Favorite Monster Girl

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  1. I seriously was expecting someone else to make this but, what is your favorite monster girl.

    Lamia.Cuz Miia. Dammit Okayado.
  2. Expect an answer after I have another regrettable look at that encyclopedia.
    Slimes = burning flesh
    Kitsune = too much "taking"
    >.< all of these are just- GAH!
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  3. ._. Well, those things don't nessacarily apply to every kitsune or whatever. It may just be what common. >_> ai'll take a look too...for confirmation. Yeah...
  4. Banshee
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  5. Is this MonMosu related?

    Because if so... It all depends really on what mood I'm in...

    Vampires are nice if you're into that whole 'giving up control' thing... Goblin or Centaur if you want that less subtle agressive approach.

    Succubi are basically BORN to be sexy... so yes, they make great monster girls.

    And slime girls are just... I don't know... It'd be fun to experiment with I guess :P That stuff has the potential to get EVERYWHERE.
  6. Please define "monster".
  7. Maou. She's the Demon-King. That's a monster, right?


    As for what we're really talking about here, I could totally roll with this: