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  1. What are your top favorite bands or music groups out there? What's your favorite song(s) from them in your opinion? Here are mine:

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    - Rise Against

    Top Rise Against Song(s):

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    - Zebrahead


    Top Zebrahead Song(s):

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    - Nine Lashes

    Top Nine Lashes Song(s):

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    - Paramore

    Top Paramore Song(s):

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    - Alien Ant Farm

    Top Alien Ant Farm Song(s):

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    - My Chemical Romance

    Top Chemical Romance Song(s):

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    - Escape The Fate

    Top Escape The Fate Song(s):

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    - Imagine Dragons

    Top Imagine Dragons Song(s):

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  2. Bon Jovi
    the Eagles
    David Bowie
    Billy Joel
    Pink Floyd
    Simon & Garfunkel
    the Who
    Barenaked Ladies
    Three Days Grace
    Eric Clapton
    Michael Jackson
    Avenged Sevenfold
    Ozzie Osbourne/old Black Sabbath
    (tell me when to stop)
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  3. Rammstein.
    Nine Inch Nails.
    Marylin Manson.
    David Bowie.
    Pink Floyd.
    Queens of the Stone Age.
    Cradle of Filth.
    Run DMC.
    Dimmu Borgir.
    Black Sabbath.

    ...you know what, I could do this for awhile. Those are the first artists which come to mind.

    Wait, did I mention Rammstein?
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  4. People here have awesome taste. Likes for erryone.

    I'm not even going to try to make a list because it would just go on forever. It's gotten to the point where I love music so much I can't talk about it with anyone because it's too large a topic for me.
  5. This list would be so long if I didn't have any self control.

    Scissor Sisters
    Arctic Monkeys
    David Bowie
    Abney Park
    Alice Cooper
    Dropkick Murphys
    Murray Gold
    The Killers
    Mumford & Sons
    Steam Powered Giraffe

    And a whooooole bunch of others I'm not gonna name, because it would take too long. My Spotify collection is mad.
  6. I really like The Killers. They were my coming of age group.

    Now it's irish shanties and songs with a healthy helping of Allen - Lande. If you like metal, you'll have to hear them.
  7. Weezer.

    Unlike most people, I would not hesitate if asked the question, "What's your favourite band?". Not that I don't listen to other musicians, of course.
  8. Uhhh... Lots of them.
    Iron Maiden
    Judas Priest
    Social Distortion
    Black Sabbath
    Bon Jovi
    System of a Down

    I probably forgot lots of them, but there are my absolute favorite bands at the moment. Nowadays, I can't go a day without listening to album Origins by Eluveitie at least once. Folk metal is so glorious!
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  9. The Script
    Favorite Song? A: I'll get back to you on that but it's most likey from their sophomore album.

    Gym Class Heroes
    Favorite song? A: Stereo Hearts, even though a percentage of their other songs aren't far behind. It's a rap song that I wouldn't be surprised if it is considered a classic in the future because it's just that great.

    Three Days Grace
    Favorite song? A: Time Of Dying. That song makes me want to write up a fight scene or take on the world every time I hear it.

    Halou(Don't judge me)
    Favorite song? A: Either Today or Wiser and I'll Carry You on rare occasions. Their tracks are relaxing, despite how loud the female singer's voice tends to become at times and I like how all of the instruments were used in making the tracks stated above.

    These are the ones that I can think of at the moment so I might add more groups in the near future.
  10. Iron Maiden and Motley Crue are some of the greatest bands to have graced my ears.
  11. And none of you have mentioned one of the vest bands ever.

    The Beatles.

    Musical plebs. The lot of you.

    I kid, a lot of the bands mentioned are awesome. :)
  12. [​IMG]


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    My Favorite Song from them



  14. Lordi. Love these monsters to bits and I highly doubt any band would ever be able to dethrone them in my eyes. My favorite song from them? Blood Red Sandman.

    Then there's three other bands that rise above the others I like: Sabaton, Battle Beast and In Flames.
    I've always had great trouble picking just one favorite song from Sabaton but I really love En Livstid I Krig. (I'll be actually seeing these fellas live on the 18th of this month with my brother. I'm already pretty darn excited. : D)
    As for Battle Beast, my favorite song from them is probably Out Of Control.
    The first song I ever heard from In Flames was Fear Is The Weakness and it's still my favorite from them.

