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The Siege of Gothenheim
I am a Farborn, child of the Pilgrims,
Seed of my ancestors who crossed the Barren Sea.
To Gothenheim I pledge my strength,
To the city alone in a land of winter.
When all is lost the walls shall lean upon me,
When gates are breached I shall bar the way.
I am FateGuard, bound to my brothers and sisters,
And shall not let the Pilgrim's City fall.

~ Oath of the FateGuard

Welcome to Gothenheim, a city on the edge of the world. A century ago a fleet arrived from distant lands, bearing monks, colonists and adventurers. They built the Pilgrim's City, a foothold from which they could explore the wilderness awaiting them.
But they were cursed.
The land was home to ancient evils, as old as the world itself, which rose to swallow them on land and at sea. The fleet was cut off and the pilgrims stranded in their city, beset by monsters, dragons, witches and demons. For a century now, the people have suffered alone in the hostile night.
And for a century the FateGuard have protected them.
An elite city watch, the FateGuard are armed with the greatest weapons, magics and blessings that Gothenheim can provide. They are the heroes of their time, sons and daughters of the strongest families, elders and alphas of the embattled community.
It is by their will alone that the Pilgrim's City stands.
And every night, they must do their duty.


- No going outside the city walls. You will be killed in a heartbeat.

- Evil creatures only attack at night. This is part of the curse.

- You are a non-magical human. You are not born a magic user.

- No angsty loners - you are the protectors and advisors to this city.

- No angsty rebels - you love this city and want to protect it.

- You may have three "blessings", which are gifts from the city folk.

- Use these blessings to represent your special items and abilites.

- The story will be broken into episodes, for each night of the watch.

- Domestic drama will be as important as action sequences.

- Political intrigue will be as important as action sequences.

- Each player will have a chance to suggest the plot for an episode.

- Your characters will all know each other from the outset.

- Magic must be natural/druidic or based on the four elements. The effects must be invisible or subtle, so that anyone who looked at you would not know that you are using magic. The Fateguard are only rumoured to have these powers, and the mages would not bless you with anything overt. So keep it subtle. Think Game of Thrones.

- You must post once a week, or I will take over your character.




Reputation: (What do the FateGuard value you for?)

Royal Blessing: (Something expensive or a badge of authority)

Holy Blessing: (A divine ability/item/destiny)

Magic Blessing: (A magic item/enchantment)

Legend: (Describe one legend that has sprung up around you - something that the townsfolk gossip about)

Off-Duty: (What do you do during the day, and what friends/family do you have. You must have a profession, as being a watchman does not give you enough income to survive.)

Vet or Wet?: (Are you a new recruit? Or just someone who's missed the last few nights? )

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The Story So Far...

Night One: The Flames of Darraskun - We meet the current members of the Fateguard, as they defend the city from a pair of hungry dragons. The fight is ended when Tahan, a mysterious warrior supplied by the Alcyhmia Chapter of the Holy Church, enters the fray. The FateGuard do not take well to the new Legionnaire assigned to their ranks.

Night Two: The Helm Street Murders - The FateGuard investigate a mysterious, grotesque killing that took place in another part of the city during the dragon attack. In time they realise that one of their own - Ferrick - carries the Werewolf curse. Rather than die at their hands, Ferrick accepts self-exile beyond the Wall and the city assumes him dead.

Night Three: The Black Birth - The FateGuard attend a banquet at the castle after it is announced that the King has finally impreganted the Queen after years of failure. But when assassins arrive to collect on a mysterious deal they made with the King, the FateGuard realise there are traitors within their own ranks who serve a darker power known as The Wounded Hand.

Night Four: The Watching Monolith - With the FateGuard under suspicion and confined to their Chapter House, they realise the only way to track down the traitors within their ranks is to go undercover in the city. Travelling to a shoreside tavern, and to the city library, they find the traitors have been corrupted by looking beyond the East Wall at a diabolical symbol that stands on the hillside. The traitors are unmasked and killed, and the spell of the Watching Monolith is broken.

Night Five: The Sleeping Sepulchre - With the curfew lifted, Malwin, the FateGuard Poisoner, brings grim news. A great abyss has opened beneath his house, and it is revealed to be the Rove Maw, a phenomena encountered once before by the FateGuard. They descend through the hole and discover a forgotten civilization beneath Gotheheim, and one which awakens to their presence. Hounded by Undead guardians, the FateGuard suffer heavy losses as Malwin reveals himself a puppet of an ancient evil. With divine intervention the heroes prevail, but the spirit of the demonic God-Prince Tamoldes is now at large and plotting its revenge.

Night Six: Song of the Shadow Weaver - As the FateGuard recover from their fight in the catacombs, a series of revelations come to light...
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Characters and Motivations

Corben: Marshall of the Fateguard. Corben struggles to hold the night watch together against the unceasing attacks. In the background, his ambitious wife makes political manoeuvres and rumours abound that her daughter was not fathered by Corben.

Aloysius: Lead scout of the Fateguard. Aloysius remains calm amidst the stresses of the night watch, ever observant to the motions of the city. He killed himself after becoming corrupted by a demonic symbol beyond the East Wall. DECEASED

Jenra: Sister to Aloysius. Formerly the librarian of Gothenhem, Jenra pledged her loyalty to the FateGuard following her brother's betrayal. She strives now to atone for his sins and return honour to the family name.

Atlas: Lead Magic-User of the FateGuard. When not charming the ladies, Atlas continues his efforts to research the cause and nature of the city's curse.

Erilyn: New Initiate of the FateGuard. Erilyn has made her first steps into the perils of the night watch and the politics of the Council. Some whisper that she is destined to replace the king - a prophecy that brings hope for some and malice for others.

Alexander: Master swordsman of the FateGuard. Alexander is from a long line of martyrs, destined to die in battle. More than any other, he knows that each night could be his last upon this earth.

