Favorite Historcal Time Period

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What is your favorite historical time period?

  1. World Wars

    12 vote(s)
  2. 19hundreds

    9 vote(s)
  3. Civial War

    4 vote(s)
  4. Golden Age of Piracy

    15 vote(s)
  5. Cowboys VS Indians

    3 vote(s)
  6. Other time period that's not mentioned

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  7. All of the above

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  1. I love learning about the Cival War time period, as well as the Golden Age of Piracy! What is your favorite historical time period to learn about???
  2. The Renaissance, but it might have been because I recently finished Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. ._.
  3. Feudal eras. Something majestic about them, I dunno :)
  4. I am a huge fan of Egypt's reign. 8D I've always had a soft spot for Egyptian history.
  5. It really depends on location. I am a huge history buff in general, so several eras appeal to me a lot. The American Civil War is interesting, but as far as American history goes, I'm more interested in blackpowder era history like the early frontier and French and Indian War; American Frontier era with the Wild West, pioneers, land rushes, the California Gold Rush, and transcontinental railroads; or the Roaring 20's and Prohibition.

    Worldwide, I really like the 19th century and turn of the 20th century in general. It was an exciting time period for many places, although particularly the Americas and the British Empire. And of course, World War II.

    For English history, I am a huge nerd for the Regency era, as well as Georgian and Victorian. There are also some really interesting facets to the Tudor and Edwardian periods.

    For European history overall, it's gotta be 12 century. The High Middle Ages in general are awesome. Of course the Black Death is fascinating and that was more Late Middle Ages. The Renaissance is really interesting as well.

    I also really enjoy the Heian and Sengoku periods of Japan, the Han Dynasty era of China, anything to do with the Silk Road, the Macedonian Greeks' rule of Egypt, the death of the British Empire in India and Africa...

    I like history. D:
  6. The Classical period of Europe to the Early Middle Ages. Those are my absolute favorite.
  7. My favorite time period is also the Japanese Feudal Era. From the clothing and style of art to the weaponry and warfare; That time period just captivates me.
  8. Classical and Hellenistic Greece, Roman Empire (Nero + Caligula, muahahahaha), the Moorish occupation of Spain's kind of interesting, too. 19th Century France and Great Britain are also somewhat interesting, though I don't know a ton about the ladder at that time period. (Only studied it in relation to the Industrial Revolution, the Crimean War, and its imperialism in the later part of the 19th century with Africa.)
  9. The 16th Century (1500's), mainly in Europe and Asia.
  10. Victorian Era
    for steampunk and such.
  11. I really, really love the Italian Renaissance time period. It' probably my absolute favorite, but I also go through periods where another of my favored time periods catches my fancy. Specifically, I am also fond of the Bolshevik Revolutions and the Ottoman Period.

    Oh, I chose the piracy and world war options also, because I enjoy reading and learning about those two as well.
  12. I am somewhat of an American History buff, having taken, by the shitty process of moving and having different school curriculums, one and a half years of it, the first year teaching me up to the second world war, the half teaching me up until the middle of the civil war, but I enjoy World History more.

    [BLINK]Victorian/Edwardian England[/BLINK]
    [blink]Feudal Japan[/blink]
    [blink]WWI and II[/blink]
    [blink]Pirate Era[/blink]
    [blink]Italian Renaissance[/blink]
    [blink]Turkey during nearly any time period (Thank you AC:Rev and They Might be Giants)[/blink]
    [blink]French Revolution[/blink]

    For some reason, however, I do not find much about American History, aside from their participation in the Second Great War. Maybe it is because of my living in the US, and knowing more than people born in the country about their own land >.> True story, no bull. I also do not take much interest in Africa or South America. I would like to know more about Australia and Micronesia, but Europe and Asia are my main interests ^__^
  13. Russia during the Revolutions and the Civil War were always quite interesting for me - after studying it for my history GCSE, I've become quite fascinated with modern Russian history.

    While the WWI and WWII were interesting enough, I find the politics and events leading up to them far more interesting. We did an assessment on how Hitler rose to power, and how he kept it - though he was a despicable person, his rule was interesting to learn about.
  14. I voted for everything, because I love all history. =D
  15. I would have to say the Roman Era and ancient Egypt, I just love reading about them. I suppose I am attracted to the romance aspect of it, but overall those are my favorites.

    And the 1930's, but only because I just love the music and dresses. :3
  16. Depends on the location; i tend to like history in general, but to pick a specific time period would require at the very least a specific continent (ideally a specific country). Some favourites are the Tudor Era, Ancient Greece, Japanese Bakumatsu / early Meiji eras, Victorian era, early 1900's US, Ancient Egypt, and the Chinese Three Kingdoms.
  17. See what Ozzie said. Especially interested in Chinese history. I'd also like to know more about the ancient african world, but....you know......:(
  18. I particularly like the 1890's-1940's. Mainly because of the Lovecraftian stories I've been reading. Got me some Cthulhu and a torch under the bed covers, eleven-year-old style!
  19. I love learning about all time periods, but in researching them as 'how would this pertain to me', the 1920's are my favourite, and then the civil war era. Being black, I'm becoming more aware of how things would be different for me in certain eras than they would for me as for white ppl.
  20. Late 1800's early 1900's England is my favorite. Turn of the century means the fictional existence of one of my most favorite novel characters, Sherlock Holmes.