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The Quest for Gebrun's Gold


You thought your life was over. After being arrested for your crime, the militia put you on the first prison ship bound for the ice wastes, where you would spend the rest of your days in slavery.

But one person on the ship had other plans.

It was last night that the storm woke you. The waters were supposed to be calm in these parts, but when a mast smashed through the ceiling of the hold, it was clear that something was very wrong. Your guards were rushing around, shouting and stricken with terror. Not wanting to drown in the cargo hold, you climbed the mast and reached the upper deck.

And that's where you saw Gebrun, the mad old coot who had been imprisoned with you since the start of the voyage. He was waving his arms around, summoning great waves and lightning strikes that were tearing the ship apart. In the chaos he came over to you and pressed an object into your hands, his mad eyes peering into yours.

"Gold, my friend! A treasure beyond your dreams! It's my legacy to you! Find it and live the life you've always wanted!"

And the next thing you knew you were plunging into the dark ocean. The ship was torn apart around you, the bodies of the guards and other prisoners sinking as you struggled. You clutched tightly the object the wizard had given you, keeping it safe even as you lost consciousness.

When you awoke, it was to the feel of wet sand pressed against your face and the sun upon your back.

You were alive. And Gebrun's words echoed in your ears.​

Okay, this RP will use the Wushu rules. Design whatever character you want and remember that the emphasis is on cinematic style and charismatic adventure. The rules are below.

No boring people allowed!


You start with 10 Character Points.

You must assign 1 point to a WEAKNESS.
The remaining points are assigned to TRAITS. No trait may have more than 5 points.

Example: Character Sheet: Bob Smith
TRAIT 4: Close Combat
TRAIT 2: Charming Conversation
TRAIT 3: Trap disabling

Also, choose ONE of the items below as the thing that Gebrun gave you on the ship.

Gebrun's Maps​
The Virl Wand​
Gebrun's Bag​
</td></tr><tr><td>A collection of maps charting lands and cities you've never heard off, bound in a durable case with a compass included.</td><td>A mysterious wand made from a wood you don't recognise. The wand seems to have a mind of its own, working only when it feels like it.</td><td>A bag that magically stores whatever you put in it. The opening is about the size of a football, but anything you can get inside will be stored in a pocket dimension.</td></tr><tr><td>
Ring of Healing​
Prayer Stone​
</td></tr><td>The old man's ring, which seemed to accelerate his natural healing, making a simple flesh wound vanish in less than a day.</td><td>The stubborn owl that followed the ship for days and refused to be shooed away. You think it might be the old man's familiar. It seems to understand what you say and can perform simple tasks.</td><td>A rare gemstone. Your remember the old man used to hold it whenever he was praying. You never could work out what his religion was though.</tr></table>


The roleplay is divided into SCENES.

In each Scene, you get 3 points of LUCK.

In each Scene, your enemy has a THREAT RATING, representing how many hits it can take.

You make as many posts as you like during a scene, until the encounter is over.

Example: Scene 1: The Bar Fight
(Bob is fighting an Orc drinking party with a Threat Level of 8.)
BOB: I headbutt the first Orc, knocking him to the floor.Then I roll away from his friends and grab a broken bottle on the way. I stick it in the nearest greenskin's ankle and he drops like a bitch. Getting up, I throw the broken bottle upwards. It severs the rope holding up the chandelier and it crashes down on top of two more Orcs.


Once you have posted, choose a TRAIT that best represents what you have done. Don't worry if some actions seem irrelevant to the trait - just choose the most suitable trait from what you have.

You get one DICE per described action, up to a limit set by the GM at the start of the scene.

For each dice, choose if it is an ATTACK DICE or a DEFENCE DICE.

Roll the Attack dice first, then the Defence dice.

Example: Barfight Resolution
Bob chooses Close Combat as his Trait for that scene.
He chooses to divide his 6 allotted dice into 4 Attack and 2 Defence
He rolls the Attack Dice: [dices=4]6[/dices]

He rolls the Defence Dice: [dices=2]6[/dices]

For every successful attack roll, he lowers the Enemy's threat rating by 1.

If every defence roll fails, he loses a point of Luck. The GM can write that character into peril or injury, forcing his teammates to assist him.

If all Luck is lost, you pass out / collapse from wounds / surrender / go into hiding, etc. The GM writes you out of the scene and then adds another weakness to your character sheet.

If the Enemy's threat rating is reduced to 0, the enemy is destroyed / routed / forced to surrender.


NEMESIS: Occasionally, the GM will introduce a Nemesis - a special character or trap that tests a particular player. The Nemesis does not have a Threat Rating but instead fights like a normal character. If the player defeats the Nemesis, he gains a Trait point which he can add to existing traits or use to start a new trait at Level 1.

SCENE-BREAKER: Once per scene, you may use ALL your remaining luck points to 'write out' an enemy. Roll 1 dice per Luck Point. If every dice roll beats the remaining threat level of your enemy, you can remove them from the game with a flashy stunt / awesome finishing move / witty one-liner. If the scene-breaker fails, the GM may introduce a new enemy with the same threat rating.

DEATH-SCENE: Once per scene, the GM may attempt to outright and tragically kill one of the players. The Enemy lowers the threat rating of an enemy to 1. He then rolls 1 dice for every Weakness the target character has. If the total beats the character's combined Character Points, they are killed.

Conrad Greyson

Trait 4: Arcane Mastery
Trait 3: Rough and tumble
Trait 2: Streetwise
Weakness: Not as fast as he used to be.

