Favorite In-Character Combat Scene

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  1. What is your favorite IC combat scene that you have written? What kind of weapons/abilities did your character use ? What was the outcome of the fight? Tell me all about your favorite combat scenes!
  2. It wasn't actually physical combat, so I'm not sure if it counts, but my favorite aggressive act in the world was when my servant-android Alia got an entire crew of pirates jettisoned out an airlock, and singlehandedly captured their ship.

    Alright, so, context. My character had had a falling out with her master over personal treatment, who had decided "fuck it, I'm gonna use her up doing something productive and not waste the bullet." He then tells Alia to teleport onto a pirate ship that "my boys [had] already cleared," without weapons, with the full intent of her using her self-destruct executable after realizing how royally fucked she had been.

    Upon being teleported in, Alia feigned that she was a factory-line vanilla AI personal assistant, and the pirates were dumb enough to believe it. Cue them taking her to their captain, who proceeded to give a few... Choice, touches. He then brought Alia up to his quarters for later. Once there, she promptly turned, grabbed him by the hair, slammed his neck directly into the wooden edge of a table repeatedly, then lifted the table and slammed it onto him until his face resembled your average scene from Berserk. She then searches the captain's room, finds his personal transponder, sends out a ship-wide AOL message or some shit for all the crew to gather by the docking bay, then promptly opens the airlocks and clears out the garbage.

    I have a bunch of other, less dickery stories than this, but I'm not sure what our story limit is-- so I'ma leave it at that.
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  3. Wow! That is really action packed! What happened after she returned to her master?
  4. For all intents and purposes, she wasn't supposed to survive-- and both I and my partner OOC knew that. She died by having her heart teleported out of her chest remotely, as a safety measure placed in when she was initially bought.
  5. Taking glancing blows from ballista bolts fired from an encroaching seige tower to the shield while fending off invaders.

    Sounds super ridiculous but at the time it was surprisingly well written. A lot of exploding bricks from the impact of missed shots and getting to describe just how messed up even a glancing blow from one of those made the character was good fun. Between the threat of insta-death from a direct hit, the damage sustained throughout and the pressure of being out numbered I will remember it fondly.
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  6. That sounds really interesting! Thank you for sharing!
  7. Mass Effect RP, my character Tanya and her partner Kosso were infiltrating a party on a yacht to do an incognito information heist on the crime lord hanar that was hosting.

    After gaining a private audience with the hanar, both in party clothes, they neutalized the two body guards by catching them off guard with unarmed combat skills, Kosso interrogates the hanar while Tanya hacks the safe, trying to bypass the security mesures.

    They let their guard down and the hanar sets off a remote detonation to sink the ship (it's a water ship, not a space shop) and the two are caught in a desperate last stand as the guards swarm the office while Tanya breaks into the safe while Kosso tries to keep the guns working while the ship falls apart around them, broken and rare antiques smashing into them and freezing sea water flooding the cabin. With the data retrieved, Tanya activates a combat drone to clear a path, and it becomes damaged in the fight and it's friend or foe protocols get disabled, so it tries to kill everyone, including Tanya and Kosso, who managed to obtain three guns and are now avoiding rocket fire from a shitty drone that won't turn off because Tanya's omni-tool is malfunctioning from being thrown hard against a wall when the ship started to roll. Kosso eventually destroys the drone with an antique spear that was mounted to the wall, and battered, bruised, and bleeding, both mercenaries make a daring escape as the ship is sinking, managing to meet up with the team and get extracted.

    It was a lot of fun.
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  8. I got to write a solo scene with my demonic rogue >8D

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  9. Excellent responses guys! Thank you for your input.
  10. I was in my first IC game of Mafia, and started as an Angel (before the start of every round, I could pick someone to be immune to death). Somehow, I avoided suspicion and survived to the final round, with two other people. The previous round, someone hit me with a potion that forced my character to pick someone to cannibalize the next round, so I told one of the characters that I would protect them if they stayed with me through the night. Turns out, the guy my character slept with was the murderer, so he went off and killed the other character, only to get his throat ripped out when he came back. It was just a really nice way to win, without any loose ends.

    In the dark, dark early days of RPing back when I was in 5th grade, my character was the young boss for a local space pirate gang (or something like that). She loved attacking her sister, who was raised by a different parent and worked for the good guys. (The good sister was named Tori, and so in my infinite 11-year-old wisdom, I named the evil sister Rito. Yeah.) Anyway, my character decided to ambush her sister while she was investigating a crime scene I had caused. I was beating the crap out of her when her partner interrupted and disarmed me, at which point I thought it'd be cool if my character had a crazy breakdown for some reason. Even though I know how cheesy and terrible the plot and characterization was, there's something to be said for the unbridled excitement I felt while I was writing. I remember sitting at my computer, refreshing the page every ten seconds, waiting for the others to respond. RPing is all about having fun, you know?
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  11. I have orchestrated the deaths of many player characters, but this one is an old favourite of mine. @HerziQuerzi Played as Abida in this scene. (RIP.)

    tl;dr Lesson #1: Do not go anywhere with a Succubi alone. It's a demon. It will fuck you, metaphorically or literally, and you are probably going to be the bottom, and you will probably not survive.

