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Alright my number crunching nerds. Tell us of your favorite moments in any D&D game, or any other RP pen, and paper game.

Last week I strangled a Fighter/Jailer to death. I was trying to escape from slave labor where I was charged with doing damages in excess of 6,000 gold coins at a Tavern. I was immensely proud of this value. >: )

Anyways, while walking from our cell, I caught the bastard flatfooted, and strangled him until I picked him off the ground by using my manacles while they were around his neck, and then slammed his face into the stone floor.

This obviously pissed a few party members off, and they began to call me a murder IC where I calmly replied "We can sit here, and play the blame game, but I didn't see anyone stop me, infact you started hacking at him while I was choking him, and as far as they're concerned... we're all guilty for murder now." *Insert smug look*

The Zombie Cleric appreciated my quick thinki-err.... strangling. XD

Brumble, our scout responded with "He was trying to tell you to stop, and that he'd let us go!" I as Shryk said "All I heard was "EURGHHHGSHHGHH!"

Also this would be a good moment to point out that I was playing a Lizardfolk character.

Simply delicious. : D
it was a while ago, but I was in a spelljammers campaign.

There were some space orcs up above the small planet we were on, and they were taking a strangely long time for the navy to destroy. Still, we were guards for a trader ship, and then of course this happened.

"Huh. Well, all we can do now is go to the capitol and hope it isn't on fire when we get there."
"There is a city in the distance."
"It is on fire."
"There are people in the city. The people are screaming."
"There are orcs. The orcs are slaughtering."
"There is a boat. There are people on the boat."
"The people are cursing."
*The group enters the dungeon*

DM: Joe, you hear a scurrying sound up ahead.

Joe the Elf: I sneak quietly down the tunnel with my weapon ready.

*10 minutes pass*

DM: Asmo, you hear a scurrying sound up ahead.

Asmo the 59 year old half-deaf Human: "FELLOWS! I HEAR A SCURRYING SOUND UP AHEAD!"

Joe the Elf: -__-
*Hasn't plaid DnD since she was 15.* o_o

I remember way back in the day, I played a slightly unhinged apothecary, who followed the group around like a jackal for the sole purpose of corpse-raiding all the mystical creatures they had to kill.

During one of the last campaigns I played, they managed to somehow down a dragon. My character immediately stripped down, wrapped her body in cheese cloth, stuck a reed in her mouth as a makeshift snorkel, took her bag of holding and disappeared inside of its still steaming chest wound for three hours.

She lost her knife halfway through and had to gnaw her way through some tendons to get to the gallbladder.
I had been playing a half orc barbarian at the time named Grunk, and we had gotten some Ogre's Blood, a dwarven drink, in our possession. The DC to down the stuff was 30. Our Druid took a sip and immediately passed out and so did his bear animal companion after taking a lick as well. Grunk took a swig and, under normal circumstances would've been floored as well. However, I rolled a perfect 20, so this is what happened.....

Grunk decided he wanted to go off running. I was made to make a reflex save, which I failed. So I ran smack into a large oak tree. However, I survived the fortitude save and went off running in the other direction, making one of our teammates roll a reflex save as well as myself. My ally succeeded however I failed again and hit another tree. Surviving the fortitude throw yet again, I ran again in the other direction, lightly hitting an ally this time but rolling a 20 on the reflex save. So somehow I ended up in the middle of the forest unscathed. Unfortunately I started running in the other direction again and, after hitting a dozen more trees on my exit, finally passed out at camp, bruised and bloodied.

I have more stories about that ogre blood, ehehehe...

Oh god, I have to remember to a few years back here.

The fighter jumped down a two hundred foot hole, to see if his spiked armor would pierce the barrier...in a null magic void
He was the only Human in the party
"Stoopid Hoominz"...was the orc's response

My vorpal kitten....why I no longer play DnD while Drunk, Plaed a mage and somehow when drunk decided to make a vorpal sword for the fighter, except that I diddn't have a sword present. So In my inebreation I have my mage grab the first sharp object he can find, which happened to be his kitten familiar, which spawned the running gag "Why the fuck is my cat (insert word here)?"
So, this one time I was playing DnD 4.0 as a Halfling Ranger and my DM made this tournament where a couple of my party members were participating. Being the compulsive gambler that my character was I placed a bet on each of my party members. To insure my bets I had my halfling sneak his bow in *success* and when things took a turn for the worse, shoot an arrow from the audience *success* and sneak back into the audience without being seen/caught *success* After all my work and help my bet still lost D:
Couple of months ago, I had a sorcerer who couldn't fly yet. He set a building on fire and killed everything inside, but had to escape via the rooftop window. Building is about to explode, so he jumps, aiming for the water around a nearby pier. It would have been awesome-- blowing up a building, scrambling like mad out of the flames, flying through the air to the safety of the water....

Only I failed my skill check and hit the very hard wooden pier and died.

Dying doing incredibly risky things has become something of a running gag. Tried to solo a red dragon to buy the party time to escape, died fighting a stone giant.... Always came back like a bad penny too.
oh god, remembered one a few days ago

one of the few games I've played an evil alignment

Party rolls into this city, we decide we're going to take an In Game month off and just chill, we had just won a crap ton of gold so we were good on that part.
So the rogue and I decide we're going to have a little fun and get some side coin. So the rogue begins conning people into buying fire insurance, those that didn't got their houses set on fire by me sometime later. This racketeering became so sucessful that we were basically hindering the "business" of the game's equivalent of the triads, shit hits the fan, and the paladin walks out of church one day to see half the party running for their lives down the street with fifty pissed of mobsters chasing them.
Raz, I feel you there.

I had a Barbarian that tried to jump from a ledge onto his horse, only to fail the skill check, and spook the horse as I fell screaming. It reared up, and kicked me in the face as it flailed blindly in the pitchblack of night.

Two fun moments I remember.

1. We were in a tavern and about to be attacked by a big, scary guy. So my friend picks up a spoon and throws it. The roll of the dice allowed him to kill this guy with the spoon...

2. I was halfling hiding in a bush because the enemy cast darkness and one of my comrades, a fighter, was in there with me. He went to grab my hand so we could escape using his cape of flying but when he rolled for a reflex, he grabbed my boob. Instead of slapping him then and there, I later on robbed him and his friends, then left. :)
I was dming a campaign for three friends.

One played a half elf bard named Amlil, one played a halfling fighter named Charm, and the other played a human rogue assassin named Heldin (He was the bodyguard assigned to safeguard Amlil.

They were on a boat and pirates were sneaking aboard. Charm noticed them and ran down to warn her companion, Amlil, who had decided to retire that evening in the arms of a woman.

Where was Amlil's bodyguard you wonder? Why...talking to the night watchman and distracting him from his job of spotting pirates (not intentionally)

Charm, much to her annoyance, was unable to warn Amlil with simple poking and fuming...so she stepped up her game.

In the middle of copulation, Charm decapitated the woman Amlil was having relations with in order to get his attention.

Shocked, disturbed, and covered with far too many bodily fluids to be comfortable with...a naked Amlil wandered away from the bedroom muttering unintelligibly (Can you blame him?)

The bodyguard eventually showed up at the room and quickly took stock of the situation. Rather than find his now absent employer, he helped the halfling hide the head and the body under the bed.

Amlil fell off the ship.
Playing D&D right now. I suspect another Moment to crop up.