Favorite artificial flavor!

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Favorite Flavor

  1. Blue Raspberry!

  2. Watermellon!

  3. Rootbeer!

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  4. Green Apple!

  5. Strawberry!

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  6. Cyanide!

  7. It's not here! :( I'll tell you below!

  8. Artificial flavors are dumb!

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  1. Everyone has one! What's yours? rasbe
  2. I'm partial to the taste of 'Generic Fruit Flavour That Tastes Like Disappointment'.
  3. watermelon because real watermelon has no taste :(
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  4. Banana!

    I love those milk2go banana flavours
  5. Green Apple! It's slightly bitter, but yet a little sweet!~
  6. Whatever flavour is in White Freezies.
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  8. Butter. :I I hate myself for it, but I have a hard time resisting things made to taste like butter, such as the buttered popcorn jellybean.
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  9. Blue raspberry is amazing. Green apple is a close second. I really like sour things. XD
    But banana sometimes wins because it's so deliciously sweet and mellow. When I'm in the mood for banana, nothing else will satisfy, lol.
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  10. Cherry. Close seconds are Blue Raspberry and Rootbeer, but I love the cherry. A cherry Jolly Rancher is like sucking on a block of Willy Wonka's blood.
  11. I really like "Fruit" punch.
  12. I'm so with @Fluffy on this one. I'm a butterscotch French vanilla Caramel kind of girl. Anything remotely close milk and honey maple and brown sugar <3333 creamy sweet and salty.
  13. I am going to roll with fruit punch. Loved that flavor since I was kid!
  14. White freezie is best freezie
  15. Agreed~ But what flavour is White freezie? I actually went to try and look it up so I could give it a proper name. But I couldn't find a definitive answer oAo

    It didn't help that the product's site was down at the time. Should go check again…

    Nope. Still down. Maybe it just doesn't like me >:[
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  16. Banana! Seems like a rare one to like, though.
    I've always found artificial strawberry to be icky, with few exceptions (read: expensive versions can be ok).
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