Sayra: Lead Archer of the FateGuard. Sayra is working hard to balance her commitments to the archers of the night watch and her day job in a busy tavern. DECEASED

Eric: Retired Captain of the FateGuard. Eric has stepped away from the duties of the night watch, but is still on hand for the occasional mission or training session. But he must contend with the suspicion of those who think him tainted by his past exposure to evil. DECEASED

Alyss: FateGuard sniper. Alyss is suffering, like Eric, from the suspicious on the townsfolk, many of whom think her a child of darkness. Amidst this hostility she struggles to learn the ways of healing and uphold her duty to the night watch.

Arkavenn: FateGuard berserker. The giant warrior, Arkavenn, lives for battle and drinking. He just needs to get to work on time.

Leonardo: FateGuard combat medic. Leonardo, the blessed and bandaged warrior, remains a living testament to the damage a watchman may endure in his service to Gotheheim.

Ferrick: Torch-bearer of the FateGuard. Ferrick has been revealed as a Werewolf and narrowly escaped death at the hands of his comrades by volunteering for self-exile. As far as the city knows, he is dead.

Derek: Heavy infantryman and lieutenant of the FateGuard. Derek serves as a daytime constable for the city, keeping peace within the safer hours or assisting Eric in the training drills.

Melody: Inquisitor of the FateGuard. A master of internal politcs, interrogation and information gathering, Melody serves the Watch with a quiet and meticulous humility.

Elayna: Benefactor and moralist of the FateGuard. As a lady of great inheritance and personal ethics, Elayna acts as an authority on the personal code of the FateGuard. She is known to worship a god that has has been exiled from the official pantheon of the Church. DECEASED

Tahan: FateGuard berserker. Taha is a boy trapped inside a necromantic suit of armour. He was put there by a secret chapter of the Church who seek to develop new weapons against the darkness. The other FateGuard are divided on how to treat this abomination in their ranks.

Malwin: Poisoner of the FateGuard. The half-brother of Leonardo, Malwin is equally tortured, having suffered his own horrifying wounds at the hands of the Evil. He is also burdened with a sick family, who hang by a thread to their lives.

Dyne: A master-swordsman and charmer who knows the city like the back of his hand. He is an authority on dragon-slaying and shoulders the burden of raising his younger siblings.

Nadia and Aidan: A pair of twins, one blind, the other deaf, who have had their other senses heightened by enchantment. It is said they were cursed in the womb and the darkness killed their mother as they were cut out of her. More than any in the FateGuard, the twins suffer the distrust of the people. DECEASED

Kael: A mute archer with unwavering marksmanship and eyesight. He has recently been unmasked as a traitor in service to the mysterious faction of the Wounded Hand.

Jelyssa: Herbalist and healer of the FateGuard, with no family to call her own. She often assists Malwin in devising poisons and remedies, but like him is plagued with whisperings about her personal life.

Marcus: A brutish killer who works as a chef by day and can be counted on to bring death to the FateGuard's enemies. Some say that he freelances as an assassin and sometimes takes assignments from the King.

Lilith: A fast and deadly skirmisher for the FateGuard, who has passed herself off as a man for most her life. Lilith was recently unmasked as an agent of the Wounded Hand and killed by Marshall Corben. DECEASED

Heydrich: Banner guard and Loremaster of the FateGuard. Heydrich maintains the night chapel of the FateGuard and inters the bodies of the dead. Some say he comes from a line of Necromancers and that the spirits of the dead speak to him.

Castanamir: Falconer and messenger of the FateGuard. Castanamir tends to the ravens of the Chapter House and uses them to deliver messages between the FateGuard. By day he runs the logging guild that makes expeditions into the forests.

Harrell: Master-at-Arms for the Chapter House. Harrell maintains and stores the weapons and armour of the FateGuard and is rumoured to be immortal. Some say he was amongst the first pilgrims that set foot in these lands.

Bjeorn: Berserker and new recruit to the FateGuard. Bjeorn is hot-tempered but tenacious in the face of pain and injury.

Dimaethordîs: Lead scout and wilderness expert of the FateGuard. Dimaethordîs was born with black markings on her skin, and is said to carry the curse of the demon spiders. DECEASED

Arias: A new recruit and youngest of the FateGuard. Arias is known as The Shepherd, for his talent at directing people during a crisis. Before joining he was something of a folk hero, a masked teenager who aided the FateGuard from afar.

Inakal: A hardy all-purpose soldier who wields the axe of the last king, Tembrook Isalt. He is also a leading figure in the Carpenter's Guild.

Vilamos: A tracker and night specialist, who often accompanies Marcus on covert errands of assassination and interrogation. He is driven by vengefulness following the murder of his wife.

Ryste: The FateGuard's bow-maker. At first Ryste kept to more of a weapons-making role at the FateGuard Chapterhouse, but since the loss of Sayra and Kael, he has been assigned to ever-more frontline duties as an archer for the watch.
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Name: Corben Reimar

Reputation: Leader of the FateGuard and respected Knight of the Council

Royal Blessing: Badge of the Lord Marshall, awarded by the King. Corben grew up with King Isalt and was his brawling-friend and drinking-buddy, the straight-laced foil to the garrulous Ganthor. When the last Marshall resigned due to mysterious medical reasons, Ganthor was quick to give Corben the job.

Holy Blessing: The Armour of Saint Leiterman, said to never dull or lose its shine. The armour is warded against the undead, who will burn with anguish should they touch it. This armour was a special gift from the Bishop of Gothenheim, who to this day believes Corben is a pawn with much potential.

Magic Blessing: Sword of Dragonfire, said to burn and cauterize the wounds it makes. This sword has been passed down through generations of the Reimar family, and was originally a gift from one of the seven mages who defended the arriving Pilgrim Fleets.

