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  1. I love to look at art and have found many artists I greatly enjoy, but I seem to be having a harder time finding more artists to stalk (if they are current) or admire (if they are dead or no longer doing art). I am also curious as to what kind of art the people of Iwaku like. Share your favorite artists with me and maybe even tell why you enjoy the art they make.

    I have many artists I enjoy, but for now I will share two.
    The first is Liger. She is the person I commission when I have to money, and she never fails to amaze me. It is like she is a mind reader when it comes to drawing my characters how I imagine them. My avatar is by her and to see more of her art here is her tumblr.

    The second artist I want to talk about is Matt Sorensen. He is a spray paint artists and one of my favorite people to talk to. I see him once a year (if lucky) at the fair where I live and spend all the three days watching him work, and occasionally get into deep conversation. I think I got four pictures from him over the summer and will post them if I can get good enough pictures.
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  2. I'm so busy with my own, I unfortunately don't get a chance to go out and follow other artists.

    That and... Pride. XD
  3. Hmm I have a few I greatly enjoy one is Zephyo <3 My avatar is actually one of her works and I greatly enjoy her styling. You can look at the rest of her art here.

    I also like Anton Oxenux who does illustrations which I want to buy if I had extra spending cash laying around XD
  4. Minmonsta: Self taught artists that has the most beautiful collection of art materials ever, she works with watercolour and Copic markers and does all these sketches, so beautiful.
    Marumiyan: Ink wash style portraits with lots of nature themes.
    Gabriel Picolo: Monochrome drawings with just a fineliner are out of this world, and that colouring style is so good.
    ShrimpHEBY: Clothing inspiration goddess, comes up with clothes designs just like that. Does really pencil-based sketching and her rough colouring style with lots of highlights is pretty.
    WickedAlucard: Just omg.
  5. Zephyro has an interesting style. It is quite enjoyable.
    Save up some change and you should be able to afford one in no time. :3

    The art by Marumiyan is fun to look it, and I follow Picolo on DA.
  6. Jeremey Mann, Syd Mead, Jen Zee (her work on transistor), Jade Mosch, Justin Sweet, and most of the impressionists.

    Also Craig Mullins.
  7. well all of the comes from DA so...
    -Picolo-kun, Love his art style and he's really amazing when it comes to coloring
    -Archie-The-RedCat, well he's perfect really..
    -Sakimichan, his/her artstyle are similar to Archie~
    -Phil-cho, Love his DC/MARVEL-ish cartoony artstyle
  8. I was originally inspired by Ruth Thompson's dragons [X]. The colors are so beautiful.
  9. I'm going to be un-original and say HR Giger. I just like his style.
  10. My pictures fail but here are the spray paint pieces I got. They all glow under a black light, but I still have to buy one.

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  11. Does porn count?

    This is important.
  12. Umm yes? I did not expect that question. xD
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  13. Veronica Zemanova as wonder woman.

    This counts for the date a superhero thread too.
  14. Zdzislaw Beksinski
  15. I enjoy Ilya Repin. Russian Realist painter. He gets certain moods down so well. And otherwise, there's just some great characters in his work. Look at that dude in my avatar. That's an Ilya Repin dude, that dude is awesome.

    I've also always loved the work of Claire Wendling.
    A great draftsman and has a certain golden age of illustration quality to her work but it's still modern. I dunno, luv it lol.

    Everyone feels like there's too many great artists to list right?
  16. Agh.. I have so many artists that I absolutely adore that they're impossible to list. However, I'll at least try... In the morning. XD
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