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  1. What are some of your favorite endings in gaming? Here are some of mine!

  2. Kinda long, but here are my favourites. ^_^

  3. Ending? I don't understand the question.

  4. If you don't understand, play it. It's one of the few games I consider art.
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  5. I've only seen a little bit of its gameplay, but was immediately sold. It's absolutely beautiful.
  6. It is. It's a picture perfect example of how a simple concept can profoundly connect to people. It shows much and tells little. It lets you put together the pieces. It's bright and colourful and visceral as opposed to intellectual.

    It was one of the best games I've played this year (though it was released last year). I highly recommend it.
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  7. My kinda game ^_^. Definitely on my to get list once I get a PC.

    As for another ending... Well this wasn't my favourite game, but the ending sure was a tear jerker.

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  8. Love that game :D
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  9. I love this game and I felt the most emotion from this particular ending from the franchise. The first bit is Naked Snake all awkward in love with Eva. D'aww. Then she leaves, because spy business is spy business. The last half of it is him accepting his medal and pretty much restraining himself from punching out everyone in the room. He had to execute the most important person to him and then pretend he was proud of it in the name of "true Patriotism". Never mind the fact that she was also actively serving the Allies and did some of the worst things in its name, let the CIA take credit for her work, continued to do dangerous work through her pregnancy, and followed through with orders to execute her lover. Oh and the CIA felt her knowledge would make them look bad so they hired her own son to silence her as a cover-up. Thanks for the medal. It does wonders to hide the corruption and tears.

    Kojima, I miss you.
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  10. Because I really enjoyed the how nice this ending was compared to the bleakness and darkness of Bioshock.

    early 00's voice acting aside, this was one of the endings that really stuck with me.
  11. Metal Gear Solid 3:Snake Eater(BA BA SNAAAAAKKEEEE EEAAATER!)

    MGS3 was the first MGS game I properly played and it introduced me to the concept that games are not just games. MGS(I later discovered) was known for being plot heavy and it has excellent plots. 3 remains my favourite MGS and the ending truly sums up the man that would become Big Boss's feelings.

    The Boss was loyal to the end and sacrificed herself for her country. The same prinicple Naked Snake held and this started his path towards darkness. He endured the Russian jungle. He fought the Cobra Squad and lost his eye to save Eva. All this because he had no choice if he wanted to save his colleagues. Major Zero may have been executed along with Snake. He would be ruined if not executed. Para-medic would have her medical license revoked. A side effect of Major Zero getting sacked would be Sigint losing his job and this takes place during the 1960s. Zero got him the job using what power he has because Sigint is considered to be the best in the field.

    Naked Snake is betrayed by the woman that he loves. Betrayed by his mentor, betrayed by the one that taught him everything he knows and it is later revealed that all of that was a deception. The Boss was ordered to ruin herself, her legacy, her reputation to get the legacy. All of that for money. She is ordered to give up her life and for it to be ended by her most beloved disciple. This cuts very deep for Naked Snake as he was betrayed by his country. He was used as a tool over cash. He killed the Boss not because she was a traitor. No, he killed her because she was ordered to die. He lost an eye not for his country but for money. He lost someone he truly cared about and it hurt him. The very last scene in the game features him saluting her grave whilst silently crying. Not many characters cry in games or films and this was done well. It summed up his emotions and at the end of 4, it was later revealed he misinterpreted the Boss's will. He felt dead ever since he killed the Boss. Big shout out for the sheer amount of detail and effort 4 went with it's 90 minute ending. It managed to resolve most plot points, gave endings to major characters, delivered one final twist and was truly the ending. Also, Snake vs Ocelot ontop of a massive warship. Two hardened old soldiers. One on One. CQC. It literally goes through the franchise with the soundtrack by playing each iconic song from each game. Starts off with Encounter(the alert theme) for MGS 1 and MGS1's Snake and Liquid Snake lifebars. Then MGS2's alert theme then MGS3's main theme with the boss metres from it. The final stage of the fight really feels like it is the end. Each man is wore down to the point that they can only throw one punch at a time.

    Bioshock 2.

    Subject Delta. The first Alpha Series Big Daddy to be successful with the bonding process and in theory, sounds like a generic character got one of the most emotional endings in the franchise. Jack Ryan was literally a tool and he got his happy ending. Subject Delta? He does not. His very existence is depressing. He only has one purpose. Protect Eleanor and said little sister saw him die. He does rescue her but at a major cost. Because Sofia Lamb stopped her heart long enough to disrupt the bond between the pair, Subject Delta's very body is shutting down and the game almost leads you to believe that they are escaping into a happy ending.

    Only, Lamb and the Family had put a ton of explosives in the tunnel leading to the escape path and poor Delta gets the bulk of it. It severely wounds him whilst Eleanor barely manages to teleport out in time. He barely clings onto the escape raft as it jettisons from Rapture whilst enduring the crushing pressure of the sea and slowly forces himself to climb further up it. Depending on your actions, the ending varies.