    Because demons are evil and powerful as shit yo.
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  12. Ooh Brovo~ You're making me all hot and flustered with these @mentions today~
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  13. These are all amazing recounts! Thank you for sharing. Succubi are very powerful and not to be underestimated. >:D
  14. It was in a ruin. Just after Nolan Vale (My character), obtained a treasure with his companion, another person entered the sacred chamber. Not evil, not good either. An opportunist who wants to save the world by all means necessary. No matter how much pain may be on her heart. Her attack came quick. A wave that emerged from her sword, causing great damage to the old structure. But not to the treasure hunter and his companions. Speed is one of his fortes, and this allowed him to get out of the way easily. His friends were told to leave, and so Nolan was left to hold off the forced antagonist on his own.

    She held back during her previous attack. It turned out that she was just as faster, stronger, superior. And yet, he managed to keep up... For a while. Their swords clashed always with the same result. Him being pushed back. And it was not long until both decided to end it. His powers were pushed to the limit. His determination rose. But not his killing intend. "She isn't evil". He just had to buy a bit more time and had not forgotten about it. Waves of purple vs blue clashed, and the result... his defeat. Wounded, exhausted, with no options left, he remained on the ground, a pendant reflecting rays of the sun which began to feel colder.
    The reason why I loved that scene was because I think protagonists have to be defeat able. True, there are exceptions to that, but this was from an adventure themed roleplay, and it makes for a great element when the protagonist knows just how much stronger the main antagonist is. It makes him cautious, a bit afraid. Emotions that can be used as great plot elements to show vulnerability. Finding a good balance between being vulnerable and weak is difficult, but I'm glad my partner helped me find a very good one. Couldn't have wished for a better scene and outcome.

    Oh and I am not quoting the battle scene because it is quite big. About 9 paragraphs, and I feel like not everyone wants to read through all of that.
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  15. My greatest triumph came during my participation in Ilium, way back in chapter 4, I believe. We were in the frozen north-east of the nation Pegulis, outside the city of Tavark. The city had been taken over by a once great corrupted warrior and his advisor, a terrible sorcerer bent on perverting the souls of the innocents within.

    We led the siege to retake the city, having been recalled from distant patrols in the snowy wastes. I controlled the main force that sat outside the gates, the army being led by my character Jarrik Horriksson, along with an NPC I made just for the occasion. He was a giant, 9 foot tall anthropomorphic bear by the name of Blackclaw, and it was with him that I wrote my favorite and, in my opinion, best scene to date. After Horrikson called out the viking, the two did met in single combat outside the gate. The general rushed toward the raider and, as he did, his body grew about twice as large, as well as his hand axe, which was now the size of an ox cart. He threw the axe at the viking leader, breaking many of his bones behind the block of his magic shield. As the battle seemed to draw to a close, the bastard called for his men on the walls to loose their bolts and arrows into the general, now returned to normal size, his magic only lasting a minute or so.

    This was the end of the first of two posts depicting the scene, and saw the demise of my PC General Horriksson. Seeing these things unfold before his eyes, Blackclaw sped on all fours toward the gate, and closed the distance just before it would slam down upon him. He threw himself underneath the spiked portcullis, catching and holding it with his shoulder. He yelled with all he could muster for the men outside to rush in, and was able to defend it long enough for them to do so.

    The writing in this scene was exceptionally gory, but I felt it was done in a beautiful way, as opposed to being pure gratuitous violence. I felt as if I was Kentaro Miura, writing one of Berserk's famously dismemberific battle scenes. Oh, hey, that reminds me! Wow, I can't believe I forgot this, but, yeah; one of the best parts about these two posts was that I actually used some Susumu Hirasawa music that he made for the Berserk game on Ps2. Two different versions of the same song, with the second being so damn perfectly mournful that I almost feel like crying as i remember the scene in it's entirety.

    Lots of people kept calling for Blackclaw to be brought back as a character, but, no. His struggle would have been diminished if I had. No, this bear's tale began and ended at the gates of Tavark, and it was the best piece of creative writing I have ever put out.

    Show Spoiler

    "Red? Fuck!" The General said aloud yet low. "And now, Eimund? How will you react?"

    The red burst filled the sky above the city and was gone. Eimund looked up in surprise with the rest of the men, wondering what it was, then knowing what it was, then laughing hysterically. "You're in 'eh? HA HA HA HAAA! So be it, you sneaky fuck!" Grabbing the horn he called back once again "BRONNNGGGMNNN", short and loud, even the horn bellow sounded eager to fight.