Legend: Rumours abound that Corben is not the true father of his child. No one has ever said this to his face. The time of his daughter's conception was the same time that Corben and the Fateguard were outside the city searching for Eric.

Off-Duty: Corben is one of the city's blacksmiths, running a busy shop where he makes small repairs and farming implements. He is helped by his daughter, Clara, who has been specially apprenticed to him. His wife, Amadea, is a weaver but also has a keen and ruthless political mind. She has influenced many decisions in the Knight's Council and is highly ambitious.

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Lady of the Dragons

[DASH=gray]Name: Aloysius Cathair


Reputation: Scout/Observer for the FateGuards; Member of the Knight Council

Royal Blessing: The Ceadda, a sword given to Aloysius from his master, Einarr, a Master Knight.

Holy Blessing: Everlasting Eye - An ability that allows the person to be more in tune with their surroundings than others and to be more observant than others.

Magic Blessing: Bracelet of Ivari - Bracelet enchanted with blood of a mage. Occasionally (about 1 out of 10 battles), time will slow down for the wearer, allowing him to assess his surroundings and observe any small details. They cannot move fast in this state; it was made for observing, not attacking. Effect lasts for about 15 seconds.

Legend: Most legends simply speak of Aloysius's ability to be more extremely observant and seemingly knowing every small detail of something. Many people have theories of how he came to have this ability, from rescuing a pure maiden to being cursed by the ruler of the Underworld. How Aloysius actually got the ability is still unknown.

Aloysius likes to go to the town library and read books mostly. There are many reports from the townspeople of him wandering throughout town before seemingly vanishing before their eyes. These reports can neither be confirmed nor denied. His older sister, Jenra, works as a scholar and is too often seen in the library. Sometimes they completely ignore each other, while other times they will have long discussions about various things (i.e: "Which is faster? A butterfly or a bee?")[/DASH]



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Fantasy, Modern, Magical, Romance, Action, Urban Fantasy
Name: Atlas Winston


Reputation: Accomplished Alchemist and FateGuard's Lead Magical Researcher

Royal Blessing: Ring of Ish'la

Holy Blessing:

Magic Blessing: Tome of Eel'Arah. The tome is filled with whatever information Atlas has gleaned from his research, his Alchemy recipes and any other mumbo jumbo. The pages are enchanted to never run out of space and to forever hold limitless information.

Legend: Aside from being one of the most attractive mages in town, Atlas is rumored to have created a love potion. He has yet to let anyone use it, and hasn't officially declined the authenticity of such a creation.

Off-Duty: Atlas is an avid reader of course, and a lot of his free time is devoted to the library where he is actively researching the curse. Whenever he gets frustrated, what with the lack of progress or knowledge on this case, he is seen at the local bar or charming the women. He does not partake in any physical sport, and instead enjoys a good conversation.




Name: Erilyn Lisyt
Appearance: Approximately 163 centimeters in height. Brown hair; green eyes.

Reputation: Youngest member of the council

Royal Blessing:

A shield wielded by one of the founders of the town. Despite being used, it is uncommonly well-forged and is still in magnificent condition. Presented to her by another council member to commemorate her induction.

Holy Blessing:
The magical energy within the chains boosts recovery rate of wounds, with the same toll on the body as if they had taken the full time to recover. That means that it is unwise to attempt to heal something larger, such as an organ failure, since it would deplete the body of precious resources and energy and possibly even kill the person that they intended to heal. The smaller the wound, the faster it is to heal. The rate of healing is based on the damaged tissues. Minor scratches and things of that nature, having only damaged fairly rapidly regenerating skin cells, do not take very long. Damage to brain cells, in contrast, cannot be repaired at all.

Magic Blessing:
Releases the inhibitions of the brain that typically prevent the muscles from operating at full power. When used in short bursts, it acts more like a burst of adrenaline in improving speed, strength, and endurance. However, if used for a prolonged span of time (that is to say, more than a couple minutes) the wear on the muscles increases dramatically and will likely result in damage.

Legend: Said to carry the blood of one of the town's founders, Isalt.

In a modest house, Erilyn lives with her brother, who does more practical work forging weapons, shields, and armor as a blacksmith. He's skilled in his craft and makes the lion's share of the money for their household. He adores and supports his younger sister and her feelings mirror those. She is proud of his work and has great faith in the armor that he crafted for her. Each of their parents were slain by monsters, providing her the drive to defend the city as she does. When she isn't patrolling the town, she is a member of the council. Though she is younger than all of the other council members, she is respected for her input and her opinions are still valued though they hope to broaden her horizons with experience.

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Fel of the Eternal Forest

Name: Alexander Coyne

Appearance: A stout man in his late twenties. His hair is a sandy blond, crew-cut complete with matching beard. Eyes a light blue, he also has a strong nose and deep cheeks.

In Armor:

Reputation: Swordsmanship - His swordsmanship is a cut above many of his peers.

Royal Blessing: The Bard's Cloak - The very fine cloak he wears over his armor. It has no magical blessing, but is finely tailored.

Holy Blessing: Blessing of the Martyr - those of his family line are meant to die in the line of duty. With this blessing he is given the drive to be brave in the face of adversity.

Magic Blessing: Gauntlets of Strength - these gauntlets give him the strength to swing his rather large sword with ease.

Legend: Most of the common folk call him the Gentleman, for as ferocious as he is in battle, he is chivalrous to a fault. Some things he is proported to do are to defend women's honor no matter what, to open doors for them, and unwavering loyalty to the city.

Off-Duty: Alexander loves to drink. He's got a very low tolerance for alcohol, however, and often finds himself ill the next day. Five days out of seven he works as a baker, supplying breads to the city.



