Fates' Rhythm

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  1. Hello and welcome to my first ever original roleplay!
    This is merely a interest check but of course, please give me your opinions!

    Sign ups

    Fate's Rhythm

    Welcome to The School of American Ballet.

    For many years, you have toiled and poured your heart into your craft, your medium for expression. Dance, the one thing that occupies your life. You gave up friends and love and a normal life for the slim chance to one day perform here.

    And you have succeeded.

    The smooth glass windows that arch above, both intimidate and welcome you. It seems to good to be true, that you have been accepted into a company far beyond your dreams.

    You are young, talented and sometimes too headstrong for your own good. But you have been accepted as a revolutionary new idea, to allow fresh dancers to fulfill their dreams.

    There only a few of you, compared to your old dance class, a little under 30 you think. Some are clearly foreign, with such beautiful skin and smooth lines of dance, that you are intimidated. Though you are talented, you see so much talent that you never know if you will make it.

    But: you hold a secret. A secret so complex and fantastical and unbelievable, you doubt anyone would believe it. Some are you are half human and their secret ancestry is not human, so to speak. Angels, demons and spiritual creatures far beyond imagining that dwell beyond the rhythmic beat of the dancer's life, the blood of these creatures dances through the veins of some.

    In a place of intrigue, which become mysterious as time passes and the spiritual and mundane mist clash in the most intimate ways. Love and hate, War and peace... These and more will be decided, as humanity and the secrets in the world clash and mix.

    Is Fate's Rhythm always to be obeyed?
    • This roleplay will be heavily based on the drama and romance and competitions that will spark outside of the dance studio.
    • Characters may be half human, half supernatural or full human.
    • Any romantic pairings or preferences may be included, as long as an agreement is reached among both users. This is not under mature, so I expect anything of that category to either be posted elsewhere under it's appropriate category or fade to black on anything past acceptable standards. E.g. Light petting, heavy kissing, etc. Nothing beyond this.
    Supernatural creatures that MAY be included:​
    • Kitsune
    • Inugami
    • Bakeneko
    • Jorogumo
    • Vampires
    • Angels (fallen)
    • Elemental spirits
    • Animal spirits
    • Shape shifters
    All races, creeds, sexualities, nationalities are accepted.

    I would ask that any character be over 16 and preferably under 30. These are vital years of a dancer's life and most often, characters are between these years anyway.

    So, yeah... This was an idea I have had on my laptop for months and have never used before. There is a plot but... Hush, it's a secret. Don't speak and Don't tell!

    Let me know if you would want in!

    PS: Any dance styles or variations are available, as long as its appropriate. So no 'exotic dancers', if you'd please. You do not have to be a dancer to role play, this is merely a means to an end. Most professional dancers do have a great love of their careers and chosen art, so anyone in this class would be passionate about dance. Even if you want be a musician or a choreographer or a teacher of something other than dance for the high school age students!
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  2. I am interested in this!! :3
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  3. Awesome! :) I just have to get some more support and it will be up and running!
  4. Okay, but about the supernatural creatures, do they all have powers and things? Or do they have a human form and a supernatural form?
  5. As for abilities and powers, it really depends on the supernatural creature chosen. Keep in mind, they are only HALF supernatural, so any abilities and powers would be weakened. I was thinking of setting a limit, such as only 1 or 2 abilities.

    One ability available to everyone would be improved natural grace and balance, as well as stamina and physical ability. Also, smexiness is an inborn trait. XD

    As for forms, some would have a secondary form. Kitsune, Inugami, Bakeneko, Shape shifters, animal spirits will have a secondary form. While vampires, demons, fallen angels basically hide their defining features behind a glamour or are able to retract wings/fang/horns at will.
  6. Aweome! I like the idea of a Kitsune or shapeshifter! This is gonna be so cool!
  7. Do you have anyone who would be interested in this as well? Just trying to get some people in to kick start it!
  8. Actually I have, I just have to ask them.
  9. If you could, I would owe you one! Like, cookies or something like that! :)
  10. No you don't owe me anything ;) I love helping.
  11. I really do love the concept, but I'm full on rp's right now and I don't do drama well >.> i only just started with my first drama based one.... But I will surely keep an eye on this. It's very interesting and I like the script up of playable variations you have
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  12. It's fine and if you want, once you have time you are free to jump in. It's a dance school, dancers come and go like clouds!

    Thank you very much! :)
  13. Alright I asked a few, they say that they'll check it out.
  14. I don't think I have found anything so interesting in my life. I would love to join this role play once it had been set!
  15. I like it.... It sounds like my character that I have chosen for this likes it as well! that's a good thing ^^
  16. Ahh, yay!! Thanks so much! :) About 3 or 4 people more, then I will start signups! :)
  17. Ooohhhh, this sounds cool :D Once you get enough interest to set it up, I'm so in.
  18. Awesome! A few more people and I will set it up! :)
  19. This is definitely an interesting idea. I've always wanted to play a dancer character! I'll be looking out for the sign ups!
  20. I'm WAY intrested in this! (Hey! I know you!) But I am going on a short hiatus where I won't be able to post as often as I would like, (I'm going to be keeping up on my 1 x1's though), and I don't know when I would find time to fill out a CS.

    But I would make it happen for this RP because I love dance a lot... And I love this plot. So. Yeah.
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