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What's Your Favorite Band?

There are so many bands and artists out there that it is hard to have just one favorite, but some of us do.

Anyone that knows me knows that the one band that I live and breath for is Iron Maiden.I've seen them live 6 times and I got my first album when I was 7 (PowerSlave \m/) and I have loved them from the moment I heard the intro to "Aces high". Now, 16 years later they still remain my favorite by far. I have to admit that during different stages of their carer I have lost a little interest, but they have regained my appreciation time and time again. The band formed in the late 70's and now, in 2010, are still putting out epic records.

so anyways....

Do you have a favorite band or artist?
Blind Guardian.

Very few bands even approach my love for these guys.
I cannot choose an ultimate favourite because I have such a huge collection of songs on my iTunes. It's so hard for me to have to choose only 8 gigs for my iPod; I should get a bigger one.

However, there is 1 band that I've never grown tired of and probably never will... I grew up with them and they are my Dad's favourite band also, if I'm not mistake. This band is called Depeche Mode. I know, they're unlike the heavy metal and hardcore rock I normally listen to, but the truth is...I have a love for electronica too. Some country music, even!

Anyway, as a child, I'd play DM songs on the electric keyboard my Dad handed down to me and he would sing I Just Can't Get Enough to my Mom; it was 'their song' when they were together. I love their sound, I love their accents, I love their lyrics... And I'll forever be pissed at my Dad for not taking me to their live concert last year. :3
I couldn't pick just one. Impossible. x__x

I like Poets of the Fall, Pendulum, Aranda, George Michael, Kamelot, David Cook, Def Leppard, Europe, Evanescence, Ra, Three Days Grace, Garbage..

and the list just goes on! o____o

Fine... Whatever project Craig Owens is working on. Old Chiodos, Cinematic Sunrise, his solo stuff.
Nice Nice. Anyone else>?
Probably Manilla Road, for being so consistently great ever since the late 70's.
So, I'm torn between two. A singer and a band. I was at a Nirvana concert while in the womb and must say I can listen to them all day without pause and be content.

The other, which is a favorite I got from my grand father and generally tend to get really odd looks from friends when I pop in my greatest hits CD and start rocking out to Elvis Presley at a party that I just removed something like slipknot or five finger death punch to put in.
You know I have absolutely no clue what my favorite band is~

Seriously though anyone who knows me on here should probably know my favorite band: モーニング娘。 I LUV THEMS SO MUCH
For those of you who don't read Japanese, Zypher's favorite band is Morning Musume, the all-girl hyper-cute moe-moe happiness-overload squadron.

It's hard to pick just one favorite, my interests shift from one thing to another every couple of weeks... but some consistent favorites over the past few years for me have been indie acts like The Magnetic Fields (and other projects created by their lead singer/songwriter, Stephin Merritt), and The New Pornographers. Some others that I love are Black Ghosts... Bishop Allen... Gorillaz... Eels... classic pop like The Beatles... pop superstars that get me dancing like a maniac, like Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga... ah, I can't choose! And there's so much great anime/videogame soundrack music out there too, from great artists like Yuki Kajiura and others...
I don't have a favourite band, but there are bands that I never grow tired of: Russian Circles, Opeth, Incubus, 3 Inches of Blood, Mastodon, Camel, the Beatles, Between the Buried and Me, John Butler Trio, Dredg, Dog Fashion Disco, and The Ocean.
Man, I love Opeth. Been listening to Blackwater park lately.
It's between Godsmack, Hollywood Undead, and Parkway Drive.