Favorite Childhood Toys

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  1. What was your favorite childhood toy? Do you still have it? What happened to it?

    My favorite toy was this stuffed cat, I thiiink it might have been one of those pound kittens? Not sure. It was grey and so old it was kinda flattened. But I lost it one day when I took it with me to the skating rink. ;_; I hope it made some other little girl happy.
  2. An electronics kit. You know the kind, one of those "101 electronics projects" kind of things.

    I built an AM radio with it, and was gifted a hockey broadcast straight out of my hometown of Detroit.

    That was one of the best Christmas gifts of all time.
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  3. My translucent purple Gameboy Color. I didn't care that it was purple. All I cared about was that it was a Gameboy and I could play Pokemon on it. I still have it, and I still have my Blue Version in it. I bust them out fairly often.

    I also had a little blue bunny rabbit. I love rabbits. They have always been and will always be my favorite animal, possibly tied with cats now. I still have him too, and I still love him.
  4. My old N64~! Able to support 4 players and me, my brother, and the two kids my mom babysat would spend HOURS on this thing, becoming the masters of Mario Party X3

    But if we're going for a personal toy… Amber. Amber was a little beanie baby cat doll that I got for christmas once. In the games me and my brother made up, she was a fighter (a ninja, probably) able to kick serious ass, and took no flak from anyone. So basically I gave her the opposite personality of young Lulu ^^;;
  5. Legos, GI Joe-figures and dinosaur toys made of rubber. Awesome times!

    Oh, and my basketball. Definitly spent most my time playing basket all by myself.
  6. Dina. A pretty nasty cat with only one ear, had her since I was an infant. Still have her, though her legs and middle had to be resewn. That cat was my travel buddy for everything; almost a good luck charm for me.

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  7. I had all the Shera dolls and that huge pink cloud castle, and then not too long after added every sailor moon doll into that mix, I had the book of clow with actual cards in it (from cardcaptors), and this one humungous mag-na-doodle lol.

    and with out a doubt my SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM.

    everything except the magna-doodle I gave to my sister when I ventured out into the world, she is 11 years younger than I and loves to draw and watch anime and art stuff just like I do. I was happy to give them to her.

    unfortunately my mother sold the SNES without asking me if I still wanted it. GRRR I'd probably still have that thing if she hadn't done that.
  8. GI Joes.. Everyday they were at war until I turned 13 and set them all on fire. From that point on fire was my favorite toy.
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  9. I actually loved my little matchbox and hotwheel cars when I was little, and legos. I hated dolls because I thought they looked fucking creepy (I have a phobia of mannequins). I was pretty much a huge tomboy… If worms and caterpillars would be considered a toy, that'd probably of been my favorite. After it rained I'd try to save all the worms going down the street and I'd build tiny houses out of sticks and rocks for caterpillars :D

    I still like caterpillars, especially the fuzzy ones. As for worms… heh… yeah, not so much.
  10. My parents bought me expensive ass video games when I was young.

    I remember I never played them and instead played with shoe boxes and created pokemon out of them and I always played with the laundry hamper to pretend I was a turtle.

    If you ask me what my favorite toy is now, I could post it and swiftly get banned for posting inappropriately obscene and sexual content.
  11. Oh man, I had a lot of those. It's so hard to settle on one. But honestly, I had a ton of fun setting up little wars with plastic army men.
  12. When I was younger, Lego used to be my favourite toy and I still have mountains of that thing. I would post images of them but I seem to have lost them somewhere on my hard drive, so you have to go without my awesome creations that I thought up. Still, I loved playing with them as a child, assembling them into different combinations and making up my own plans for them, usually as a copy of something from the few video games I played. I think my most loved one was the "Slave I" and the "Sonic Specko", the latter a personal creation of mine that was a tank with a really big gun. I had the old "Slave I" set without the specially-molded arcs and bits around it, so I pimped it with a ludicrous amount of guns.

    I might post pictures of my awesomeness when I get home again.
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  13. Hmm I'm gonna say my favorite childhood toy was the chess board my grandfather gave me. The thing was solid crystal and despite the fact my chess skills are fairly non-existent I loved using it.
  14. I played a lot with Legoes, and I loved the old series 1 and 2 Bionicle sets(the Toa and Toa Nuva) I even got the big Takuanuva, Makuta, and the big bird and crab thing boxes. Those were great. I also played the heck with the two dozen or so Beanie Babies I got from McDonald's Happy Meals when that was a thing. Those I think still exist, my mom has them. But mostly I remember being more of a reader than a player. Oh, and my Gameboy Color. Such good times playing my way through Gold.
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