Faux NEws 'Fox News' blames shooting on Video Games

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  1. Humans are naturally violent. Its a fact. A horrible one, but a fact. Media, computer games, movies, books, etc. may contribute to people's more aggressive behaviour by showing it more and more and gratifying it, but even if we didn't have it violence would still exist. Humans also always had violence in their entertainment, its just a part of us.
  2. People, in the face of tragedy, will always find a scapegoat. They'll feel that somebody or something has to be blamed for making/allowing atrocities or catastrophes occur as they do. The reasons in finding someone or something at fault are often baseless, superstitious, or just plain make little sense. I have yet to understand why human beings have the need to convince themselves and others of such things, aside from their belief systems.

    Personally, it's why I hate playing the blame game myself. There's bound to be a lot of talking out the ass.
  3. And the left will blame it on guns and call for ''MORE GUN CONTROL"

    So lame!

    I hate it when people feel helpless and blame inanimate objects instead of addressing the real issue.
  4. Just so you know. That happened in the town over from where I was. They guy supposedly lost his job, he shot his parents and then went to the school to shoot the principal. He just decided to shoot the others there too. My school was in lock down so we watched the news in my ROTC class until the day was over. Some crazy stuff.
  5. There is a saying which I completely agree with on the terms of gun control: "Guns don't kill people. Idiots with guns kill people." The same is true for video games. Video games, by themselves are not a cause of violence. A rational person should be aware of the consequences of their actions and as such, they would be able to differentiate between the video game world and the real world. I know people who play ridiculously violent video games all the time, but they are perfectly fine and functioning members of the society because they can tell when they are playing with their video games, and when they are living in reality. Blaming video games for violence is wrong, but if there is one thing that those who rate video games are right about, is that violent games warp the perspectives of children.

    So rather than blaming video games for the violence, it is the person who commits the violence who should be responsible.