    It's actually pure coincidence that all these four are either from Finland or Sweden. Suomi perkele and heja Sverige!
  15. Rise Against
    Amon Amarth
    The Offspring
    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Those are definitely bands that I have at one point or another had them in my top 3 most listened to in the past 5 years.

    EDIT: Hoho, I forgot Powerwolf. That's sinful.
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  16. Aw haw shit, here we go.

    Silversun Pickups - Favorite Songs: Royal We, Dots & Dashes (Enough Already), Cannibal, & Simmer.
    Kanye West - Favorite Songs: Gorgeous, Gone, Monster, Runaway, No Church in the Wild, & That's My Bitch
    Gorillaz - Favorite Songs: Latin Simone, Clint Eastwood & DoYaThing
    Delphic - Favorite Songs: Doubt (Especially the remixes), Only Human, & Colours of the Day
    Audioslave - Favorite Song: Shadow on the Sun
    Jamiroquai - Favorite Song: You Give me Something
    Kid Cudi - Favorite Song: Ghost!, Alive, & Up Up & Away!
    Massive Attack - Favorite Songs: Angel, Dissolved Girl, & Sly
    Miike Snow - Favorite Song: Cult Logic
    Neon Indian - Favorite Songs: Future Sick & Arcade Blues
    Oliver Tank - Favorite Songs: Past Present Future, Help You Breathe, & Beautiful (Snoop Dogg Cover)
    Rob Dougan - Favorite Songs: Clubbed to Death, Will You Follow Me, Drinking Song, Left Me For Dead, & Speed Me Towards Death
    Smashing Pumpkins - Favorite Songs: Tonight Tonight, To Forgive, Beautiful, Here is No Why, The End Is the Beginning Is the End, & The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning
    St. Vincent - Favorite Songs: The Forest Awakes, Northern Lights, Regret, Digital Witness, The Party, Just the Same but Brand New, Bicycle, & Actor Out of Work
    Uppermost - Favorite Songs: Angel, Flow, Independent, Bios, & Format Funk
    Twin Shadow - Favorite Songs: You Call Me On, Slow, At My Heels, Shooting Holes, & Tyrant Destroyed
    Zhu - Favorite Songs: Paradise Awaits, Superfriends, & Cocaine Model
  17. I have a lot of favourite bands depending on my mood, which range from hip-hop and metal, to electronic house, to blues, and all the way back again through jazz... Though I'd say I lean most heavily towards metal, because I had a metalhead phase as a teenager.

