Favorite Horror Game/ Simulator?

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  1. Mine would definitely be F.E.A.R. I only have the 2nd one (I know, I'm weird, I didn't play the first one before starting the seconds) and I love it but hate it at the same time. That game can scare the freaking crap out of me! But I love it because I have an insatiable love for horror/thriller :3

    Another game I like is Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but I am having trouble with it haha, my laptop sucks at listening to me, and it usually freezes on this one part. But I love that game so much!
  2. FEAR 2 is no where near as frightening as the original. Amnesia is definitely a very frightening game (at least to most. I have a tendency to not be scared by much. I seek fright, but it never comes to me). Dead Space is one of my favorite horror games. Try that one out. Eerie, gorey, dark, and freaky to the core.
  3. Amnesia is one of the best examples of genuine tension and atmosphere in a horror game in recent times. Entirely worth the price of admission.

    I don't know if it's available anymore, but there was a point-and-click adventure game called The White Chamber that I found a few years back. The anime-inspired art style wasn't quite to my taste, but it had a pretty good handle on mystery and suspense with a fairly well-developed system of multiple endings that doesn't suffer from the usual problems of being decided with a button push at the last minute or forcing you into false options.

    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was fantastic, but I don't know if it's right to call it a horror game, since it avoids so many of the traditional trappings of a horror game. Perhaps not so much horrific as unsettling, what I remember the most was not my heart trying to leap out of my chest but a squirm-in-your-seat feeling of unease.
  4. Silent Hill has never frightened me. It never even really creeped me out. It was simply, "Well, that is awkward," kind of thing. . .

    I am a boring person. : (
  5. ‚ÄčAMNESIA.
  6. Amnesia is the only one I have played even though I wanna play more different horror games. I don't think Amnesia is that scary actually xD It's just the sounds that are a bit scary sometimes but not that I get frightened xD But I still like amnesia :9