Fault In Our Stars

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  1. Killian sat in the hall in his wheel chair munching on an apple. he's been in and out of this hospital for nearly two years now so he knew most of the staff and had the place wired, with the exception of school work during the time scholl is normally in session he could get away with practly anything.... sometimes staying here was better than staying at home. his home wasnt built for wheel chairs and he has been pretty much restricted to the ground floor of his two house complete with a basement. here, he could go anywhere!
  2. Alex Nitram took a deep breath, tightly grasping the handles of the walker he had asked the nurses for earlier. He was currently sitting on his bed, his feet hanging over the edge so that they rested on the floor. He had been advised not to try what he was about to, but he couldn't help it. He was never allowed to move, he want even allowed to move his own wheel chair. According to the doctors it just wasn't possible. Alex want going to take that kind of assumption so easily.

    However; as fate had it, Alex didn't get a choice in the matter. He attempted to lift himself off of the bed and stand but he instantly fell. He groaned as a nurse helped him into his chair, having awarded him his single attempt and began wheeling him from the room.

    It was probably for the best that he hadn't succeeded, as it was his limbs were shaking from the attempt alone.

    "can't I at least suffer in my own home..." He sighed
  3. Rion was wandering the halls, clutching his gem in one of his pockets, looking for something to do in this vast place. There was nothing to really ever to do there, wander around, sit in your room, or sit in the cafeteria, witch might as well be the commons if this was a school. A few nurses greeted him has he walked by, asking how his day was and if they could do anything for him. He declined, but then asking if they have found a necklace lying in the halls some were, mainly in the southern area of the hospital were his room was. Almost when Rion was out of earshot of the nurses gathered in the hall, a young male nurse chimed over them all discussing what to do with the influx of people coming there, saying that he may have saw something shimmering in the most southern area of the hall and that he would look for it.

    A smile was made across his face as he walked out of the range of the crowed of nurses and the friendly young one. He almost wanted to say that he heard "See ya Cryso!" Somewhere behind him, but Rion was not sure but as a response he turned around and lifted his hand up as a sign of "Have a good day." As he kept walking down the mainly empty halls he wandered into the commons. He sauntered over to a chair, looking around at his surroundings he did not see anything too much interesting to do so he just sat down and relaxed and letting the few people there have their conversations.
  4. "And this is your room, you can decorate it however you want.We will see if you can be bought some new clothes soon, dear," says the kind woman, she was a nurse, that had been showing Faith around the hospital.
    Faith simply nods, her eyes remain pained, and her frown doesn't leave her face. She looks at the room, there was a window looking out on a view of some tree and a man made pond outside the hospital. Her room was a nice size for a girl her age, but she didn't much care. Her closet was small but she owned only the filthy,black, long sleeve shirt, ripped and muddy jeans, and grey sneakers that were falling apart that she wore right now.
    She had a bed with white sheets and two pillows and a nightstand that matched the small dresser opposite the nightstand.
    The nurse smiles at Faith gently and says, "That is basically the entire Hospital, if you need anything just ask any of the faculty and they'll help you. You are free to roam the hospital at your leisure during the day.I need to go and help the nurses at the desk, don't worry dear, you'll make plenty of friends here, " she says to Faith, turning away with a smile.
    Faith walks into the room that was now hers, she sits on the bed and kicks off her sneakers onto the floor, before putting them neatly at the foot of her bed. She may have little to live for, but she would never be a slob.
    The teenager crawls onto her bed, curling up with her arms wrapped around her knees. She sobs... she had left her door open, but she didn't care if the world saw her break down. The doctors didn't even know what had happened to her, a woman had found her collapsed on her lawn and called an ambulance. The doctors had asked and asked her about what had happened to her... she'd only told them her name.
    The doctors had diagnosed her with severe depression, they said she was incurable. She could have told them that, but she never wanted to say anything ever again.
    Faith just sits there, sobbing into her knees, the river of tears once again awakening.
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  8. Killian was on his way to the nurses station to drop off a small-ish silver chain he had nearly fallen out of his chair to grab the night before. The chain was carefully wrapped around the arm of his chair the broken link that had caused it to fall from it's owner was repaired and in good condition thanks to Killian. On his way to the nurses station he saw another boy Bering pushed around in a wheelchair and couldn't help himself. His couriusity peaked and he followed the other chair bound boy and his nurse