    Anyway, I decided to listen to a bunch of random bands for a few hours to compile this list. It was fun. Incomplete list, but fun. Lots of metal as expected. :ferret:
    • 30 Seconds to Mars: Alternative rock, good sound, really like listening to them on days when I feel cold. Savior.
    • 3 Doors Down: Rock. Kryptonite. Almost a guilty pleasure band on my part. Don't care, enjoy it anyway.
    • Aerosmith: Classic rock. If I need to explain why this sounds good, you won't get it even if I try. Dream on.
    • Alexisonfire: Hard rock/screamo. I like the singer's projects in general, and his humongous range. I like listening to it when writing especially violent imagery or scenery. You Burn First.
    • All That Remains: Metal/screamo. Great when devising hard scenes from the perspective of a villain. This Darkened Heart.
    • Amaranthe: Symphonic metal, in the same vein as Nightwish or Within Temptation. Burn With Me.
    • Apocalyptica: "Cello Metal" is the best descriptor for this band that started by covering Metallica. With Cellos. Metal. Not Strong Enough (feat. Brent Smith from Shinedown)
    • Beastie Boys: I blame my dad for this old hip hop/rock band making it into my musical catalog. That or Guitar Hero. Take your pick. Sabotage.
    • Bon Jovi: Pop rock/metal. They're the old Nickelback but nobody wants to admit to themselves that Bon Jovi just released the same album twenty times. Does that make their singles any less entertaining to the ears? Nope. One Wild Night.
    • Breaking Benjmain: Rock/Nu-Metal. I listened to it more when I was younger, but it holds a special place in my heart for helping me cope with some pretty rough emotions. Until The End.
    • Cascada: Dance Pop. Yes, I still listen to this band from time to time. Thanks annoying friends that wouldn't stop playing DDR. I blame you for this. Everytime We Touch (KB Project Remix).
    • City & Colour: Ready to have your jaw drop? The same lead singer from Alexisonfire is the lead singer in this Indie Rock band with a soft, almost blues twist to it. Hello, I'm In Delaware.
    • Classified: Canadian Rap. That Ain't Classy. Yeah, bet you didn't expect polite rap, eh'?
    • Daft Punk: Electronic... Pop... Disco... Funk?... It sounds good, and fairly unique, in the world of electronic. Crescendolls.
    • Daughtry: Alternative Rock/Pop. One of the only good things to come from a child's singing contest American Idol. What I Want (feat. Slash).
    • Demon Hunter: Christian Metal. Not one of the particularly preachy ones, something I listen to when I need to get into the mindset for a particularly religious character. Fading Away.
    • Disturbed: Nu-Metal. If you haven't heard of this band before, you probably don't listen to metal. The Night.
    • Dope: Metal. The "fuck the man" variety, typically I listen to this when trying to get into the mindset of a sociopath for writing characters. We Are.
    • Dream Evil: Power/Heavy Metal. If you're surprised that they named an entire album after dragons, you probably don't listen to power metal. :ferret: United.
    • Dream Theater: Progressive Metal. If you decide to listen to one of their albums, prepare to be taken on a wondrous trip through guitar and drum solos into nirvana. The Count of Tuscany.
    • Drowning Pool: Nu-Metal. If you like Disturbed, think of them as a harder alternative. Love And War.
    • Egypt Central: Hard Rock. Blame @Tempest for introducing this one to me, but it consistently ends up on playlists for me. Taking You Down.
    • Eminem: Rap/Hip-Hop. I liked him when I was a teenager and it just happened to stick. Sing For The Moment.
    • Europe: Pop Metal. I can't help it. I genuinely like their singles and sometimes I'll sit and zone out listening to their albums. The Final Countdown.
    • Fall Out Bo-- ahahahahahaha no. Just fucking with you.
    • Family Force 5: This is supposed to be Christian Rock, but they fall into that fucking bizarre category of not really seeming to know exactly what musical influence they want to use, so they just mix and match on a whimsy. Luv Addict.
    • Five Finger Death Punch: Metal. Remember Everything.
    • Flyleaf: Rock/Metal with a female lead. When I'm in the mood, I'll usually throw them in with my usual repertoire of symphonic metal bands. :ferret: All Around Me.
    • Fort Minor: Hip-Hop. Formed as a pet project by folks in Linkin Park. The Hard Way (feat Kenna).
    • Gorillaz: Hip-Hop/Rock. This band epitomizes music that gives you a high just listening to it. Clint Eastwood.
    • Hedley: Pop. Punk. Pop punk? Regardless, I like their songs, feel free to judge me for that. Perfect.
    • Hollywood Undead: Rock/Hip-Hop. Another band that falls under the "listened to when I was a teenager, stuck with me when I got older." Lion.
    • Immortal Technique: Hip-Hop/Rap. Fight Until The End (feat. Sabac).
