Favorite Anime Music?

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Hey Iwaku, what's your favorite song from an anime, it can be one someone sings, an opening, an ending or even a soundtrack. I'm trying to find music for my radio show.
Here's an obvious one;

Classic show with a great soundtrack overall.

Other than that, I really don't listen much to anime OST's.
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Reba West or Mari Ijima; it's still good classic Minmay :)
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No matter how fabulous you think you are, you will never be 'glowing pink nipples' fabulous.
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I have a lot of anime songs I like. I'll just spam a bunch of them like some of the others in this thread. To all those on mobile or with slow connections: I apologize for nothing, enjoy the painfully slow page loading time with so many embedded Youtube videos.

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It seems two pieces of immense culture from the East are missing. Allow me to rectify this.

You may now continue with posting other, more forgettable, weeaboo soundtracks. :ferret:
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Damn, I have a lot.

make that all of the Hakuoki openings.
dude. kenshin!
My friends and I use Freckles to drown out other catchy songs that get stuck in our heads. xD Then it usually turns into the room singing the entire theme.


But if you want music produced for a series then-


Does this count as anime music?
Hentai basically is anime soo...

Other than Gundam, the only Anime I really watched; and loved it.

^Plays during my favorite scene.
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