Favorite DA Artists?

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  1. The title says it all. Who are your favorite DA artists? I'll start by listing my top five artists!

    1. ValentinaKallias is my top favorite! To be honest, I cannot get enough of her photography! She does 3D art alongside the best emotive photography I've ever seen! One day, I hope to do business with her by buying a book cover!

    2. Raining-Insanity is my second favorite. I love her nature photography- in my opinion they're well proportioned and have much clarity, as well as the feeling of inspiration. I would recommend checking her out!

    3. Ykabuga is my third favorite. Their close up photography of nature is beautiful, especially those of the flowers and raindrops.

    4. WhiteSpringPro is an absolutely wonderful cosplayer! She cosplays many different characters and experiments with a ton of picture views and angles! You should check her out as well.

    5. MartaSyrko is my fifth in line. My favorite part about their gallery are the portraits they've done.
  2. Am I the only one who mistook DA for Dragon Age?
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  3. Yes, you're the only one. I am a fan of Dragon Age and I knew what she was talking about :p
  4. http://noah-kh.deviantart.com/
    noah-kh for the extreme fantasy and realistic details. He also has an awesome color pallette in his works.

    This gal is a punk and grunge monster and she's been doing it for years. She was what got me into water colored pencils.

    This gal is long gone from DA but she has a sizable gallery of extreme ballpoint pen work. A lot of people have been impressive with realistic drawings via ballpoint pen. However, Deadness examplified a lot of different gradients to express different textures, oozes her only style and imagination, and shows off the alternative underworld.

    These are my favorites and probaBly most inspiring for their impression they left on my younger art days back in high school.

    Valentinakallias is a lot more known for her photography now but she started out with 3D art. I think she has a lot of motivation to cover different fields. It's really interesting to see how people tackle different mediums. Her three dimension work is my cup of tea.
  5. 1. http://swandog.deviantart.com/ She is the first I started to follow and I love her art a lot, especially the cats she do. (Biased)

    2. http://sigeel.deviantart.com/ and http://shiniez.deviantart.com/ share the second place just because it's har to call one better than the other. I really enjoy reading both their comics and the realistic rendition they have of people.

    3. http://sakimichan.deviantart.com/ I love the genderbending pictures she has done, female Hades is a lot more kickass than male Hades to say the least.

    4. http://jeftoon01.deviantart.com/ Three words: Twisted Disney princesses xD