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I love everything, but right now want Sci-Fi and/or Horror.
Name: Sayra Illaris

Appearance: she has raven black hair, fair skin, ice blue eyes (not shown in picture), and is 165 cm tall. Besides her bow, arrows, and dagger, she also uses small throwing needles, throwing knives, and throwing stars.

Reputation: FateGaurd's head archer

Royal Blessing: Shadow Dragon of Amethyst

Holy Blessing: Mist of Speed (affects the speed of her bow and arrows)

Magic Blessing: Dagger of the Amethyst Mist, which burns them a little.

Legend: Most people say that she is able to communicate with the animals. Because of this they think she is able to turn into an animal if she wishes. This is something she neither admits nor denies.

Off-Duty: She normally works on art, writes, or sings when she is off-duty. One of the other things she does is go around and find animals to play with, especially cats and ravens. Sometimes she will go down to the library to read or find something that gives her an idea for her art. She lives by herself and works in the taverna.



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Fantasy, Scifi, Modern, all with a blend or grounded slightly in Realism
Name: Eric Ashcroft


Reputation: FateGuard Agent, Scout, and part-time trainer of bladed weapons.

Royal Blessing: Captain's Badge of Distinguished Service - self explanatory

Holy Blessing: Dagger of Kromos - A blade said to of come from the old world. Well cared for, and of a different style than the domestic blades.

Magic Blessing: Ring of Shadows - Allows him to avoid trouble and sneak about of course.

Legend: Rumored to of been one of the few to survive being trapped outside the walls overnight.

Off-Duty: Trainning new FateGuard members, sleeping, training, follow up on investigations, sleeping, time in the library archives, cooking, and kniting.

Enjoys either practice rounds of combat or a relaxed atmosphere of conversation. Eric does not partake in the consumption of alcohol.

Great majority of his friends are FateGuard members. Either current or former.

No family except for his mother, retired from the FateGuard.



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Scifi, Fantasy, Modern, Magical, Horror, Noir, apocalyptic, Grimdark, yaoi, yuri, anything really.
Name: Alyss Owl


Reputation: Marksmanship, Scouting, Stealth and Calm. For the Fateguard, she lives and dies. She's not an archer for battle, but for taking out certain people from a distance in silence. She is revered and revolted equally. She speaks little, and because of this, rumors about her are rarely silenced or corrected. She scouts out areas and patrols perimeters.

Royal Blessing: Owl's Wing, a bow given to her by her teacher, carefully crafted to ensure that arrows would fly far, swiftly, and silently.

Holy Blessing: Her body is blessed to withstand slightly colder temperatures than most humans, though, in consequence, she require more food, sleep, drink, and her ability to withstand heat has been greatly demolished. But, if not for this blessing, she would have died years ago.

Magic Blessing:
http://www.etsy.com/listing/63337750/purple-gothic-necklace-dragon-breath?ref=v1_other_1 Dragon's Breath, A stone that helps keep her warm in the colder climates, and cooler in the hotter climates. Without it, she would perish.

Legend: There is a story... a legend that started up twenty three years ago, about a child found near the walls one cold winter morning, it lacked so much heat that its breath couldn't even create a fog in the air- half frozen and nearly dead, with no one claiming it to be their child, it was taken in and nursed to health. But, even though it slowly recovered and eventually woke up and lived a normal life, its body was cold to the touch. Scared and frighten, it was dropped off at a healer's abode, though there was nothing it could do, aside from give it a small necklace to regulate the temperature of its small body. Eventually, its body was blessed, and as its long hair turned to the color of snow, its temperature rose, and color filled its skin. Soon after, it did what it could to repay those who had helped it, and trained to help protect the land that had saved its life. Though, in all its years, it has never spoken more than a few words to anyone.

Off-Duty: Alyss can be found near the edges of the wall, practicing her archery and her fighting techniques, strolling around, or merely surveying the people around her. She has no family, but considers the FateGuard her kin. She also carries around a small stringed instrument, which can make noise by plucking the string- she will create a tune every now and then and will sing to herself. Alyss lives in a small shack that's a little far off from everyone else, it looks as though its about to fall apart, though it's the only place she wants to sleep in. She works to help the healer who had given her the necklace, trying to learn what she can, in hopes that if a kinsman is injured, she can help heal their wounds. There are some men who claim to want her, though, she shows no signs of wanting or needing a man in her life.



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Urban fantasy, cyberpunk.

Arkavenn Tryte

The very first word that comes to mind when one sees Arkavenn is 'big'. Arkavenn is undoubtedly the tallest man in the city, standing at almost two metres and twenty centimetres tall while he has a large body that is lined with rock-hard muscle. His face is blocky and his features ruggedly handsome - Though his size doesn't exactly make him an attractive person. Multiple scars from his time in the Fate Guard line his body, moreso than many of the weathered veterans that have served for a longer time than he has.

He's the Tank of the Fate Guard. When charging a line of archers, don't worry about shields. Just stand behind Arkavenn.

Royal Blessing:

This was a necklace that Arkavenn has been seen wearing since young - He says that it follows the principle of the five elements; fire, water, earth, air and spirit represented by each point of the star and then bound within a circle of human will. The double set of circles symbolizes that magic is 'contained' by a greater power.

Holy Blessing:
Even for a man his size, Arkavenn is extremely strong, being able to bat a grown man off his feet with a simple swipe of his arm. Aside from that, his size is betrayed by his speed and agility, which is rivals that of a person of equal size - A surprise for most of his enemies who expected a lumbering, clumsy giant.

Magic Blessing:

400px-SC4_Rock.jpg (Just the mace, of course)This mace was rumoured to be a weapon forged by angels - It could defy the laws of Physics. Indestructible, the sheer size of this weapon (1.4m in length) would have required a good few men to carry it but it's magic is that the one who lifts it with pure heart and for pure intentions, this weapon will appear to be almost weightless; just heavy enough to comfortably fight with, and the person that wields it will take a long, long time to tire from the usage of this weapon.

