Favorite Animals

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  1. Many of us here on Iwaku love animals. We love how they have freedom to do what they want, when they want and live however they want. Nature is such a free and beautiful thing. I love watching nature channel and studying what the animals habitats are and how they live. To live freely is amazing and it looks like they enjoy their freedom, even though they can't speak to us, their actions show it.

    My favorite animal that I would be would have to be the Cheetah.

    [​IMG]They are really fast and they look as if they flow with the wind. I'm pretty sure that if I were to race one, I would get left in the dust and overwhelmed by its speed, but, yes, the Cheetah is such an amazing animal. It is also a very smart hunter.

    Now Iwaku, if you could be any animal in the world, what would it be?

    What would you do with the freedom of being an animal?

    How would you live in the life of nature?

  2. This is tough for me. While my favorite animal is the tiger -


    If I had to pick an animal to become, probably a bird of prey. Hawks, eagles, falcons. Anything like that.
  3. [​IMG]

    i'd still be tiger. They're MY fav too ^^

    They're majestic and beautiful plus they LOVE the water...which so do I. So really it's a nice fit...
  4. [​IMG]
    Who didn't see this one coming?
    No, but I love turtles and I wouldn't mind being one.



    Being a bear!
    600lbs, can stand up to 9 feet tall on it's back legs, does what it wants.
    I like either option.


    8D Totally.
  6. This one is so tough for me. I'm one of those girls who have way too many pets, (I have 13 right now) and I'm working toward my wildlife major. so animals are a big part of my life, and my favorites are always changing. I guess right now it would have to be


    The chinchilla. I couldn't think of a cuter animal to be, though it would be unfortunate to be a prey item. Or..


    An Avicularia Avicularia, or Pinktoe in most pet stores (Which is misleading, since there are many spiders that fall under the Avic genus. Such as the Avic. Versicolor) When I had one of these I did a WHOLE lot of research, and he became one of my favorites to learn about, since everything from their anatomy to their method of breeding are so much different from ours, and most of the animals people are familiar with.
  7. A black panther, because they are simply beautiful :D I love cat animals, and black is my favorite color x3 So black panther is one of my favorites xD
  8. Foxes. ALL TYPES OF THEM.







    There are more types, but those are some of my favorites: Red fox, Marble fox, Crab-eating fox, Cross fox, Bat-eared fox, and Fennec fox
  9. Those are all cool animals everyone. ^__^
  10. These.

    Because this.


    Because Ohai there.


    And because Snoop Dogg.

  11. This is friggin' hard! I love so many animals.......

    < 3 Animals.

    Animals everywhere.

    Cats, Dogs, and Horses
    Because these are the easiest animals to get, and cats and dogs are very loyal without randomly eating you one day or stinking up the house...if you make your cat go outside that is. They are my favorites just because they are the most obtainable and generally the most friendly. I like pets. I love loyal dogs, and cats have great attitudes. Horses can become very loyal, and, well, they're pretty fun to ride.

    Because I've always wanted to own a chinchilla. I saw one in the pet store one day, got to hold it, and was just DAAWWWWWW.


    I raised rabbits as a child. My rabbits won Grand Champion at the fair every time I went. They were just that badass. But sadly rabbits are messy and don't do a lot besides be adorable and super soft. You can put rabbits on a leash and "walk" them though, which is adorable.

    Because unicorns are real shut up!

    Aaaand basically any animal you could throw at me except for insects and arachnids, minus teh butterflies. I think every animal is adorable in its own way. Even sharks can be adorable!
  12. So many awesome animals. But I have always been fond of one particular one. I love them so much! Just so awesome, and epic, and- I should probably tell you guys what it is, huh?

    Anyways, I love the owl. Any kind of owl, I just love them.

  13. I like bears. And owls. And Raccoons. And Yes.
  14. Whoodrat
  15. House of the Rising Sun.
  16. My favorite animal is a snow leopard. I'm not sure what I'd do besides move somewhere with cooler summers.
  17. OH, Owls are so cute! I lurves them! Oh, and koalas, because they look monsterous when they're wet. Look it up.
  18. ...Why did I listen? D:
  19. Wombats. I think they are cute! Beavers, cats and the platypus as well!