Favorite PSP game

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  1. Which games have you played that you enjoyed playing on your PSP? If you don't own a PSP, what Playstation Minis do you enjoy?
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  2. Why emulate when you've got a PS Vita already? :3
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  3. Because I don't have the money for a vita
  4. Just a reminder, sharing of warez or pirated stuff is a no-no. But you can talk about it all you want!

    And we only police Iwaku with that policy. (hint hint!)
  5. We know that, Pete. Don't need to remind us. I was just asking what people's favorite games are.
  6. The title of the thread is a tad misleading then, no?

    A discussion centered around favorite games is perfectly acceptable. The title of the thread implies one might be seeking an emulator, rather than have a discussion about games. When a thread gets past the first page, people tend to focus more on the title of the thread than the first post in the thread. Seeing as how the use of an emulator is irrelevant to what people's favorite games are, why mention it? ^^
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  7. Ill change it
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  8. Changed the first post.
  9. Monster Hunter Freedom and it's later renditions.

    So many hours playing with big people in the community over x-link Kai. Nothing has yet to capture that relationship ending feeling again.. I hope 4 pulls it off well.

    I do miss emulating SNES and Genesis games to play over local network on the school bus.

    I'm sad it got mysterious water lines when it was kept in a locked safe for a few years..
  10. My favorite to play on the PSP was the FIFA series (football/soccer).
  11. Daxter. Great wee spinoff from the Jak and Daxter series. Star Wars: Rebel Alliance was fun as well.
  12. I have never played Daxter but I might get it.
  13. It's worth it. It should be cheap as chips at this point, too.
  14. Dangan Ronpa.
  15. Well, I know I'm not supposed to talk about this but Sony don't give a crap anymore, I'm into emulation so I'm gonna download it.
  16. Check my Siggy.

    Play the third one.

    The others are console musts.
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  17. Persona 3 Portable!

    If you're into JRPGs, you should definitely give P3P a try. It's pretty awesome, the plot is interesting and the characters are quite fun. You'll need to invest a lot of time into the game though and one play through might last around 60 + hours or so.

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  18. Really hard choice to make here. I do recall a lot of great games for the PSP back when it was still the to-go portable console for me.

    Persona 3 Portable as the previous poster brought up is great. Really loved the daily life portions of the game. Balancing school life (and love life) with dungeon crawling turned out to be quite an intriguing mix. I really enjoyed the female protagonist's soundtrack a lot more than the male's though.

    But P3P aside, there's also... Phantasy Star Portable (PSP, ha!) 1 and 2, hm, there's also Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker... They had Crisis Core... Monster Hunter, as someone pointed out. Although it's a remake, I would think Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions was a great one as well (guess that might be due to the nostalgia factor and the fact I love the art design and gameplay).

    So yeah, it's a ridiculously difficult choice for me. However, if I had to choose, probably Peace Walker because of Hideo fucking
  19. Marvel Trading Card Game
  20. Patapon was my favorite PSP game by far.