Arkavenn had once held back the forces of the cursed that were trying to enter the city when the gate fell, singlehandedly. They said that even though the width of the door was too wide for Arkavenn himself to cover, the pathway soon narrowed - Choked up by the bodies of the cursed. When confronted with this, Arkavenn insisted that he had a lot of help that day, but the townspeople still stay curious and doubtful of what he said.

Aside from training and helping with construction of houses and other various structures of the city, Arkavenn loves to read. Yes, the big man loves to read. He goes home for dinner every day but he lives in his own house.


Cosmic Orion

Name: Leonardo Saint



Due to a fierce battle against legions of the damned one night, a once handsome face has been left horrifically mangled and scarred for the rest of his days. No healer has ever been able to undo the damage done unto him. It was once said that his handsome face had beauty which surpassed even that of Atlas Winston. But that is all in the past now. It is a miracle that he still even retains both eyes. Pristine and pure blue with a gleam to them which almost feels like they are faintly glowing depending on the lighting. They are the only remembrance of his former visage. And every time he catches a glimpse of them in a reflection. . .they haunt him with memories. Now when others see his face it is bound in white wrappings while the golden blond hair on his head flows freely.

Numerous battle scars cover his well-muscled but lean frame. All have some story behind them. Each scar on his body has been earned over the years spent serving in the FateGuard. Not as many as Arkavenn. . . but close. More often than not, his hands are also wrapped in bandages.

His clothes and weapon of choice are below and their descriptions are under his royal and magic blessings.


Reputation: Most unrelenting and loyal of all the FateGuard. It is said that while you may stand behind Arkavenn, it is Leonardo you want watching your back. He will never abandon a friend on the battlefield no matter the odds against him. And he has the scars to prove it.

Royal Blessing: Combat Crucifix- Bestowed upon his mother by the King himself, this family heirloom holds infinite sentimental value to Leonardo. Everyone knows the amount of care he puts into maintaining it. At once it is both held sacred and abused profanely. Of course it is every bit as heavy as it looks but Leonardo manages it with heart, faith, and steel. Steel will, that is.

Holy Blessing: Divine Destiny- Long ago those of the Saint bloodline were prophesied by the church as those who would one day wield one of the mightiest of all holy weapons.

Magic Blessing: Robes of Redemption- Cloth robes which are mostly pristine white. A few sections (namely on the upper torso and at the wrists) are black colored armor adorned with intricate golden patterns. What is strange is that ever since the day they have seen battle, these clothes have been torn apart through battle countless times. Yet the next day they are always mended as though nothing had happened. Even upon a brief inspection by Aloysius Cathair, discerning how it is repaired proved fruitless. It is unclear whether the clothes do this on their own or that Leonardo is just a legendary tailor who won't own up to it for the sake of avoiding extra work from other villagers.

Legend: Since the day he was born, whispers of some inhuman force watching over him have persisted. Many believe an angel or perhaps even an archangel serves as his lifelong guardian. For it is said that not a speck of dust, not a smudge of mud, not even a blotch of blood will stain him or his clothes whether walking the streets day to day or even on the bloodiest battlefield. From time to time when he is unconscious a strange sighting has supposedly occurred in Gothenheim. A figure of grace, mystery, and power beyond any mortal man that watches over Leonardo at night. No one has ever caught anything beyond a fleeting glance of it. Rumors of this are not dissuaded by the fact Saint always insists on sleeping alone behind locked doors and claims it is to keep from sleepwalking.

Off-Duty: Leonardo was an only child whose mother died in the FateGuard and his father could not handle the loss. . . drinking himself to death in the years of grief that followed. This left him with friends for a time who pitied him. Some still come to see him even now despite his almost ghoulish face that hides beneath bandages. He spends his days tending to those of the town who have been wounded by the creatures which lurk outside the city walls.



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Name: Ferrick Litar


Reputation: In a word, watchfulness. When he's on duty, Ferrick is always patrolling, staying ever watchful for any sign of anything wicked approaching the city. And when something does approach, there Ferrick is.

Royal Blessing: His spear, a unique and expertly crafted weapon able to piece almost any hide with it's point, and the ring of spikes around the tip are just as deadly when the spear is swung.

Holy Blessing: The ever-burning torch, whose flames seem actively repel some monsters, its flames devastating to their flesh. When it's not needed, the torch extinguishes itself with a hiss and slips into a loop on Ferrick's belt. It's light seems incredibly powerful, actively repelling the shadows from the area.

Legend: Some whisper that Ferrick's watchfulness is actually paranoia, that he fears some monster that he cannot see, or accidentally let into the city.

Off-Duty: During the day, there is a remarkable shift in Ferrick's attitude, as he loses his overbearing watchfulness and seems to relax, until sundown approaches. He lives alone, though never seems to turn down socializing and being a part of the city. He's invested with the merchants who supply lantern oil for the city, during the day he'll sometimes help move the barrels across the city.



Name: “Mad Mel” Melody Bolton

Appearance: A somewhat plain woman not given to wearing adornments or clothing of the fairer sex. She is average in all but her physical fortitude. Her face is pale and ashen, dark circles framing her likewise dark and haunted eyes. Only wears basic, shapeless clothing if she is not wearing her armor.


Reputation: Strength & Fortitude. Courage to do what must be done for the sake of intelligence. Carries out missions for information’s sake that cannot be acquired through the reading of books. As an Inquisitor of sorts, she seeks out those who would attempt to wound the city from within.

Royal Blessing: Crest of the Bound Maiden. Interrogator Absolute.

