Fave music genres and fave artists from them

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  1. Alternative: twenty one pilots
    Metal: Avenged Sevenfold
    rap: Eminem

    There's others but I can't think of them =p
  2. Classical:
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  3. Rock: Aerosmith, Journey, most hair metal bands of the 80s.
    Alternative: The Editors, the Killers, Fitz and the Tantrums, Capital Cities, Bastille, imagine dragons.
    Metal: Allen - Lande, dream evil, master plan, ensiferum, sabaton, rammstein. Plenty more.

    My PC at home has 150gb of music on it from who knows how many genres. Can but shuffle and hit play and won't hear the same song (not counting doubles and remixes) twice in a week nonstop.

    Favorite music knows no genre walls. All that matters is I like it.

    Personally I find rap, hip hop, and most pop to be shallow and just plain boring.
  4. I remember what I forgot.

    Happyhardcore: S3RL
  5. I am disappoint at the lack of a poll!

    I'm finding myself branching out a LOT musically, and now it really does depend wildly on my mood!

    Today is a pop-rock type day, tomorrow may be hip hop, or 60's pop, or 80's rock, or '00's dance pop!

    Edit: oh right, artists

    • Hip-Hop: Tie between Eminem and Will Smith
    • Pop: I guess I have the most songs from OneRepublic?
    • Soft Pop: do cover bands count? Boyce Avenue
    • Alternative Rock: Barenaked Ladies
    • Punk Rock: Green Day
    • Rock: Nickelback
    • Classic Rock: Bon Jovi
    • Metal: Avenged Sevenfold/Black Sabbath tie
    • Symphonic Metal: Nightwish
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  6. Cover bands dooo count, anything counts.
    You gots good taste.
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  7. I like just about every genre; but my favorite is a tie between rock, metal, and techno/dubstep/electronic- I know they're different but I thought it easier to list them into one category for now.
    My favorite rock band is a tie between Breaking Benjamin and 10 Years. Though I love too much of that to really choose. A rather long list of bands that I listen to is found in my info tab via my profile; it's not even the complete list. I listen to a lot of music.
    My favorite metal band is tied with Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch, and Metallica.
    An honorable mention is an artist I recently discovered by the name of Porter Robinson. If you like Chillstep, definitely check his stuff out.
    I personally don't much care for rap unless it means something. My favorite rap artist is Eminem.

    I really like music. xD
  8. I like a lot of genres too.
    I think I saw your status a couple days ago about Porter Robinson, I listened to him, I liked it B)

    I wasn't stalking....I just go through new profile posts when I get bored....

    Love Metallica and Breaking Benjamin. I actually like a lot of bands >.<
  9. @KayLove

    Oh man. I've listened to his album Worlds like four times now. I never get tired of it. It would be so hard for me to give you a a list of my favorites; I don't even have a least favorite. My top three would have to be Hear The Bells, Sea of Voices, and Goodbye to a World. But oh man, Fellow Feeling is great too. I love when the girl's voice said, "Now please, hear what I hear." And that awesome drop happened and the music suddenly changed from calm to just epic. They're all so great.

    And yeah, you have a really similar taste in music. It's great. xD And nah, stalk my profile any time~
  10. Ok so I like everything. I'm mainly a Classical person but as you can tell I literally adore so much music I can't help but listen to all this ll.

    Rap: Eminem & Zico.
    Classical: Shostakovich followed by Prokofiev, Mozart and Chopin.
    Rock [Cannot distinguish subgenres]: Bon Jovi followed closely by A7X.
    Country/Folk: Wye Oak & Johnny Cash.
    K-Pop: SHINee & Block B.
    Pop: The Backstreet Boys.
    Neo-Jazz: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy & Postmodern Jukebox.
    Electronic: Odesza.
    Swing: Ol' Blue eyes Sinatra.

    Welp. Please do not suggest a genre to me because as you can see, I get hooked on a lot.
  11. Happy Hardcore.....

    ....I don't even...
  12. My favorite genres are rock (especially classical rock), classical, and glitch hop. I don't really listen to any musicians that only do one genre though, just a couple that do a lot of genres.

    Except for the Glitch Mob.

    Funnily enough I was introduced to them by Person of Interest; the show used Fortune Days in the episode If-Then-Else, and I loved it so much I looked up the soundtrack to find it.
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  13. Dream Theater has been my favorite lately. Also from Prog metal/rock: Porcupine tree and Spock's beard. Really awesome musics :)
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  14. JPOP: AKB48
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  15. I like J-Pop. Don't have a favourite artist, though.
    J-Rock: UVERworld.

    Also like my traditional Asian music. Or modern soundtracks/songs that incorporate that style.
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  16. We can be friends.
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  17. I love him :3
    First song I've heard from him was Hey Joe (I know he ain't the original artist for that)
  18. Even if he wasn't, he still has an uncanny ability to take the songs he covers and makes them his own. It took me awhile to find out that Bob Dylan was the first to write All Along the Watchtower. The cover even became one of Jimi's most recognizable songs and became an anthem of sorts for the anti-war movement of it's time and still packs so much raw emotion into both the vocals and the guitar riffs/solos. He wasn't just a great guitar player, he was an amazing showman. It's a shame the way he died, but he was forced to live fast and got caught up in the bad things. All good things come to an end.
  19. It's kind of hard to sort most, if not ALL of the artists I like into specific categories but... :/

    Rock: ONE OK ROCK
    Alternative Rock: Walk Off The Earth
    Pop: Sooo many artists. Too many. All the artists ever.
    Country: Keith Urban
    Hip Hop: Macklemore + Ryan Lewis, Epik High
    R&B: Janelle Monáe
    Electro-whatever: Savant, Knife Party
    Indie-something: Bastille
    Alternative metal/nu metal/whatthefuckevermetal: Girugamesh

    It's 5 am and my brain is mush. I can't think anymore. *dies*

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