    The best ending has Eleanor take Delta's Adam and his concious into her to guide her through life. The soundtrack, the way it's done. It makes me cry every time I see it. The rescued little sisters are near her and we are treated to the view of Eleanor as she says goodbye to Rapture in her own way along with the one good thing in her life.

    The mixed ending allows Delta to choose between living on in Eleanor or dying completely. I am not doing the endings justice but watch it. Delta may have been programmed to love her but he truly ends up loving her as his daughter and this is him with free will.

    Bioshock 2 gets a lot of hate(for some reason) but I view the ending as the best in the franchise. Infinite has an emotional punch. Several to be honest but Bioshock 2 kinda does it better as you have an entire game to learn more about Eleanor. Infinite kinda feels like it realised it was wrapping up time. But parts of the ending had me in tears.
  12. Hands down my favorite ending belongs to Darksiders, for those who don't know, a little background (i.e. summary of the entire story) if you're interested:

    Summary (open)
    You play as War, the first of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Long ago Heaven and Hell warred endlessly, until the Charred Council arrived to broker a ceasefire as the kingdom of man emerged to protect them until they were ready for the end war. When all three kingdoms were deemed ready for war, the Seven Seals would be broken, signaling the end of the truce and beginning of the end. Destroying the seals also has another effect, calling the Four Horsemen, enforcers of the Charred Council and feared by demon and angel alike.

    But, before the kingdom of man was ready, someone broke the seals early, all but one. This triggered a false call that War answered, descending upon Earth even as war between Heaven and Hell began anew with humanity caught in the crossfire. When the Charred Council realized Heaven and Hell were once more fighting and that War was as well, they blamed the early war and humanity's destruction on him and sentenced the Horseman to death. However, having a strong sense of honor and justice, War proposed another answer, letting him find the true culprit. If he succeeds, his name is cleared and the real villain will be punished, if he fails, he will die anyway and the judgement of the Council will be done. The Council agrees, but places The Watcher within War to bind him, restricting his true power and being able to inflict pain to ensure War does his job.

    Fast forwarding a bit, the true culprit is discovered, an Angel who led the armies of Heaven, Abaddon. He despised Hell and believed his forces could subdue those of Hell, but was too impatient to wait for the end war. So he kick started it, by contracting Ulthane (a legendary blacksmith and a Maker, who are a race that are older than the kingdoms of heaven, hell, and man.) to help him break 6 of the Seven Seals, triggering the false call to the end war and having Ulthane reforge the seals to cover up his deeds and make it seem as if it was the demons who broke the truce. What Abaddon didn't count on was War showing up, he protected the final seal specifically to prevent the arrival of the Horsemen. War's arrival in the beginning of the early war distracted Abaddon, leading to his apparent death.

    After his "death", Abaddon was approached by the Demon Queen Lillith, who made him an offer, "Serve in Heaven, or Rule in Hell?". Broken down by the failure of his plan, Abaddon took her offer and became the Destroyer, leading Hell's armies on Earth. After aiding the Angel of Death Azrael, the angel brought War to the hidden land of Eden, where War received a vision of the future from the Tree of Knowledge, a vision he only partly revealed to The Watcher. Upon returning to Earth, War set about reforging the Armageddon Blade, a powerful sword to help him kill Abaddon. In the process, the new leader of the Angels still on Earth, Uriel, challenged War, still believing he was a criminal. She challenged him to Nex Sacramentum, a Death Oath, they would fight until one or both died. War accepted and easily beat her, but did not kill her. Instead he told her what happened to Abaddon, knowing she would lead the Angels against the Destroyer.

    After killing Abaddon who dropped the Seventh Seal he had kept to guard, The Watcher exerts his power over War, revealing that the Charred Council knew War was innocent and that he would kill everyone truly responsible for them to clear his name. Due to The Watcher's sadistic nature, he gloated and in doing so gave Uriel an opening. She impaled War with her sword, killing him and fulfilling the Death Oath. Surprised, The Watcher left himself open as Uriel broke the Seventh Seal. With the final seal broken, War was not only revived to answer the call, but now in possession of his full unrestricted power. The Watcher had no more power over him. War easily killed The Watcher. Uriel realized the truth, that War had known what would happen. War stated the true reason he spared her before was that "I would not see the last of Heaven's honor die with its champion."

    Uriel declared all debts repaid to War, and allowed him to leave (though she couldn't have stopped him anyway). Before the Horseman could exit, she questioned him, Heaven, Hell, the Charred Council, and others will hunt him, she asked if he would wage this war alone. In answer, War held up the shattered remains of the final seal, simply stating "No. Not alone." as his fellow Horsemen descend in the distance.

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