    • In Flames: Hard Metal. Started listening before Guitar Hero, enjoyment of band cemented shortly thereafter. In Flames.
    • Iron Maiden: Metal. It's what my dad listened to, so again, blame him for me picking this one up. :ferret: The Number of the Beast.
    • Killswitch Engage: Metal. Rose of Sharyn. It's the kind of metal I can recommend to people for its mix of screaming and actual lyrics normal-ish tones.
    • Lacuna Coil: Gothic Metal. End of Time.
    • Lifehouse: Pop-Rock. I concede that they get overplayed on the radio, but I like them nonetheless. Hanging By A Moment.
    • Linkin Park: If you listen to music, you either love or hate this band. Take a guess where my chips fall. When They Come For Me.
    • Lordi: Metal. Would You Love A Monsterman? (2006 Version).
    • Machinae Supremacy: Metal. I think it's a rule that if you love metal, you probably have at least one Swedish Mulligan Card. This is mine. The Villain of this Story.
    • Mad At Gravity: Hard Rock. They existed for a single album and then disintegrated. Damn shame, that. Run For Cover.
    • Marilyn Manson: Hard Rock/Metal. This Is Halloween.
    • Mercenary: Metal. I've stumbled into this one recently thanks to @Asuras and subsequently have fallen in love with it. Lost Reality.
    • Mobile: Alternative Rock. Their "Tomorrow Starts Today" album inspired me to write some pretty groovy noir stuff when I was younger. Dusting Down the Stars.
    • Nightwish: Symphonic/Gothic Metal. If you want to troll a Nightwish fan, say you still like the band post-Tarja. Because I do. Deal with it. Nemo.
    • Nine Inch Nails: Industrial. I especially tend to like their music when it focuses on the more odd, artistic side of things. Leaving Hope.
    • Our Lady Peace: Post-Grunge. In Repair.
    • Papa Roach: Rock. Falls in the same category of Linkin Park: You've probably heard of them, love them or hate them. Forever.
    • Paul Stanley: Pop-Rock. You think I'm kidding? I'm not. I heard that stupid song on South Park too, only I liked it, so I started listening to the entire album it's on, and... I'm a sucker for cheese. Live To Win (10 hour long version for masochists!).
    • Pendulum: Drum & Bass. I've started to listen to more D&B recently, and Pendulum comes highly recommended. Slam.
    • Rage Against The Machine: Hard Rock. Chances are if you're a 30-something, you know this band, and hopefully like it. Bulls On Parade.
    • Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Rock. Californication.
    • Red Jumpsuit Apperatus: Rock-Metal-Screamo-ish. Stumbled into it while playing a video game, liked it. Misery Loves Its Company.
    • Rise Against: Punk. Whenever I need to get back into a teenager's mindset to write a teenage character, this band does the trick pretty much instantly. The Good Left Undone.
    • Santana: Rock. If you ain't listenin to this, you ain't got no groove, brooooooo. Black Magic Woman.
    • Scorpions: Classic Rock. Rock You Like a Hurricane.
    • Shinedown: Rock. I mentioned them earlier. Don't be surprised. Breaking Inside.
    • Skillet: Christian Rock. They've continually improved over the years from borderline unlistenable to well refined. I'm interested to see where they improve next. Awake and Alive.
    • Slipknot: Metal. Better get something with damn good bass while listening for its full intended effect. The fan base is so rabid that if you request other band's songs at their live shows during encores, the fans will probably kill you. The Blister Exists.
    • Stabilo: Indie Rock. Did a lot of introspection listening to this band when I was younger. Flawed Design.
    • Star One: Space Progressive Metal. This band deserves more attention than it gets. It's pure cheese, but the good kind of pure cheese, that reminds you of your childhood innocence. Intergalactic Space Crusaders. (Yes, really.)
    • Static-X: Hardcore Metal. Shadow Zone.
    • Sum 41: Pop Punk. It's smarter than you think it is. We're All to Blame.
    • Theory of a Deadman: It's like a slightly more tolerable version of Nickelback. Make of that what you will. Santa Monica.
    • Thornley: Rock. Canadian band, underrated. Make Believe.
    • Tokio Hotel: German Pop-Rock Band. Monsoon.
    • Thousand Foot Krutch: Christian Rock. Probably about as good as it'll ever get in terms of religious rock. This Is A Call.
    • Trapt: Nu-Metal. Somewhat generic but I still enjoy listening to it. Skin Deep.
    • Uncle Kracker: Alternative Rock. You know, this band does have more going for it than that one song you probably heard on Need For Speed. Aces & 8's.
    • The Who: Classic Rock. Surely, you have heard of this band before? If not, let me introduce you to some groovy, timeless classics. Who Are You?
    • Within Temptation: Symphonic/Gothic Metal. This band has spurred several late night writing sessions from me. Utopia.
    There. Done.

