Favorite People in History

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Tuxedo Mask

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We all have at least someone we love or hate in history no matter how many "boring" history classes we sat through there was at least one person who caught our interest.

Who were your favorite people in history and why?

Who were your least favorite people in history and why?

Anyone you might think make the history books soon?
My favorite person is history is, and probably always will be, Julius Ceaser. The man was a visionary - it wasn't just his quest to take over the entire world. It was they way he chose to run the countries after he invaded them and took them over. He would take the time to learn the different cultures and religions and allow them to maintain there own cultures. He would take back with him what he learned and integrate their cultures into his own and others. Him and my distant relative Francis Drake.

My least favorite person in history is kind of a harder choice. There's always Pope Urban the II or Hitler and other pushers of large wars that cost the lives of thousands upon thousands. People like Christopher Columbus who got famous for making wrong turns or discovery things that had already been discovered. But - I guess I'm going to have to go with Brutus for obvious reasons.

I'm going to go with the easy out answer for who's going to make the history books soon. President Obama will go into the history books as the first black president. Hussein will go in as being an enemy of our country with Bin Laden. But I think Kim Jong Il might make the history books soon if he does throw away the Korean Armistice like he keeps threatening to and reiniates hostile engagements.