    Horriksson took Eimund's acceptance and quickly charged, quickly closing the gap. As he ran, he turned gold and silver and white, the three colors swirling around him like a glittering haze. As the mist made it's way up his frame, he grew, and as he reached Eimund, he was standing nearly twice his height.

    "Ready to pay, Eimund?"

    "Only if it's with your blood, Horriksson!"

    The Generals weapons had also grown, and a one ton axe certainly leaves a mark in the ground when being swung by a giant. The general took pause to catch his balance, pulling back and resetting his footing. He swung again, this time flat across with his short sword, straight at Eimunds nose. He missed, Eimund rolling back and out of the way with ease. The raider king quickly jumped forward, stepping astride the giant's axe shaft and grabbing his massive beard. "You're too slow, you fucking giant!" He said lunging toward Horrikssons neck. The General quickly turned his head to the right, flinging Eimund off and away with a sharp flick.

    Horriksson knew he had little time before his advent's power would wear away, so, with all his might and fury and focus, he let loose his giant axe, shooting it out in a straight line, no pitch, no spin, the head laying flat as it smacked into the glistening scales of Eimund's shield. The shield held strong, truely a sight to behold, but Eimund lay broken, his ribs shattered, his shield arm broken. As Horrisson began to shrink back down, Eimund looked up to the walls.
    "GO AHEAD!!! DO IT!!!"

    As soon as the bloody scream came ringing out, each man on the wall took up a bow hidden at their feet, nocked it, and fired, fiddling the poor General from head to toe.

    As soon as Rath had made his dastardly move, Second Captain Blackclaw was already halfway there, discarding his weapons and running on all fours. Eimund scrambled under the portcullis, and gave the frenzied order to shut it behind him. But the bear leapt forward, thrusting it up again with one hand, swiping at the traitor with the other. Just beyond his reach, Rath ran off into the misty streets and disapeared, men then collapsing in upon the huge Anima. Still swiping, he looked back "THE FLARE!!! AND CHARGE!!!", his second order already being followed, his men running fast for the opening. Several men quickly took out their flare bags, slinging a flare high into the say, sending grand purple flashes everywhere in the night, like children of the aurora.

    Still swiping, Blackclaw, now beset by scores of Eimunds filthy raiders, grabbed one of the men by the arm, pulling him in and biting through his helmet like cheese, spurting brains and blood in all directions. Dropping the corpse he continued to swing outward, catching another careless man on the chin, ripping away his jaw, leaving a ragged mess of gore. The man screamed out a guttural yelp from his throat alone before he took another glancing swipe from the bears namesake claws, caving in his temple and sending him spinning to the ground. Just then a long spear came trusting at his left shoulder, the one holding the gate. He grasped for the shaft, but it's wielder was quick, moving his strike upward and into the back of the Captain's elbow, causing the heavy gate to slam down upon him, spiking his shoulder. Now pinned, but with his men finally making their way up to the breach, he let out a roar "GO!! GET THROUGH!!", still looking forward, still swiping and still ripping careless raiders to shreds. Pinning one more down, crushing him in the dust, he looked up to see ten or more men, all with bows, all drawn. "LOOSE!" They fired.


    The great bear's paw came crashing back to the ground, it having been raised to shield himself, to no avail. More than one of the arrows having hit directly in his neck, one having hit in the left eye, no doubt entering the brain. He was dead, but yet he stood, still prying up the gate for his men. They poured through, enraged by the deaths of the General and Captain. Running and screaming they stormed in, but were stopped ten feet in, meeting a wall of fifty bulwarks of flesh; huge mountains of men, these raiders were, with strong shields and thick armor for head and breast.

    They moved inward, pushing the soldiers back out the gate, inward and tighter together, until one brave soldier thrust his spear at just the right moment, in just the right area, hitting a raider beneath the visor, killing him instantly. The men too their chance forcing the opening wider. A few spilled out, too quick and agile for Eimunds men, making it around their backs and striking without hesitation. More raiders went down, opening the gap further, until the wall was fragmented beyond recognition. Now Rath's men were surrounded, fighting in small islands in the tide of blue capes and gleaming steel helmets. They stood firm, each island pushing out, tearing through plate with giant axes and smashing men into the dirt with even larger hammers. And so it went. The soldiers began flowing into the city, looking for Eimund, but quickly went back as they realized the battle would not be as easily won as they had hoped. The fight was quite even, despite the massive numerical advantage the army sported; these men were strong, fed, and seemed to fight with a certain zeal, seldom seen outside of stories and song.
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  16. Wow! Thank you guys so much! I really enjoy hearing you guys talk about these combat scenes! Makes me want to lurk some roleplays for more! ;D