Favorite Quotes from Video games?

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  1. We all probably play video games, and all of those have quotes. so it would make sense that we all have favorite quotes from these video games. I want to know some of your favorites!

    Please list what game it's from.

    "I promised Marco I would protect him! And now he's dead!" -Diablo III

    "Angry naked women chasing me? It's my summer in Kingsport all over again!"-also Diablo III

    I haven't really been playing other games lately...
  2. "I looked at her and wondered how many innocent human lives she'd ended on those broken blades.

    She did the strangest thing then. Took the last shock pistol from her bandolier and threw it between us, as if to offer it. When I went to pick it up she tried to knife me, but she was slow, and when I broke her arms and opened her throat she didn't seem surprised.

    To this day I wonder if she hated me, or wanted to make me kill her, or just felt she should spare me the choice.

    I did kill a few Thrall with that pistol."

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  3. "I used to be an adventurer like you, then i took an arrow to the knee" Town Guard in SKYRIM.
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  4. it's my favourite kind of magic too.
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  5. everything GLADOS ever said (portal/portal 2)

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  6. "But then? All he got was more thankless work, from a man who ain't even asked his name. Sure, I may be the one who dreamt up the Walls and the Bastion, but the Kid made 'em real, not me. I'd like to say I'll never forget him, or what he's doin'. What he's done. I surely would."

    Excuse me. Goin to replay Bastion again
  7. "Okay." - Ellie, The Last of Us (This one requires context to understand at all, but with context...)

    Pretty much everything that comes out of Handsome Jack's mouth in Borderlands 2.

    "Do me a favor, Red. Don't let go."

    "You turned left." - Blue, Transistor (although Blue is a fan name)

    All I can think of right now, will probably post more later.
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  8. This, plus Cave Johnson.
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  9. @Asuras , where's that line from? A weapon description?

    "If we had met under different circumstances we could have been... no, that is unlike me. I allowed myself to imagine what could never be." -Sortiara, Soul Sacrifice, to the Author/Player after she is sacrificed and communicating through their right arm.

    To this day Soul Sacrifice is still one of the most feels inducing games I've ever picked up. Yet I have zero regrets.

    "When you patted my back, that alone eased my suffering beyond measure. I felt happiness" -Sortiara to the player/author.
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  10. Transistor is a gold mine for good quotes.
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  11. "Oh, you survived. That’s interesting. I guess I should have factored in your weight."
    - GLaDOS
    THE SASS. Everything she says is gold.

    "I gotta go meditate. Or masturbate. Or both."
    "So we are clear, you look like a tit."
    "Bring me my coffee or I'm gonna cut your arm off."
    Fucking Trevor in GTA V man.
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  12. Soul Sacrifice really surprised me. its really an unappreciated gem.
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  13. And Delta really fixed and added a whole lot of things.

    Shame it never got to the popularity levels of Monster Hunter due to its exclusivity.
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  14. I...did not know the sequel was out! Damn it!

    And yeah, its really a shame, could've had another great series, honestly.
  15. It's been out! Go get it! Can even transfer your saves!
  16. Warhammer 40K: Dark Crusade.

    Necrons: "Death has come for you at last."
    Necrons: "The Nightbringer has come for you, Governor."
    Necrons: "So much fear. So much noise."

    Necrons don't care. They aren't going to kill you because they hate you: They're going to kill you because you exist. There aren't a lot of antagonists like this, usually you're fighting someone who hates you, who is openly malevolent. Necrons are neither: They just exist to fulfill the purpose of killing everything organic. No hatred, no emotion, just death in its purest form.
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  17. One of the Ghost Fragments for the Fallen.
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  18. Haha oh man.

    That's all been retconned.. :c
  19. Let's see some more from Games I play:

    "Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a Nuclear Winter."- NCR Soldier.
  20. Now they're generic Egyptian pyramid alien things, I know. Much sad, very Ward.

    To stay on topic though... Bill from L4D is great.

    "I'll see peace back on Earth if I gotta murder every one of these bastards with my bare god damn hands!"
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