    To think, this was mostly just rock & metal... I could go on nigh forever if I went out of my way to include more electronic, house, D&B, remixes, classical, hard rap, reggae...

    Now if y'all will excuse me, to be frank, I'm feeling like listening to a bit of old timey genius today.


    Okay, that list turned out a bit more huge than intended. Whoops.
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  18. I am strongly getting the impression du hast Rammstein.
  19. Arctic Monkeys (open)

    The Strokes (open)

    Bloc Party (open)

    Daft Punk (open)

    And featuring the singer from The Strokes, Julian Casablancas...

    Bikini Kill (open)

    The Clash
    The Fratellis
    Mystery Skulls
    Franz Ferdinand
    Modest Mouse
    Milky Chance

    I'll add songs for the rest of them later. Check back on this post often or, Hell, look them up yourself.
  20. I've got a ton of single songs that I love without really caring about anything else a band or artist has done, but I guess I'll ignore those for this thread. In alphabetical order rather than preference order, here's a list of some of my favorite bands and a link to one of my favorite songs from each. I'm limiting myself to 20 picks because otherwise I'd probably go full Brovo and just list my entire fucking music collection.

    After Forever - I like a lot of metal of various types with female singers. This is one of them. Transitory
    Amanda Palmer - I was sad when The Dresden Dolls went on an indefinite hiatus, but I ended up liking her solo work better overall, so that was a nice surprise. Runs In The Family
    Bat for Lashes - Listening to this band, particularly the linked song, does amazing things for my creativity and desire to write. It's my go-to counter to writer's block. Glass
    Bo Burnham - I enjoy a lot of comedic music, and this is one example. He's also one of my favorite comedians. Art Is Dead
    Cradle of Filth - Pretty damned great music to listen to while writing dark scenes. Nymphetamine
    Diablo Swing Orchestra - This one is weird. It's sort of a mix of metal and jazz? I can't explain it, but I love it. Bedlam Sticks
    The Dresden Dolls - I mentioned above that I liked the singer's solo work better, but this stuff is also really good. Bad Habit
    E.S. Posthumus - Some of the best general purpose writing music I've ever found, and it's still damned good for general listening. Unstoppable
    Epica - Another metal band with a female singer that I like a lot. They've got a great mix of the classic heavy guitar and drums of metal with lighter elements like piano and violin. Martyr of the Free Word
    Florence and the Machine - This one used to be my go-to pick for #1 favorite band of all time, but challengers have appeared. Still great though. Howl
    Les Friction - I still don't know what genre this band should be listed under. It's part orchestral, part rock, all awesome. Would definitely be on a top 5 favorites list. Torture
    Metric - I think this is the band that first got me to explore various indie subgenres, which you can now see heavily populate my list of favorites. It's pretty great. Help I'm Alive
    Mother Mother - @Holmishire introduced me to this band like a year ago, and now it's a contender for a top 5 favorites spot. Body
    Paramore - This one might qualify as a guilty pleasure if I felt guilt about liking music that other people dislike, but I don't, so it's not. I like the sound of their music, and that's all that matters. Brick by Boring Brick
    Serj Tankian - His solo music shares little aside from lyrical style with System of a Down, but it's damn good. Notable for me for being one of the few artists that consistently make me actually pay attention to the lyrics. Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition
    Slipping Tongue - Hnng, the singer's voice... They only made one album before breaking up, and I don't care for the band the singer joined after it. The title of my favorite song they made is rather apt. Bitter
    Stephen Lynch - Comedy songs of a generally fucked up nature. I love it. Priest
    System of a Down - One of the few bands I listened to as a kid that I still like regardless of any nostalgic influence. Similar to The Dresden Dolls, their indefinite split made me sad until I found that Serj's solo music was great. Violent Pornography
    Within Temptation - Another female-fronted metal (of the symphonic variety) band that I like a lot. I think this was actually the first band that swung my interest in that direction. Dark Wings
    Woodkid - So apparently the genres people use to refer to Woodkid are baroque pop and neofolk. This amuses me for some reason. Dude's voice is strange but good, and the music itself is amazing. Run Boy Run
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