Holy Blessing: [Silent Scream] - As a blessing for her past trials, Mel has been given the strength to endure physical assault, her ability to feel pain exponentially reduced. Her flesh takes on the appearance and feel of being nearly dead, as though it has turned to stone.

Magic Blessing: [Wounded Warsong] – A wicked four-sided mace. With a handle bound in twisted, rusting thorns, it is believed that it can only be wielded by one who has already endured unmentionable pain and torment. Eternally shedding rust, Melody carries the mace to Corben from time to time so that he may scour away the outside layer, keeping the blades unhindered.

Legend: “Her name is Melody…and she will make you sing.”

Others only whisper of the story of Mad Mel. Mothers use her name to shush restless children into their beds at night, telling them to hush their cries lest she hears you and comes to question you, asking you why you are crying…and if she finds it is for no reason…why then she will give you a reason to weep.
She is believed to have once been a maiden of a religious order who preached throughout the area with her sect’s Sisters in spread the word of love, kindness & understanding. A young woman with a beautiful voice and a love for life, it was thought a shame that she devoted her love to a god’s purpose than the mortal one as a wife. It was only a matter of time before some sought to convince her otherwise. Following her while she ran errands, a group of men kidnapped Melody, subjecting her to all manner of heinous and cruel acts that scarred both her young mind and body. She was not found until much later but by then the damage had been done. Since that day she has made it her purpose to serve the gods spared her life and to make penitence for whatever sins she may have committed to have deserved such punishment. While striving to repent for her sins she will give others the chance to do the same, helping them to overcome their fear and shame by loosening their tongues in her own special ways.

Off-Duty: A quiet, observant woman who prefers the company of close friends to a raucous night in a pub full of strangers. She is soft-spoken and penitent with no true desire to harm others. A tendency to drift into daydreams.
When not roaming the Undercity and tending to prisoners or other official business, Melody spends her day exploring the outdoors or helping a close female friend run her bakery. She will spend literal hours working dough and baking, an activity that makes her hands unusually dexterous and soft.



Awoooga! ME CHAR!

*blinks at own randomness*
*gets to work*

I added age … I hope you don't mind :/ I just felt it would be nice to mention.




Elayna is tall and lissome, with waist-long auburn hair that she keeps carefully braided, and endowed with the ivory skin, fair complexion (though she does bear a smattering of freckles) and haughty brow of the highborn, making her heritage unmistakable. It is commonly known that Elayna Adriaca is a bastard. She has her mother's face but her father's colors and build – in fact, she is the spitting image of his mother. Her structure is lanky and boyish, and in her younger years she always felt very awkward and unfeminine. There is power in her grip and an iron will in that pretty head of hers. Elayna's eyes are striking – a pale, viridescent green, almost gray with light, large and captivating. These are the same eyes of her father, and his parents before him. She wears lightweight but costly clothing – she can afford the best, so why ever not? – and does not believe in armor to weigh her down. She is safe enough through her blessings, and believes strongly that her faith will protect her. She also does not deign to wear jewelry unless it is ornament of her clothing; she is known in among the townsfolk for her disdain of the disreputable, especially gambling and the engagement of prostitutes.


She is generally known for her obscure faith and surplus of coin; many of the townsfolk find her standoffish and queer, though they will be nice enough to her if they are selling something.* As she is a bastard, some look down upon her while others are deferential, respecting her father. There are ceaseless rumors as to the nature of her mother, but Laya has never met her and rarely ever will someone be stupid and loud enough to enable her to overhear a clue. She is very popular among the townsfolk who see reform, while others who favor gambling and visiting brothels find her an ignorant, meddling prude.


Royal Blessing: Due to her generous father and the absence of an upset wife (the woman died only little over a year after Laya was born, due to a long and debilitating illness that had incapacitated her for years now), Lord Fasen as he was known imbued her with great wealth, at least for a bastard. Her house in the town is small but nicely furnished, and the townsfolk do appreciate her willingness to spend, occasionally out of benevolence or charity alone; especially, Laya's investments have been focused on the people supporting reform and outreach to the poor, since she seeks to end gang violence, gambling and prostitution. This has made her several enemies in the shadier parts of town but her position and wealth has kept her safe – no alley mobster would challenge a FateGuard. Her worst enemies are no fools, and they know to respect, however reluctantly, the sentinels who keep them alive for each coming morning. Additionally, Elayna was allowed to choose her own surname, and she did: Aurora, after the command of the goddess to whom she has devoted her life and faith to.


Holy Blessing:
Elayna's last name, Aurora, she picked for herself, as lucky bastards may. She did so at the command of a goddess**, or so she claims, who came with the first light of her faith and gifted her the Dawn Sword that Laya now carries faithfully with her everywhere in a strap upon her back. The Dawn Sword, which she also calls Aurora, is a divine weapon that faintly glows pale yellow come night or rain and has strong power against the nocturnal creatures that prey upon the Pilgrim's City. Most notably, though, is the holy spell upon it – if an enemy is blinded, a protective barrier of pale golden light will protect its wielder. The barrier does not last long, since it requires not only the sword's strength but also the wielder's investment of energy, and can be broken through magical means easily enough, but is an enormous advantage for Laya in battle. The sword regains energy when hit with the cool simmer of a morning sun. Aurora's hilt is bronze, engraved with a rising sun, and bright turquoises and smoldering red and amber garnets are embedded in the metal. While Aurora is her trusty battle-blade, it is a two-handed greatsword and clearly cannot suffice as a FateGuard's only weapon. Elayna also has two wicked daggers in the belt she carries with her everywhere, as well as a long and tapering, very lightweight rapier that rarely sees the light of day. Laya keeps it sheathed and hidden beneath her clothing for emergencies. She is the cautious type.


