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  1. What are some of your favorite bosses in video game history? Here are mine:


    Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts II: This boss fight has everything that I could ever want! Amazing atmosphere, amazing music, a good challenge, and it has that great final battle feel! The only thing I don't like about this boss fight is the part where you fight against his Dragon Form, mainly because you can't heal during that part! The Data version of this fight in Final Mix is pretty great as well if not challenging as all hell!


    Jubileus from Bayonetta: It's cool enough that pretty much every boss fight in the Bayonetta games is sure to be epic and way over the top but I'll have to give the award to the final boss from the first game! She (yes this boss is a woman) challenges you by placing you against all of the elements and by having rather powerful attacks that can kill you if you're not prepared! It doesn't help that her huge size makes her intimidating! The climax alone will make your eyes widen with shock and awe if the Bayonetta games haven't done so already!


    Jecht from Final Fantasy X: Considered by many to be the "true" final boss of FFX, it's very easy to see why. If you go in unprepared, you're gonna see that Game Over screen a LOT. Also did I mention that Jecht's Theme is fucking badass?! The story behind this boss fight is also rather heart-wrenching and may make shed a tear or two if not make you feel bad for Tidus which makes the ending all the more emotional to watch!
  2. I don't have the stamina for a well-thought-out response, but if we're talking about video game bosses then I just want everyone to know that I successfully defeated Sans from Undertale and I'm very proud of that.

    Seriously though, that's definitely my most memorable and noteworthy video game boss battle experience off the top of my head... I was stuck on him for months, and my heart was fucking pounding when I finally reached the end of that battle. But, man, I can't even put into words how satisfying it was to finally beat him. OwO
  3. My favourite boss has to be Flowey from Undertale, simply because of how he messed with my mind and freaked me out.
  4. I have to agree on Jecht, OP. Such a good soundtrack during that fight, and it was certainly challenging enough. Although, if you went out of your way to get the celestial weapons and other summons, you can DESTROY Jecht(especially with the Magus sisters and Anima). Like, we're talking two or three hits and he's gone. I also liked the Void Walkers fight in Dark Souls III. Took me several tries to defeat them, but the atmosphere created by the music and surroundings was just perfect. And in Witcher 3, the boss fights with Imlerith and the Witches of Crookback Bog were very satisfying, especially after what happened before the fight with them.
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  5. Yes I did indeed do that XD I haven't gotten Tidus, Lulu, or Kimahri's weapons yet because of how irritating they are to get -_- Good thing you only need the Crests to make your aeons break the damage limit.
  6. Fandom-wise, Bowser is a lot of fun. His past is still pretty cloaked in mystery so its neat to see how people's views vary. He was also my favorite to play in Smash Melee. I'd fall off the platforms a lot. A LOT.

    Gameplay-wise, I loved fighting Cerberus in DMC3. He's an early boss so he's not all that difficult(if you don't mind killing your fingers). He was oddly cathartic compared to the other bosses where you have to learn complex patterns in their attacks. This guy is chained to a wall, lunging and barking at you. He can also freeze the ground, but that's about it. The weapon you get from him is one of my favorites too. :)

    Oh wait, I also like the Archdemon battle in Dragon Age Origins. Its really difficult to beat, or for me it was. I think I won it by a fluke. But it really felt like an end boss battle. Its also got pretty sweet story-related powers.
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  7. I got a few, Sans of course~ Took me like 3 hours.

    Jecht...just yes. I loved his design, the fight, it was the perfect ending to final fantasy X in my opinion. (Even though I just rekt him with all the super op shit I had.)

    A majority of the Kingdom Heart bosses...just cause they were always exciting, interesting, and super fun to fight in pretty much all the circumstances, but Roxas fighting Axel has to be one of my favorite fights...ever. Just cause the theme, and the fight, and duel keyblades~ It was so much fun and so exciting!
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  8. Ah man, i have a lot of favourite bosses.

    From Metal Gear to Dark Souls, there are many.

    Artorias of the Abyss is easily my favourite in the entire Souls franchise. Granted, I've only played Demons and Dark but he stands out the most. He is aggressive, forces you to think on your feet and is the best the game has to offer. I mean, he fights like a PVPer. Well, a fair one. He will punish you for any mistakes. He will kill you if you let him charge up his super form. He doesn't give a damn about your build. You best know your timing and when to strike. The music is awesome and it really shows why he was a legend. Even in his weakened form(his right arm is literally dust inside his armour), he offers a big challenge. He killed me 30-40 times during the first time i fought him until i figured out a way to beat him. It is literally a duel. Even GiantDads are forced to to alter their playstyle. SUre, you may be able to tank him but Artorias doesn't give a damn about tanks. Oh and he is the first boss of the DLC.

    Wyzen. Asura's Wrath. First boss, the biggest boss i've ever seen and well, it is literally how the game prepares you for what it is about to do. Let's say that Bigger does not mean better.

    Psycho Mantis. MGS1. A real mind feck and forces you to try to figure out a tatic. It bends the fourth wall by using controller input and there are a few ways of beating him. The classic switch controller port is the most commonly used one.

    LIQUIIIIIIIIIID! MGS4. It's awesome. Just Snake vs Liquid. A straight up CQC fight with a lot of throwbacks to the other games and doesn't overstay it's welcome. Just two old soldiers fighting. The sound, the cutscene leading up to it, the iconic themes during every part of the fight. It is awesome and is very simple.

    Grigori. Dragon's Dogma. Skyrim? Pfft, that ain't a dragon fight. Grigori is the real deal. It is in 3 stages and each as epic as the other. It really feels like you're fighting a big dragon. No holds barred and Grigori is easily the best dragon i've seen. It forces you to rely on all your skills. The music is excellent and it is the best fight in the game. It is also a reflection of the Arisen's journey and unlike most bosses, he accepts his loss. And that's not even the last boss. There is only one easy way of killing him. Expensive but you are ruining it for yourself by cheesing him with a certain arrow.

    I tend to dislike damage sponge bosses that are easy to avoid in terms of attacks but take forever to beat. I mean, no. Damage sponges without any interesting attacks or ways to keep us interested are boring. I hate having to spend ages attacking the boss because they gave it a million health points. But I really loathe bosses with a "Yeah, FUCK YOU!" attack that one hit kills that are out of nowhere.
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