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  1. We all have a love for anime, or most of us here do. There were even times when we were little, that we wished to be just like most of the anime characters. Some of us even wish that life was more like an anime. But, we all have our favorites. The one that we watch over and over.

    One of my favorites of all time is Inuyasha. The anime was full of so much romance and action, with a whole mess of twist that built into something bigger!


    Now tell me Iwaku, what is your favorite kind of anime?

    Which one(s) do you value the most?

    Have you ever wanted to be like the character?

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    Good amount of comedy in it when they're trying to be serious.
    Characters are all so very unique.
    And the story is pretty interesting.
  3. FLCL and Cowboy Bebop never get old.
  4. Oh! Oh! I like Soul Eater too! ^.^

    Even though I watched it when I was just an ittybitty, there will always be a special place in my heart for Sailor Moon. More recently however, I found that I really enjoyed Baccano!, Nana (hate that it's never going to be completed though), FMA: Brotherhood, and Ouran Host Club.
  5. I like Soul Eater, but I never got to finish it. The same with Ouran. I was trying to watch it discreetly, but it kept making me laugh out loud. Voltron and Sailor Moon basically started me on anime. Though I have few people IRL to discuss it with, I'd like to see the new anime adaptation of Sailor Moon when it comes out.

    FMA:Brotherhood is definitely another favorite. As is Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex; Mission:Impossible-meets-Law-and-Order/CSI/Criminal Minds in a post-cyberpunk world makes for good stories.

    Gundam Wing had a lot of things about it that made me yell at the screen, both for good or ill, but I still remember it fondly. Loved the soundtrack. 08th MS Team was good too, even with a catchy and somewhat misleadingly happy theme tune.


    Baccano was good. Durarara! too.
  6. Ohh! I forgot all about Gundam Wing! That show rocked my world with the grey areas of the character's goals and moralities where a lot of the other things I watched were very black and white as far as who was good and bad. I also had a heavy girlhood crush on Duo. 9_9 (Don't judge me, please, please please...)

    I almost forgot about Hetalia also. It's so hilarious it makes me yell at my TV. And GitS:SAC is indeed very good!

    And I am ridiculously excited at the prospect of new Sailor Moon. It really made my day when that news made it to me. :3
  7. I'm not into mainstream anime. *puts on hipster glasses....over her regular glasses*

    But, how the hell do I know what is mainstream. I don't. So I'm just going to list the anime series I have watched and loved.

    * Hellsing
    * Angel Beats
    * Now and Then, Here and There
    * Elfen Lied
    * Lucky Star
    * Bleach (first few seasons were the best)

    and I fangirl over anything Miyazaki, but that falls under movies. Sadly, I haven't watched a lot of anime lately, I'm kind of behind.
  8. InuYasha!

    -clings plushie- >w>
  9. Full Metal Panic & Rurouni Kenshin would have to be my two top picks, followed behind by Outlaw Star & Fushigi Yuugi.

    So to recap, lots of action with a love story.
  10. Oh Gosh, I have soo many favorites :D

    I'll tell my top five (it's not in order because I really don't have a favorite order on the top five list xD haha)

    Death note - It's dark but have some moments where it's funny too. It makes you think a lot about what's really good and evil and how to define evil. The pace in the story doesn't go to fast or to slow so it isn't hard to follow and it doesn't get boring. The characters are all different and has both good and bad sides.

    Natsume Yuujinchou - I love the way this anime is drawn. It's very light and the anime doesn't focus on romance which the most animes does in some way. Natsume tries to be friends with both Youkai and humans even though for the most people would think he is nuts for doing so. This anime (and manga) shows very much how you shouldn't stop believing in what you believe in just because some people tells you that it's wrong. I have often also thought about how this can be related to when we humans used other humans as slaves because we thought they were less worth than other people, the same way as the exorcists uses youkai's as slaves. Natsume just doesn't accept that it is the only way to treat them.
    Maybe I just think too much into it xD

    Hetalia - It's a very educating series, it teach you history in a funny way. Every episode doesn't have a historic background though. It has humor even in histories darkest periods. Every country has it's own character and personality, and even though the axis powers were the evil guys in the war they are the heroes in this anime. For the most people just accept the fact that the axis powers that lost the war were the evil guys but after watching hetalia it often get people to think a bit more about it. We often accept that the country that looses is the people that were wrong but if the axis powers had won then maybe we would have thought that they were right. And after thinking about it or a while a lot of people will probably realize that no country really is the evil country and no country is the good one.
    Once again, overthinking stuff xD

    Hakuouki (season 1 & 2) (Haven't started watching the third yet) - It's demons, it's humans that turns into half demons, what isn't there to like? Maybe they went a bit too far when almost everyone died though.

    Hatenkou yuugi (or dazzle as many knows it as) - I prefer the manga because that explains much more of what's happening, but the anime is also really good. A girl gets thrown out of the house by her adopted father that wants her to see the world. She finds two (hot) men that she starts to travel with. It has a lot of funny moments and really dark moments, and even I have cried during that anime threw one of their adventures xD On the other hand that was three years ago, I wouldn't cry today x3 Ghosts, magic, science, crimes, everything is there ;)

    I also enjoy Fruits Basket, Alice Academy, Nana, and Pretear.

