Favorite RP moment

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  1. Favorite RP moment

    There is a reason why we do this. Maybe it's the ability to play god with our characters? Maybe it's cause we like the fantasy aspect? Maybe it's the escape? Whatever the reason, we do it cause it's fun as hell and addicting, too.

    So I was wondering

    What is you favorite and most memorable Rp experience?

    Forum RP, DnD, 40k...Whatever.

  2. One of the RPers had dropped out in the middle of a fairly important scene. The guy running the RP decided to fix this by creating dopplegangers for our characters to fight and promptly have the missing man fall for his. They then floated off on some sort of spazzy cloud, presumably into narcissistic self-love yaoi world.

    Given this was the same guy that ripped a city out the ground and made it float it wasn't that strange a thing to read. We ignored that utterly though. The RP wasn't meant to allow it.
  3. While I don't have a specific favorite moment, my favorite scenes are where all the characters become BAMFs for one single moment, and take out some powerful bastard together.

    I always have the phrase, "Bitch please." run though my head, during those moments.
  4. A longtime D&D buddy and I finished our first published campaign together called Rise of the Runelords, written for the Pathfinder system (basically D&D 3.75). He was DM, I was a solo PC with a bunch of NPC followers. The campaign went from level 1 to level 16, culminating in an epic battle between my level 16 party against a single level 21 archmage. From what I've gathered, the archmage is the single most powerful character in the entire Pathfinder canon, as no other single monster or character has been published beyond level 20.

    Given that its the end game of a campaign that took us a year of real time to play, we went balls out with it: We were playing Dancing Mad from FF6 in the background, describing every action in painstaking detail and epicness, busting out every high level spell, attack, super move, and trick--I was trying to kill that archmage, and my buddy the GM was doing his damndest to go for a total party kill. Gloves were off, Dancing Mad was blaring, and we were just having a ham-fest with it. After all, if your long-ass campaign gets to the final stretch, you damn well better make it as epic as hell!

    Anyway, we couldn't kill the archmage toe to toe. So I assigned the strongest NPC follower to chip away at some crystal that served as the archmage's power source. Meanwhile, everyone else and I were keeping the mage busy and trying not to die. So there we were, basically running a stalling strategy, NPC followers dropping left and right, until I was the only one left keeping the mage from TPKing the lot of us...and buying that strong NPC follower just enough time to crack that crystal.

    We managed to break it just under the wire, beat the mage, and switched the music to the FF6 ending theme (the 20 minutes long one) for the denoument. I tell ya, when the FF main theme kicked in with its string accompaniment, it really did feel like an accomplishment.
  5. I worship you.
  6. Possibly my favourite RPing moment was the conclusion of a Hunter: The Vigil chronicle I was in.

    A friend and I had decided to have our character's backgrounds interlinked; both were former US Army soldiers who'd served together in Afghanistan and remained close friends after they returned home. My character, Joseph, had his wife killed by gribbly things that lurk in the night and his old buddy, Andrew, was the first person he called. The hunter cell basically grew around the pair from there.

    The game concluded in the usual way a Hunter game ends; the hunters dying in various unpleasant ways. Joseph and Andrew went out like gunslingers, however. Long story short, we'd finally tracked the group of monstrosities that had been plaguing the city and had decided to go all-in, attacking the building they nested it. The technical dude of the cell had rigged the place to blow before being eaten, and Joseph and Andrew knew this; they knew they just needed to keep the creatures from escaping for a few minutes and they'd achieve victory... even in death.

    Thus, the final scene in that chronicle was these two badass brothers-in-arms shaking hands one final time, loading their weapons and kicking open the doors to the main nest, guns blazing. They went out like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

    And it was glorious.
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