Magic Blessing
: Elayna is able to coax the cold from a water source and, if she concentrates extremely hard, even lessen its rigidity. In her vision, the cold seems to come off as frosty white orbs, glowing and burning with an everlasting inner chill. They dim and fade as they evaporate. However, so far no one else has seen these orbs, though only a rare few ever witnessed Laya practicing magic in the first place – and none ever knew it. Theoretically she could make pieces of ice turn to liquid water, but such an application of magic is conspicuous, dangerous, and incredibly power-sapping, so Laya has been focusing her practice on patches of snow. What she can do is send the cold she extracts from a water source outwards, chilling the air around her, and making the water progressively warmer. Once she was actually able to bring a stew to boiling point for a few precious seconds, but three days afterward she fell terribly sick, with vomiting and a high fever. Even before her magic became known to her, Laya chose to stay secretive about her talents, since all her skills were a source of great pride to her. Her magic made her feel unique and she did not want someone taking that from her, or turning her powers against her. Thus she has never employed her magic in public – yet.


Elayna's supposed purity, even virginity, is often speculated by the cruder elements of the Pilgrim's City, but most merely whisper about her parentage, her strange religious pursuits, and whether it's really true that a goddess gifted her with Aurora the Dawn Sword.


Elayna was brought to Pilgrim's City as a little girl in the care of Odac Payne, also a FateGuard. Learning from him, she soon became as expert in swordplay and daggerwork as he was, and grew into the position of FateGuard naturally, it being the only profession she would ever want. When she was eighteen, he was killed, as virtually every FateGuard is eventually. She grieved for him, and he was one of the only men she ever trusted – a true father to her, far more than the obscure Lord Fasen could ever hope to be, not that he did. Payne left her a good fortune and some favor with the townsfolk, which she used to purchase her current home. While she lives alone now, she is very active in charity organizations, outreach to children and the poor, education of the impoverished and abolishment of gambling, prostitution and domestic abuse. These are high standards and the successes are few and minor, but Elayna is dogged in her pursuit of justice and often dreams of the Dawn Goddess, who urges her on and reassures her that her cause will culminate in victory. She is not intimate with anyone specifically; in fact, she is quite disinterested in men and romance in general. The townsfolk whisper that she is nearing her thirties and still a virgin. Laya (thank the gods) has not heard these rumors. She enjoys reading very much, often visiting nearby libraries and drinking knowledge. Prayer to the Dawn Goddess is vastly important to her and takes up the better part of every morning, unless duty calls. She also keeps herself financially afloat through choice investments in local businesses and the like, hoping to set an example to less reputable townsfolk that there are various ways to acquire money.


* I realize this is unoriginal … D: But it's who she is! And I promise she won't be an angsty loner. She's not antisocial, she will interact with people fine, otherwise she wouldn't be a FateGuard >> It's just that being a bastard separates you from others in a way that is virtually impossible to breach at an intimate level. I don't intend to take it farther than that distant but definite sense of alienation. Is that too Mary Sue?

** Yes, I will PM you the goddess idea! :)

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A Relic of a Bygone Era
Alright. No more sitting on my hands not RPing. Let's do this.

Name: Derek Vermillion


Reputation: Derek is a melee juggernaut. While his physical strength isn't equal to Arkavenn he makes up for it by combining his own strength and high defenses with a refined sword technique more akin to Alexander's skills. The result is a unique middle ground allowing him to be placed on the front lines to wreak havoc or to protect more tactically significant locations. However this comes at the cost of mobility, only able to run full speed for half a kilometer without tiring himself.

Royal Blessing: The Mark of the Divine is a badge made of pure gold and platinum. Given to him by the town jeweler after rescuing his child (See "Legend" below).

Holy Blessing: The Regalia of Ancient Kings is a large suit of armor forged of adamantite. Due to the nature of the materials used to craft them the armor has an extremely high resistance to physical attacks. It is warded against magical attacks to a much lesser extent.

Magic Blessing: The blessed sword Alondite is a two handed sword that increases Derek's physical strength. With its power he can swing the blade with one hand and wear the Regalia of Ancient Kings with reduced effort, though running with the two items is still a physical strain.

Legend: One night as the monstrosities of the walls attacked a large group of people were evacuating a building when the support beam broke, but the building did not fall. Through the dust and debris came Derek's voice telling the people to finish the evacuation. It is said he used Alondite's power and the Regalia of Ancient King's durability to fill the gap left by the support beam until the people were out.

Off-Duty: Despite the nightmares across the walls as an ever present threat human beings will still be human beings and thus disputes aren't unheard of and thus Derek works across town as a peace keeper employed by the local guard. Should it be a slow day, its not unusual for him to help Eric with training other people. When doing neither of these things Derek is most often at home in the business district with his little sister Annette.



Child is born with a heart of gold
"My faith is my shield; I am but an executor of the Almighty's will."


Name: Paladin Tahan





Reputation: Reliability in the face of despair.

Royal Blessing: A small, but surprisingly heavy wrought iron pendent, hung from a thick, rough hemp rope. Sometimes it will chafe to the point of bleeding. The pendent takes the form of a Maltese cross, with a skull and crossbones nailed to it through the center of the forehead. The totenkopf motif is separate from the cross, and although it seems that the nail holding it all together could fall loose at any moment, the three separate pieces have long ago been welded together by blood and rust. The features on the skull are faded, but the jaws are separated silent laughter.

Holy Blessing: A suit of armor built from the carapace, hide, blood, bones, and skin of the vanquished. It hangs on his frame like a heavy cloak, emanating a menacing, oppressive aura simply from its nature of construction. There is nothing especially significant about it, except that the materials are generally more robust than what the steelsmiths can produce.

The suit is easily forged anew using material from the vanquished, and at the end of each night Tahan is usually seen butchering the still intact carcases for parts.

