Fateless: A Dark Fantasy RP

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  1. The world of Fateless is not kind.

    It's not as if there is some great, black evil in the land, tormenting the weak and casting its dark shadow across all who dare to walk in its wake. Were there a concrete evil, there would undoubtedly be some concrete good in the world to defy it. A white force that, against all odds, would eventually rise to cast down the blackness and restore peace and prosperity to the land.

    No, in this world, all is consumed by grey. The Shroud, scholars have come to call it. An unseen, unknowable force in the water and air, poisoning the minds of men and stealing from them the driving, vital force that makes them feel alive. They have long given up trying to cure it. Those with enough heart left to try can do nothing, but try vainly to run away from it all. To delay the inevitable. And perhaps, if they run far enough, experience the fleeting sensations of fulfillment that come with being alive.

    For the people of the City of Mortis, this is not an option. Here, the Shroud is at its thickest, and it falls upon the stones of the city in the form of a thin, perpetual rain. The streets are clogged with the scent of death and still water, and always the sound of running water, flowing constantly downwards. Down and down and down, into the city's deepest and unexplored depths.

    It is here, where you find yourselves now.

    Well, I guess that's out of the way, so I might as well get to the decidedly less comma-filled explanation of this interest check's purpose.

    Hi, I'm creating a roleplay named Fateless, as you've probably gathered. It's a sort of lovecraft-inspired, exploration and horror centric roleplay set in a mildly unique fantasy world designed by yours truly. As you can see, the scale has been narrowed down significantly to encompass only a single city. This is pretty much where the entire story will take place.

    The fantasy elements in the story are a little less in-your-face compared to a majority of fantasy settings. Magic definitely exists, but it has a distinctly occult feel to it and functions much differently from say, throwing a fireball at your enemies to destroy them. Think more along the lines of rituals preformed in dark alleyways to curse your enemies, and you should be on the right track.

    Races, too, have been cut back from the norm somewhat. There are humans, and they are by far the majority in this world. They have physical bodies, and souls, and are vulnerable to the Shroud. They can use magic though, so that's a plus. The long-lasting effects of the Shroud on their psychologies has rendered them a rather dispassionate people. If a time existed where they were easily roused, by anger, lust, or likewise, it has been long forgotten.

    Besides humans, there are the enigmatic and soulless Dolls, incapable of preforming magic by themselves, but possessing an incredible resilience that makes them immune to it. Furthermore, they are seemingly immune to the effects of the Shroud. Possibly because of this, they can most commonly be found in places where its concentration is greatest, as this is where they seem to thrive. They are incredibly few in number, however, and even in Shroud hotspots such as Mortis, their population still does not quite extend to the hundreds.

    Surprisingly, while they are not particularly extreme with their showings of emotion, Dolls are capable of a far wider range of feelings than Shroud-affected humans. They can love, and even be consistently happy, under the right situations. Unfortunately, in this world, the correct times for these emotions rarely occur, and more often than not Dolls are left to experience much of the same things felt by your regular, shrouded human being.

    Finally, worth mentioning are Monsters. While they are neither Doll nor Human, they are derived from them, and as such hold all of the same weaknesses and strengths. They are a wretched existence, brought into being by one who cursed their fate and reached for possibilities beyond their grasp. Transformed by Sorcery or Other forces, their features vary, but the fundamental composition of their being does not. They cannot do something that is beyond the grasp of the materials with which they were built. All that is left for them is to hope that they are slain. There is no other way out.

    There are the Others, but perhaps attempting to classify them in the same category as the other races is inappropriate. Their nature, and purposes are largely unknown. And they're definitely not playable. Sorry guys.

    Wow, that turned out longer than I expected. I guess I'll leave it at this for now, and see if it grabs anyone. If you have any questions, just say them~
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  2. Oooooohhhh... soooooo spooooky...!!@@!!

    AAAAHHH! It grabbed me!!!


    Just gunna wait till OoC is up then.^^
  3. And as long as this isn't how you talk in-character, you'll be very welcome there~

    I mean, if we get people.
  4. Interested.

    I loves me some Lovecraft, and the Dolls remind me a bit of Bloodborne. <3
  5. Lovecraft is best girl. Doll is fine, too~
  6. This sounds very appealing. I am interested. May I ask about the level of writing that you will be asking for? Will my lack of knowledge about Lovecraft effect anything? (I am guessing not, but you never know! Better safe than sorry.)
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  7. I'm interested, but you listed monsters as a species that hope to be slain so if someone plays them are they just trying to get the other players to kill them or what?
  8. I should've asked this, actually. c:
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  9. Interest Rising. Its... TOO MUCH! SIGN ME IN!

    Edit: I personally had an idea for a character I have toyed around with for a long time, but didn't have any good places to use it. In here, it would very much be possible, with Dolls or the... Others.
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  10. I also have had a character idea for the longest while that could fit into this situation and there are some character details I'd like to ask you about privately. It's been a long time since I've participated in a role play and I was never very good, I would also like to know the expectations for writing ability and length.
  11. The vague plot you presented is, I gotta say impressive. I'm pretty interested so if I pass the standard writing quota I'm ready to join.
  12. How exciting, the interest check I just left lying around is attracting a bunch of cool-looking people. With this many, there's nothing really keeping me from starting. I'll hold back for the time being just to answer any more pre-thread questions. If you have anything obvious to ask about, this would be your time~

    My expectations are not especially high, what matters to me the most is more that you're able to create an interesting and satisfactory character. If you have a grasp on the basics of spelling and grammar, and are willing to put actual effort into your posts, you'll be fine.

    Don't think too much about it.
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  13. I would be down for this
  14. Fantastic. Honestly, I like the appeal of being a "Doll". So if accepted, I know what I will be leaning towards.
  15. I'm definitely interested as well, though my knowledge of Lovecraft is almost nonexistent. Would that pose a problem?
  16. Same here, while this looks amazing, I don't even know what lovecraft is (though I'm guessing it's some sort of game?)
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  17. By lovecraft I think they mean H.P. Lovecraft the author
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  18. Oh, oops...but thank you! :)
    I know of Lovecraft, even if I haven't read his books....yet...
  19. I havnt read anything by Lovecraft either.
  20. It's a popular theme among a lot of the folks around here. I don't know a whole lot about it myself though.
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