    Most of my favorites end up being quirky slice of life or magical girl. D:
  12. My absolute favourite anime so far has to be Black Rock Shooter. It has excellent art, a great story that always keeps you on the edge of your seat, spectacular scenes, good characters, and it pushes all my buttons just right. I recommend it to everyone wholeheartedly as it is an awesome series, even though it is very short.
  13. Far too many to really list so I'm just going to name my favorite anime movie ever. Grave of the Fireflies.
  14. MJV-ART.ORG_-_51932-1920x1200-mahou+shoujo+lyrical+nanoha-fate+testarossa-takamachi+nanoha-wides.jpg

    Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
  15. I watched Inuyasha and Bleach religiously until they started repeating from the beginning for the 4th time. So I stopped watching, fell out of love with them, and when I came back to try and watch again, I was lost as to what had happened in the time I was away.

    Will say that Soul Eater is kinda awesome... Could have done without Excalibur..

    I have 4 favourites.

    Pokemon: Everything from episode 1 all the way up to the Jhoto league. Everything after that... kinda went downhill :/ But up until that point, it was an awesome adventure, with a main protagonist that WASN'T PERFECT! His pikachu LOST on occasion >:[ Nowadays he's a basic godmod, blowing through everyone. And when he does lose, it feels cheap, because you know that its a forced plot point, because any other time, he would have won. *Sigh* I miss my old pokemon...

    Digimon: Everything up until the end of Digimon Tamers. Digimon grew more mature and darker as its audience grew up, and that it made appealing to an older audience. The first season was very kid friendly and action packed. The second season, while still relatively kid friendly, brought in elements that a maturing audience would recognize. Like betrayal, self doubt, and insecurity. At the beginning of the third season, Digimon Tamers, I'll admit I wasn't too thrilled. But sticking with it, It changed so dramatically as it went along that it kept my interest. And the ending ;n; omg... And then they went back to being very lighthearted and kid friendly, and while it didn't crash too hard, I lost interest because it seemed too... soft.

    Beyblade: I loved this show. I STILL love this show. Well... Everything before metal fusion anyway. Beyblade pulled the same thing as digimon, growing with its audience, becoming a show that teenagers and up could enjoy and relate to. And the ending of G-revolution was very dark. It also tortured my favourite character emotionally, so it won my approval. After G-Rev, Beyblade went on a bit of a hiatus. When they announced a new season, I was excited. I couldn't even finish the first episode. They had made it kid friendly, but in such a way that it destroyed the old fan base. The main character looked like a mash up of old favourites, and he became this.. annoyingly cheerful, optimistic mary sue. I screamed at my tv over this one ._. BUT the old seasons are wonderful, and this still remains one of my favourite series.

    Katekyo Hitman: REBORN: I. Love. This. Anime. It has the perfect blend of humour, teenage awkwardness, and world threatening drama that just wins my soul. The main characters are likeable, and I root for him. All the main characters are wonderfully unique and dynamic. Except Hibari :[ I dislike him, but that's not the point of this. Not only are the main protagonists wonderful, but the villains are memorable and feel like they could be real people. And the best part? THE FILLER ARCS HAVE A POINT! Yes, they're filler arcs, but they serve to push the story forward. After a climatic battle with Villain 1, the heroes unlock new powers within themselves/found in other objects. It tells how they become so powerful in the next season. And they struggle, which makes them that much more relatable. I highly recommend this series to everyone.
  16. Chrome-Shelled Regios.
    *Shows vegetable peeler*
    "Does such a device really exist?!"


    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.
    I can sympathise with Ed.
    We aren't little.
    We're just fun-sized.

    Sword Art Online.
    I've only seen three episodes, and it's only going to run for twenty-five, but YOU. NEED. TO. WATCH. THIS. ANIME.
  17. I don't watch anime as much as I used to lately, sadly. I liked Code Geass a lot even though the ending was a complete train wreck that Sunrise attempted to fix by throwing more trains at it.

    Gundam SEED was my first foray into the Gundam series. I hear SEED was something of a love it or hate it kind of entry in the series, but whatever you do don't talk about Gundam SEED: Destiny. That's almost hated outright...though I tolerate its existance.

    And lastly Gurren Lagann because.....because fuck you it's Gurren Lagann and that's the only reason any true fan of the show needs.

    So I guess at the end of the day I'm drawn to mech animes...well and harem animes too but those are far too shallow and a guilty pleasure to even go in depth on here.
  18. Those are all some great anime's guys. I also love Nana!


    -Lucky Star

    (made me CRY every time I watch it and I still haven't finished the damn thing! >:'[ )


    -Death Note

    -Ouran High School Host Club



    -Sailor Moon

    -Dragon Ball Z

    -Gundam Seed Destiny

    -The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

    -Card Captor Sakura

    -Full Metal Alchemist

    (only watched up until the ending of the Jirayia-Sensei Arch, haven't seen Shippuden yet)

    And I think that's it. ^^