Favorite pokemon?

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That One Wendu

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Favorite can mean different things, though. Favorite to use on your team, favorite in terms of appearance, favorite whatever.

If so, please tell us why such a pokemon is your favorite. If you played the game, did it ever have a nickname...?

So far, I think my favorite is Breloom.

It's really strong when you train it right. And it's in R/S/E, so there's one place I would always train... Just south of that tree town, when it starts to rain? There are lots of Mightyena and Absol there, and Breloom takes them out real easy with Mach Punch, AND it's really good EV training (both give 2 attack) so Breloom gets even stronger.

I think my record was like, +11 attack when gaining a level. It fell and stayed about constant +5 until I stopped playing...
only because its absolutely adorable!

&& if I had to pick a pokemon that could pack a punch, I'd probably pick skitty. Or Sceptile.
In terms of cuteness, too! xDD
Weavile, because that's what an Ice Poke'mon should be.
Gardevoir. Elegant and powerful.
In terms of cuteness, uh...

I love you, Rory. XD

My fave is Mewtwo. He can speak perfect English without moving his lips, he has badass psychic powers and that armour that Giovanni put on him only made him look cooler. I'd enslave the human race if he really existed, 'cause he's capable of doing so in a short amount of time.

When I captured him in the games, I'd nickname him BAMF. He knew Psychic, Solarbeam, Ice Beam and Thunder.

When I captured him in the games, I'd nickname him BAMF. He knew Psychic, Solarbeam, Ice Beam and Thunder.

Quoted for epic Mewtwo combo.

Also; I'd pick Suicune. Crystal was epic gaming.

I like Gyarados. Mine knew surf, thunderbolt, bite, and blizzard. Kicked serious butt in the game.
Foshizzle, Rory, Foshizzle.
Regis Philbin. Because really, he's a human pokemon.

As for OFFICIAL pokemanz, I think I'd have to go with Lapras, it's rare-ish and I love ice type moves!

But since we're on the subject, if pokemon looked like this I'd have a harder time deciding:


It's a fire pokemon, as well as based off a fox/dog, which I expecially obsessed over when I was younger.
Plus it's based off a kitsune, which it might be slightly obvious I like...

And last it is one of the orginals. SOme of the later ones are good, but yeah, I'll always support the first 151.

As for the above oicture - I can;t help but keep being drawn to the 'Pickachu Blob', especiall when compared to the others, which are cool.
Ahem. Swearing under the spoiler.


It's cute, cool, and effective. I'll never trade it for another.
Espeon. I've no idea why. I trained one up to level 100 in the Silver edition. Again, I've no idea why. But it was totally awesome.
Ghastly and all his evolutions.

Because fuck you, enjoy your Hypnosis and subsequent abuse.
First Gen: Charizard, Aerodactyl, All the Eevee Evolutions (plus Eevee), Lapras, Gyarados, Articuno, Zapdos, Mewtwo, Mew, and... Damn, all the rest of 'em.

Second Gen: Tyranitar (My absolute favorite Pokemon), Espeon/Umbreon, Suicune, Scizor, Heracross (THANKS A LOT, JINX), and... uhh... the rest of them... >>

Third Gen: Gardevoir, Aggron, Flygon, Zangoose, Milotic, Absol, Salamence, Metagross, Rayquaza, and Latios.

Fourth Gen: Froslass, Mismagius, Gallade.

Fifth Gen: ....

So that's my list. But Tyranitar is my all time favorite.
Starmie. Definitely is a staple even now, very fast, very good special attacker AND it can own quite a lot of types with the moves it can utilize. There's little that can compete with it as far as water types go.

Charizard, Gallade, Milotic, Metagross, Drapion, Electivire, Scizor, Volcarona, Galvantula, Hydreigon, Haxorus, Chandelure, Togekiss, and Excadrill are honorable mentions. A good deal of the legends are cool to but not gonna list them all out.