Brief: Conrad was arrested for dabbling in Necromancy, namely taking extortionate fees from the city nobles in exchange for communing with their departed loved ones. He was turned in by a snotty youth who didn't want his deceased uncle telling secrets to Ma and Pa. Having been stripped of his spell components, Conrad was powerless during the voyage, but now he is very determined to restock his supplies and make a grab for Gebrun's treasure.

Equipment: The Prayer Stone (though he wants the Wand because only a great and awesome wizard can use it properly)

Quinn Dreyfuss


Trait 4: Smooth Talker
Trait 4: Stealth
Trait 1: Swordplay
Weakness: Extremely arrogant

Brief: Thrown in prison for stealing and pawning expensive items on the black market. Worked for a very influential underground figure and after he was discovered embezzling money from him, they turned him into the city officials as a criminal. After escaping the boat, he set off determined to find out where this treasure the old man spoke of was. Hunting for money that could be there was better than having no money at all, it seemed.

Equipment: Gebrun's Bag

(All of this is assuming that I get into the RP.)
Virmire Koganza


Trait 4: Telekinesis
Trait 3: Perceptive
Trait 2: Close Combat
Weakness: Over Simplifies Most Situations

Brief: Virmire was apprehended after killing a local politician as per his assassination contract. He was tried, and sentenced to spend the rest of his life in slavery for the numerous contracts he'd carried out prior, and was shipped on board a prison galley. After the storm, he awoke to find himself sprawled out on the beach. Having no clue where he was, but going off of the most prominent thing he could remember, he set out to find the treasure that was mentioned with that strange Owl that had been tailing the ship perched on his shoulder.

Equipment: Hobbes, the Owl

Why so dry? You guys are treating it more like standard RP skills. With Wushu it's generally more about turning style into substance.

Traits usually suggest about as much about behavior and/or personality as simple capability.

Oh, so busy.


Miriam Frances
Motivations: Freedom, Curiosity and Novelty.

Trait 4: Con-genue (Social)
Playing innocent while working angles.

Trait 3: Dancing Deadly Circles (Combat)
...around her enemies. Her fighting style is based heavily in flexibility, timing, improvisation, and theatrics mobility.

Trait 2: I Go Where I Want (Misc/Profession)
Flexibility and balance. Skills of a natural acrobat and talented cat-burglar.
Weakness: Curiosity, the Death of Mi
Her own curiosity just win't let her be. Seriously. She'll risk just about anything to solve a sufficiently alluring mystery.

Brief: Miriam was once a traveling performer, having run away from home at a young age in hopes of seeing the big wide world and its many unfamiliar things. She was trained as an acrobat, dancer, and knife-thrower, dazzling crowds with her charm, skill, and grace. When her group's renown eventually gained her an audience with nobles, she literally leapt at the chance to explore more of their world.

She became the personal spy and sometime saboteur for a particularly calculating duchess. All went well until the day her benefactor, perhaps wishing to clean house
of liabilities, arranged for Miriam's discovery and arrest. With her guilt proven by the revelation of her personal stash of trophies and souvenirs lifted from the duchess' enemies, Miriam's fate was sealed. Or so it seemed until Gebrun. The prospect of wealth of her own--the means to a new life full of possibility--sounds almost too good to be true. But there's only one way to find out for sure...

Gebrun's Ring.

Kind of held back a little, but this should be fun.

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I'm in for this. Dibs on the wand.
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мєι-χιє ℓιυ

" Mercy Liu"

Trait 4: If winning isn't everything, why do we keep score?
a champion tennis player & stellar gymnast, skilled at bouncing around the place.

Trait 3:You think you're so smart? Prove it.
smarter than she looks - clever, even. a high level of intelligence.

Trait 2:
Stealing? The best part is getting away with it.
sneaky little thief, surprising stealing habits. finders keepers, losers weepers.

Weakness: What would you try, if you had no fear?
a child at heart. scared of thunder&lightning, spiders, horror movies, rejection, & a fear of fear itself.

Brief: Her life back at home was always full of drama. Born the illegitimate child of the local mayor, Mercy was hidden from society for as long as she could remember. She grew up as a tomboy with a rebellious streak, causing chaos for everyone in the town. Her mother's passing only made her more of a volatile creature, she disobeyed the rules, broke traditions, and enjoyed the mayhem. As her father's popularity fell and possible reelection drew closer, she took the chance to wreak total havoc, destroying an entire museum & hijacking the local bank to steal money. It was her revenge.

The mayor had her arrested. She could care less. The thought of leaving the forsaken place and her memories behind seemed like a fresh start. Prison would give her a new perspective of life. Prison would make her stronger. She was confident in that until she met the peculiar Gebrun. He planted a new notion in her head - the idea of a treasure, the rush of adventure. She'd make it her new goal.

Equipment: Gebrun's Maps.

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Okay, that's the 1st scene ready. Dice limit is 6. 1 dice per described action.

The Orcs have a Threat Level of 15.

I had 3 successes, so that's now down to 12.

And because I passed with 1 of my defence dice, I stay on 3 Luck.

To roll dice, the code is [dices=X ] 6 [ /dices] without the spaces. And X is the number of dice.
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Okay~ now for this dice thingy, lemme know if I'm wrong Asmuuu (:

I had 3 successes for attack, so that's down to 9, right?
And cool! All 3 defenses passed, so I still have 3 Luck, right?

*takes the roleplay behind the woodshed and shoots it*

So much for that one.

Stay tuned for Asmo's next RP!
*takes the roleplay behind the woodshed and shoots it*

So much for that one.

Stay tuned for Asmo's next RP!

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