Magic Blessing: Faith in and of itself is supposed to hold great power over fate. Perhaps it is what keeps his mind from melting inside the armour of evil. Perhaps it is what allows him to survive each night. Perhaps it is what allows him to swing his sword gracefully, killing those who would profane sacred ground.

Legend: It is said that Tahan's armour is a living entity, a mindless Frankenstein with its own beating heart and autonomous responses, able to repair itself and heal the wearer's wounds in exchange for its continued, tortured existence through grafting. The children often dare each other to see who can get close enough to hear its heartbeat ...

Off-Duty: Tahan is one of the few gatekeepers employed by the city, nearly always standing vigil at some entrance or tower. He is often seen standing still, hands folded across a sword with the point driven into the ground, or with a giant shield and short sword, loosely held at his side.

Where he goes when not performing the will of the Almighty is not known.


Jack Shade

Magical, Fantasy, Supernatural, Sci Fi, Steam Punk, Noir, HORROR, and I'm willing to try Romance.
Name: Malwin DeFell (Wife's name) Saint (Father's name)

Appearance: A man kept well bandaged around his eyes during the day, golden hair that spills beneath the linen wrapped around him. Only at night does he remove the linens to see, and those eyes are dark. He is, otherwise, a lanky man with lithe muscles and an unnaturally quick step.

Reputation: Poisoner of the Fateguard

Royal Blessing: Malwin's blessing is the one of Service. He can call on any member of the city to do a service for him once a year. His father is honored as one of the greatest protectors and as such, Malwin and his family have been extended the honor of Service.

Holy Blessing: Daggers of Blite- Long daggers with vial-like hilts. These blades absorb blood from enemies, converting it into a potent poison tailored to each monster he faces. These vials can be removed and several exist that he can re-attach to deal with the horrors of the night.

Magic Blessing: The sightless Eye- This ability grants him the ability to 'sense' the monsters, even predict the type that come in the night. He seems to innately sense their energy, sometimes see their faces, and has compiled a vast amount of research on every beast he has come across.

Legend: When Malwin first joined the Fateguard, a vile and unwholesome undead creature drank the life from him during his third night. They say he was supposed to die, that no man could survive the wounds he'd suffered. But he healed, yes, yes he healed! But the wounds did not come without their toll. They say the monster stole his daysight, but could not take the eyes by which he sees the night. In the day he is blind, but at night he sees...some say it is an evil curse and we are wary of him, despite his kindly demeanor.

Malwin is the bastard son of Leonardo Saint's father. After losing his wife, in his drunken escapades, he sired Malwin. This isn't so much a legend as a dishonorable fact. As such, Malwin has elected to take the name of his wife rather than his own surname, a means to hide the shame he cannot expunge.

Off-Duty: Malwin lives with an ailing wife and daughter, constantly sick and kept indoors. The healers are perplexed to their conditions and when not on duty, Malwin takes vigorous care of them, even blinded as he is during daylight hours. His attunment to chi and natural energy make him indispensible as a masseuse and physical medic. Though he cannot heal like the healers can, for any grievance of the body or muscle, he has an instant remedy set in certain pressure points.



Name: Evelynn Moraine Telamus "Bladedancer"


Reputation: She is the Fate Guard's on the fly enchanter. Quite the socialite and life of the party she routinely subjugates herself to an intense amount of alcohol holding her own with some of the best in shot glass challenges. Very open and straightforward with everyone unless you have wronged her. When she feels like she has been wronged she will become distant and mildly sinister towards the wrongdoer.

Royal Blessing:
Telamus Pendant of Nobility--Last remaining member of the House of Telamus given its noble position for its history of blacksmithing and enchanting.

Holy Blessing: Elemental Attenuation--Immunity to elemental harm. Through her constant usage of applying enchantments (intended and accidental) her blood has been gifted with a natural barrier that protects her. The downfall is that with this blessing comes a curse of frailty to her physical form. As a result she is very weak considering she can barely lift a sword through her own strength.

Magic Blessing:
Mark of Enigma--These markings laid out over her spine give her the power to apply any chosen single enchantment to an item when added with a substance such as water, plants, or hot coals. Their are blood-filled jewels embedded into her skin in order to connect with her nervous system. Each gem is filled with the blood of a creature from various biospheres. The type of biosphere added in such as the blood of a sea creature shall give a minor boost to water based enchanting. Evelynn's blood acting as a security measure to allow only her access to its powers.

Legend: Two years ago she experienced the loss of her last surviving family member, her older brother Benjamin to a creature of the night when the small roguish band, comprised of previously incarcerated criminals aided by friends that they had on the outside of the walls that helped them to escape, ransacked their hovel. The hovel burned to the ground when Evelynn became filled with rage and leaving no traces behind. She is suspected of murdering her brother by some speculators especially when the sole surviving witness to the atrocity that recovered her exhausted body had lost his life three nights later in a similar matter.

The loss of her brother is something she tries to forget but is easily reminded of each time she is requested to make a fire-based enchantment. (Resulting in icy flames instead of heat flames through her sadness.)

Drink to her own content. More or less as a way to hide behind a bottle from the past. Practice and apply enchantments to items as a way to raise funds for the FateGaurd's coffers.

PENDING: This is an isolated city in a forgotten continent, where people live and die within the walls. It would be impossible for the mages to have collected the blood of animals from different biospheres. Even the sea is deadly and no mage would go anywhere near it. And I don't see why they would go to the trouble of grafting gemstones onto your spine. Again, this is disproportionate to what the other characters have received. How about you have the gloves as the Royal Blessing, elemental resistance as your Holy Blessing, and the power to enchant items as your Magical Blessing. All this blood security stuff is unnecessary - no one else can enchant except Atlas and the Mages Guild, so why worry about people stealing your gloves? Also, given your profession, can I ask that you work alongside Atlas, who is the FateGuard's alchemist and prime enchanter?
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