Fav. kind of pocky?

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  1. So far I have only had teh regular stuffs...TELL CORVUS ABOUT POCKY.
  2. I haven't seen it in years, but there use to be a green tea pocky. It was awesome!
  3. I like the Strawberry one.

    I want to try the maple one.
  4. Maple is good, I really like the vanilla one but I stand by my chocolate, ain't nothing wrong with the original. You can also get a couple of flavors here but that's nowhere near the full selection I've seen
  5. Strawberry's good, but the toasted almond kind is my fave!
  6. *Eyes thread suspiciously, eating delicious Reese's*
  7. *gruff big stupid guy voice*

    There are.... other kinds?!


    But, seriously, my favorite is the kind that's either in my hand or in my mouth. I've only had chowklet and strawburrah.
  9. A Japanese snack. Confection-coated cookie/biscuit sticks.
  10. ...wait, so its like a chocolate teddy bear biscuit, only a stick?

  11. Show Spoiler

    in during sawdust

    I don't even remember what it tastes like anymore.
  12. Sweet Bean.

    There's a Japanese supermarket near where I live, so I've tried a lot of Pocky.
  13. Sweet Bean? Damn, I never saw that at the Asian market!
  14. I don't think they are the most amzing things in the world to eat...but they arent bad and I would like to try more...some of these sound good O__O!
  15. I need to try that blueberry one. Looks awesome.
  16. I liked the raspberry cream one I had, it wasn't really super sweet and it was so smooth... **sigh**
  17. All I know about Pocky is that the little neighbor kid calls hockey pucks, "pockey pucks."
    Freaking adorable.

  19. So far, I've had Chocolate and Strawberry. I intend to try some of the other flavors soo.
  20. I like the choclate. The strawberry is ok, not great. The almond was okay. I'll stick to the orignial, but now I cant have it anyway. So now I just remember it fondly.