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  1. Simply put, what is your favorite baked good and why? Does it have any other significance or memory associated with it that really cements its position as "favorite"? Can you make it yourself, does a family member make it, or do you have to buy it?
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  2. Lemon tarts. Used to get them at the local tea shop until it closed. My friends make them on occasion. I have very little skill in the kitchen so I don't make them myself. XD
  3. There are so many types of baked good that I want to try my hand at making but never seem to have the time and reason to do so align. It would be difficult for me to choose a favorite but I was very proud of my last attempt to make a chiffon cake. It turned out well and seemed very fancy and not run of the mill.
  4. I tend to hand make my baked goods because I don't like a lot of sugar in my food. I tend to try find natural sweetners. Which are fruits and I mean fresh fruits or even frozen fruits. And I use seasonal ingredients, rather than non seasonal ingredients.

    I like to make a lot of scones and muffins. More than I like cakes or cupcakes. And have several recipes on seasonal scones and muffins.

    The weather has been bad so this summer I don't think I'll be able to make fresh strawberry scones.
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    And then carrot cake.
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  6. Me.

    otherwise I really love fresh baked bread, especially when I make it myself.
  7. Brownies, cake, cookies
  8. All of them!

    I can't cook to save my damn life, but I can bake like crazy. I make my kids and my husband's birthday cakes from scratch. My husband likes red velvet with a white chocolate cream cheese icing. My youngest loves this chocolate mousse cake that I make, and my other kids find recipes that look good for me to test out for their birthday. They've gotten so used to me baking their cakes that when I ask them if they want me to buy one for them, they give me a dirty look.

    I can make brownies, cakey and fudgy. I've even made banana brownies which no one really took much interest in since it's not chocolate.

    I make pumpkin pie from scratch for the past five years for Christmas and Thanksgiving, and it's the only type of pie that anyone in my family likes.

    My favorite thing though would have to be my youngest daughter's mousse cake. I could eat that every day for the rest of my life and still never get tired of it.
  9. Coffee cake, monkey bread, and blueberry muffins. They're a rare and glorious treat.
  10. I may need a recipe for this much desired mousse cake, Nydanna.

    Clyde, I've tasted some dishes (sweet breads and cakes) which primarily use fruit contents for their sweetness and I think that they can be very pleasant. My only dissatisfaction with goods of that nature is that the squishy gooeyness of baked fruit can be off-puttting for me, depending on which fruit is used.
  11. Brownies are my favourite. Not really the cake kind, but the fudgy chewy yummy ones. *drools*

    After that, basically anything that involves apple and cinnamon in them.
  12. Then either one they were cooking it wrong or two not using the right fruit. My fruit in my baked goods never turns out squishy and gooey. Something is wrong when someone does that. It's the same thing with cooking vegetables and I know this seems like such a leap from the topic. Point is vegetables need to be cooked al dente. They still need a bit of bite and snap.

    Same thing with baking with fruits. Your fruits aren't suppose to melt into your baked goods. They provide a little snap of sweetness and should still be firm, but not undercooked.
  13. I really like brownies. I can't think of a time when I ever was sick of them. They're yummy plain, with a fudge, a frosting, in a sundae, as a crumble, as a snack, even with fruit. Can't go wrong.

    Also: brownie ice cream bowls.
  14. [​IMG]
    Red velvet Cake

    Can never get enough when mom makes one for the Holidays.
  15. But I'm still in Passover guys! ;_;


    Matzo 'cake' with raspberry & chocolate filling and coating.


    Really good in my honest opinion. ^^

    With actually BAKED goods though, I like pie, I like homemade breads, I LOVE homemade Challah and I am a major brownie and cookie fan.

    Doughnuts are also relatively good too. ^^
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  16. omg this looks delicious

    gimme the recipe
  17. 9-Layer No-Bake Matzo Cake | Cooking On the Side

    It's a common and simple recipe that you use for the pic. It's literally a common recipe that was placed on the back of the Manischewitz Matzo box. You can modify the recipe to better fit your own personal tastes, like with me I used an icing of raspberry/chocolate swirl. The best form of Matzo is lightly salted.
  18. I can make a dairy free version?
  19. Sure. I actually thought this was such a recipe myself, though since you're using a "frozen non-dairy whipped topping." Though as I said you can adjust it to better suit your needs rather easily overall.

    Other Recipes to look into would be Matzo if you want to have it 100% home made and don't wish to purchase your Matzo from the your grocery store and Challah.
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  20. Very sweet. Going to look into trying to make this
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