. <3
  9. Kids these days and school! It's supposed to be Summer for you guys lol ._.

    When I was in school time I never thought about subjects during my summer holidays xD lol.

    Another subject was my favourite - History :)

    Followed by math & history.
  11. Physics. It's what I've studied so far in university and what I'll keep studying.
  12. When I was in high school, Anatomy and Physiology was my favorite subject.
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  13. I always enjoyed Literature and History. My favourite units were always Shakespeare studies, and anything poetry. I also enjoyed Classical era History.
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  14. English was my favorite class in school, and with great irony that is the ONE CLASS I failed two years in a row because I kept skipping school the day I had English and I NEVER EVER did my homework. >>

    And of course Art Class. 8D It was the only class I ever did my work for.

    And Middleschool Spanish class! O____O I loved that class so much I aced the semester with a 100%. I would've taken Spanish in highschool, but that class was only available to people on the college set. :( You couldn't have Spanish if you were in vocational, you had to take a career class.

    I also liked my science classes when we got in to Astronomy, and World History because my teacher was super fun.
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  15. Psychology, orchestra and music theory.

    I also really enjoyed physiology.
  16. I excelled at and enjoyed the science trifecta of biology, chemistry, and physics.

    I even have some apps with all the equations and laws referenced in it.

    And I totally looked up how railguns worked after watching A Certain Scientific Railgun...
  17. English was always my favorite, I loved science as well, but it doesn't even come close in comparison.

    Generally not a huge fan of math, especially geometry and calculus, though I'm really good at it for some reason.
    Well, except for geometry, I've always been terrible at that.
  18. I probably spent a little too much time thinking about this, but English. Specifically my sophomore year in high school. My teacher - while we didn't agree on nearly anything involving the material we read - at least taught me to think through arguments, consider what I say before I say it, and and was willing to accept a different idea on what the work was trying to say.

    Ignoring the specifics, Marketing is my thing through and trough.
  19. Oh my lord, Favorite subject in school?
    I have not been in school as a student in over 10 years, but when I was in school my favorite subject was English probably because me and my teacher never got along. I always failed my projects, didn't do homework, didn't read the books, and skipped class. He was so angry with me he passed my senior years anyways and told me not to come back. Ironically I am a part-time literature teacher and have filled his spot when he was "absent". He wasn't too happy that he learned I came back but he got over it saying; "Well at least you didn't come back as a student. I was expecting you too." Probably not the best thing to hear or even share publicly....I was a trouble maker.
  20. ETHICS i have the best teacher ever ^^ she amazing.... but I hated the students in my class (Got a 90 )

    French rocked because we could do anything we want ^^; guess what are class avarge was it was pretty bad it was 57 or 55 i think I need to look at it again I had 60 and I PASSED french class YEAH and everyone failed ^^

    Art another class I love I'm going to post all my Art work soon ^^ (got 99 ^^ I am very good at my art ^^)

    English sucks for me but I like it anyways (got 68 I'm a failer I know)
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