Favorite object

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  1. What object can't you live without and why?
  2. I'd say my computer, but that's overused when people ask that question on the forums. xD

    So I'm going to use a different answer. I have a hoodie that my boyfriend gave me that I keep close. I even cuddle it at night. >>; It holds a lot of sentimental value. He tells me to use it as 'armor' when I'm feeling sad or afraid while he's not around. There's some history to it, too. I could tell at the time that it was important to him, so I've always kept it safe and in good condition! I get teary eyed remembering the day he gave it to me...
  3. That'S so sweet :o!
  4. A pencil.

    I always love the feel of a pencil when I'm writing or drawing. I don't like using pens for some reason so I don't normally keep them around. I have quite a variety of pencils in my room too. XD
  5. Good ol' old school writing tool, that's a good one.
  6. Barring obvious answers (a place to live, clothes, my computer, etc), I guess I'd have to say... My gamecube. It's just such a beautiful, simple system with a lot of great games for it. Its on a cord so I get my beanbag chair to sit closer to the TV for it, and its just really relaxing. I get a lot of good writing done when I'm playing games I know by heart, too. (Yes, I contemplate plot devices while kicking Ganondorf's ass, don't judge)
  7. I would say that my favourite objects are books in general. I used to read paperback a lot, and I am planning to return to that habit soon and I just like how reading an actual, physical book feels. Other than that, I also can not live without the notebooks and the pens I carry with me, as they help me write down ideas whenever I am not near a computer.
  8. Um on object I couldn't live without? Hehe well that's simple, I have this bear from back when I was little that I named Brave Bear. I named him that because I was always scared as a kind and he was supposed to be brave for me. But now a days he consoles me when I feel really upset, I really couldn't live without him. ><
  9. Well, I can't live without my memos. My mind lapses a lot, and my memos pretty much run my life. Without my memos, I'm a goner.
  10. Mah iphone! It is my lifeline when I am away from my house.